Dave's Sciatica Solution

Hi all. My Sciatic pain started over one year ago, gradually, starting in my left buttock and working is way down my leg. At its worst, I would get out of my car and be unable to move for about a minute until the pain eased.

I've recently just had my appendix removed and I'd say the pain in my leg was just as bad as the pain in my stomach at that time.

One year later, my pain has eased but not gone away. After seeing a doctor and physio, most of my pain relief has been of my own trial and error.

The following list is what i have done to reduce my pain.

1. continue to exercise. (gym + running, but no heavy weights).

2. I now drive an automatic.

3. (Most important) Sleep face down with a pillow under your stomach.

4. (2nd most important) Perform push ups, but keep your groin and legs firmly on the floor.  An important variation on this exercise is to imagine to doing the figure 8 with your lower back. Also whilst face down, try to push your hands and feet up to make a u shape with you body.

5. Wear soft comfortable shoes.

Best wishes and good luck. - Dave.

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