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New York Sciatica

New York sciatica treatment is a specialty of many different types of care providers at hospitals, private clinics and even in municipal health centers. New York is home to some of the very best doctors, complementary therapists and chiropractors in the world, since the medical system here is second to none.

My own personal recommendation for sciatica specialists resides and practices here in NYC and that is Dr. John Sarno at The NYU Medical Center/Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. He was the man to see for all types of treatment-resistant mindbody pain syndromes. Sadly, Dr. Sarno has since passed from this world, but there are still some excellent care providers to help you find a true cure for your pain in New York.

This artcile will help to guide NY Metro area patients towards effective treatment for stubborn back and leg pain syndromes.

New York Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica therapy in New York is a huge and diverse industry. While New York State is a very large region, most of the innovative care is concentrated in the metropolitan and suburban communities, as opposed to the very rural towns in the northern and western locales of the state.

New York City and Long Island have the densest concentration of sciatica doctors, providing state of the art care for patients with a wide range of causative conditions.

Some of the area specialties for care include non-surgical spinal decompression for sciatica, chiropractic for sciatica and sciatica surgery.

New York Sciatica Doctors and Therapists

New York doctors are second to none the world over. Being a native New Yorker, I have enjoyed access to this incredible medical system my entire life. The teaching hospitals in New York City are the premier learning institutions in the world for every type of medical specialty.

Many New York doctors actively promote their practices in the media and on the internet, making them high-profile caregivers with large clienteles eager for their services. It is no surprise that the best doctors in New York typically have a long waiting time for an available appointment. However, emergency cases are always given priority, so don't be afraid to seek help if your pain is severe. You will be seen and accommodated.

New York Sciatica Help

I highly recommend New York as a destination for finding all sorts of sciatica treatment options. Local patients are lucky to enjoy this rich and diverse medical community, while patients from out of the area are welcome to travel for treatment. People come from all over the world for sciatica care in New York City and often leave in far better shape, happy with their therapeutic experience.

For additional information about treating your sciatica pain with a New York Metro area doctor or surgeon, contact your choice of provider directly, ask your insurance company for a referral or call one of the fabulous New York hospitals for detailed information on care options.

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