Marie's Sciatica Treatment

Rather than tell you my story, which involves herniated discs in the L4 and L5 and other complications of scoliosis and osteoarthritis, I would rather tell you what I did to relieve my condition in a very short period of 5 weeks.

When this condition happened, I woke up in excruciating pain, mostly radiating down my right leg. I could not walk. It took a while, but the first thing I did was put on a back brace to stabilize my back. I never thought I would walk again and felt doomed.

I could not sleep in any position and found the driver car seat lumbar support was positioned in such a way, that I resorted to sleeping in the car several nights.

Naturally, I spent time surfing the internet and seeing an assortment of doctors including PTs, several chiros using different techniques and taking a pack of prednisone after 2 weeks. I had to ask the doctor for it and insisted. I should have done it sooner.

I owe most of my recovery to an amazing multi-purpose PT platform that specializes in multi-directional decompression. Unlike other equipment which is strictly decompression, the doctor is able to manipulate my spine using x-rays, of course, to change the configuration of my spine while allows the fluids and nutrients to flow into my disc area.

Secondly, knowing I would need some meds regularly, I stopped using Celebrex because it is a Cox 2 Inhibitor and started using Ibuprophen, the least toxic of the over-counter meds. Being conscious of destroying my liver, I stopped using Aleve and Advil and cut the dosage of Ibuprophen to 1 tablet containing 225 mg every 6 hours or so.

Thirdly, I purchased a Tens unit to defer the pain. I wore this equipment approx 1/3 of the time, especially at night.

Fourthly, I stopped bending and purchased a heavy duty long handled gadget to pick up items from the floor.

The condition of my back to this day remains chronic and several doctors are insisting I fuse my spine. I refuse to have a titanium bar with screws inserted in my back when the chance of failure remains high.

There are new techniques under investigation by the FDA. The most promising is an injection of ozone and oxygen into the disc area, which immediately sterilizes the area and shrinks the disc. The FDA will approve this process in 2010.

There is another item known as ProDisc-L replaces the unhealthy disc. I am looking into this process for myself.

I work with an excellent massage therapist, 2 chiros and a holistic chiro using Acmos and finally have resorted to prayer. It all has worked for me and I consider myself lucky. But what I did not tell you is that I have been a faithful member of the gym for 25 years and maintain a large garden and home, so other exercise and movement has helped maintain my condition.

I hope this information helps others who are suffering.

- Marie

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