Life Changing Sciatica

My name is Cheryl. I am 52 years old. About a month ago, I felt pain in my lower back. It was pretty strong for about two days. Several days later, I started having pain in the mornings in my buttock or left cheek and down my leg. I am not sure why, but when I was up for awhile and moving around my pain would ease. I was very aware of it and if I spent too much time at my desk, I would notice it again.

I feel sort of funny writing this, because I am not going to be giving hope at this time. About three weeks ago, the pain became worse. Not stopping at the first hours of movement. Actually it has not stopped since.

I have spent the last three weeks in bed, mostly crying from pain. It is in my buttock and down my left leg. I can't sit stand or bend. I have had several ct scans and one MRI and all have been normal. The pain is still there.

No pain medication is helping. I am taking enough to put down an elephant, but it is not helping me. At times, I have not been able to make it to the bathroom. My leg is numb and I can't wiggle my own toes.

I don't know for sure if this is sciatica or not.  My doctor says it is all the symptoms. I am scared because I don't know what it is and I have no idea when I will get better. I feel trapped in my own body. someone please help.

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