Brutal Sciatica

I have been suffering from sciatica as the result of a herniated disc for over a year now. I first noticed pain down my right leg, which increased over the period of a month. The pain got so intense that it would take me much effort and stress to do even basic things, like getting up and dressing myself. I stopped wearing socks, as it was too difficult and painful to put them on.

My condition went undiagnosed for months, until I could barely walk and the chronic pain left me unable to sleep or function normally. X-rays finally showed I had a herniated disc in the lower lumbar region.

I was told to expect at least 2 years for it to heal, which shocked and saddened me greatly. I am only 24 and have always had generally good health.

I became extremely frustrated and depressed and would spend entire days lying in bed unable to move without severe pain. I was given two separate epidural injections, which were not effective at all.

I have been unable to work as much as before my injury and since I am completely financially dependent on myself, have accumulated large debts.

Relationships with my friends and family have suffered from the chronic pain and I have become very irritable and unpleasant to be around.

I have developed a pronounced limp and an almost laughable way of walking which can make me feel extremely self-conscious and embarrassed. Running is out of the question. I used to ride a bike regularly, but have since sold it.

I have gained weight, due to a lack of physical exercise and the muscles in my thighs have withered and tightened so that movement around that area is at a strict minimum.

Voltaren Rapid is the only medication I have found that has any impact on reducing the level of pain. I am currently awaiting evaluation for surgery. Since this injury, life has been miserable with little respite. Thanks for reading.

- Matt

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