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India Sciatica

India sciatica is a topic of interest to many of the site readers, since India is a nation plagued by an epidemic of back pain and related lower body symptoms, such as sciatic nerve pain. So many Indian readers write in to the site asking questions, so we thought it only right to include this topic as a means of answering some of the many queries which come in every day. Remember, you can usually find the answer to any question right here on the site. Just use the search function.

This article will provide guidance to readers in India who are searching for sciatica treatment and need some help choosing a doctor and an approach to care. As health advocates who have financed several major public health initiatives in India, we will use this discussion to further our patient education efforts in this amazing and populous country.

India Sciatica Causes

Many Indian readers speculate that their pain is due to long hours spent sitting, most often while working at a desk or computer. While seated sciatica is common, the actual source of the pain is seldom caused by the sitting posture itself.

Other readers write in asking if their diet may be contributory to their sciatica agony, since this is what they have been told by Ayurvedic care providers or other complementary healer.

While diet plays a crucial role in overall health and may cause some problematic conditions when neglected, we see no evidence that the typical dietary consumption detailed in your letters would be the source of any pain whatsoever. Therefore, we generally discount this theory as speculative and based on hearsay, rather than any medical fact.

India Sciatica Treatment

Another popular reader inquiry is focused on finding the best sciatica treatment options in India. This is a difficult topic to address, since treatment choices range greatly, depending on the income and location of the patient. Unfortunately, India is still far from providing all its citizens with access to quality care, but at least the medical infrastructure is growing at a tremendous rate.

We have hopes that the future will hold much better curative statistics as the healthcare system begins to treat all Indians regardless of their ability to pay. In the meantime, there are sciatica surgery options and some enlightened nonsurgical choices for middle and upper income patients.

Many lower income and traditionally-minded upper income patients use Ayurveda, yoga or other native care programs as their exclusive form of treatment.

While these are all natural therapies, they are seldom the best choice for many varieties of sciatica pain. Hopefully, the future will soon bring some of the best nonsurgical options to India, including spinal decompression for patients with indicated disc and bone issues.

India Sciatica Summary

The Indian people are very resilient and knowledgeable, but many have been misinformed as to the reasons for their pain or the best ways to treat it. This can be seen in any developing medical market, such as China, where new technologies are often at odds with traditional healing practices.

We are confident that with time, India will enjoy the benefits of old and new treatment options and will be able to reduce its incidence of back pain and sciatica syndromes. Always remember that a sizeable percentage of chronic lower body nerve pain conditions are not structurally motivated and some, particularly those which seem to relate to work, may be psychologically-motivated.

In these cases, patients are wise to consider knowledge therapy as the best option for successfully treating their sciatica symptoms.

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