Desperate for Help

I had a total hysterectomy in 1997, at age 26, and had severe back pain post op.

2 years later, I developed sciatica on my right side and had physiotherapy, which did not help. Since then, the sciatica has become chronic and I am in severe pain now with back and hip pain and numbness in my right thigh.

Sleep is often impossible and sitting is also painful. My GP sent me for further physio, which I refused when the physiotherapist said as it had not helped the first time it would be unlikely to help again.

I have been given a list of exercises, which also never worked the first time. I am on painkillers from my GP and have been told to keep exercising, get a hobby and learn to live with it.

I am 36 and feel twice that age. Doctors will not send me for X-rays and I think how can physiotherapy help,  if they have no idea what they are trying to treat.

I also have severe sharp pain on lower right side, near the groin and wonder if this is related to my sciatica or related to the ovarian cysts I had there which necessitated the hysterectomy. Again, doctors have no idea and I have been prescribed anti-spasmodics.

I have been in hospital twice and after initially being told it was trapped wind. I have now been told it may be adhesions, may be down to my back trouble or no idea.

I do a lot of walking, but was told this is not considered exercise. To try and get sleep, I have started drinking at night and adding sedatives and painkillers to the drink. I wish I could fall asleep and not wake up. I just wish someone could tell me what is wrong with me and cure me.

- Jennifer

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