Mechanic with Sciatica

Hi, I am Mike, the friendly neighborhood mechanic with sciatica.  I have never been officially diagnosed, but I have been suffering with the condition for about 20 years. 

I have pain in my lower back, in my butt and down mostly my left leg, into my foot.  I also have weakness in the left leg and lots of tingling feelings, like pins and needles that just never goes away. 

My brother went through the same ordeal.  He is 9 years older than me.  He went to tons of doctors, had physical therapy about 100 times and eventually had surgery.  Some sort of disc procedure.  He is worse off now than ever.  This is why I stay clear of doctors for my own sciatica problem.

I had pain on and off through most of my professional career.  Some positions make the pain much worse, so I always tried to avoid these.  

The problem is that I lost my good job in 2009 and have since been working at an ill-equipped shop with a terrible boss.  This guy is so cheap.  He does not give us the tools to work properly and the shop does not have enough hydraulic lifts.  This means that I have to work on my hands and knees often, and on crawlers, laying down under the car.  Both of these positions hurt terribly.

The last 2 years have been particularly bad, with my pain acting up almost daily.  My wife wants me to quit this job, but it is not like I have many other offers.  The economy is just too bad to risk it.  The stress does not help matters either.

So, I deal with the pain using lots of OTC meds.  I do not want to stop taking them, even when I have no pain, because this seems to make everything worse.  I hope these are not too harmful to my body, but once again, what choice do I really have?

I hope that eventually things will get better for me and for all of us.  However, I can not say that I am confident, since my pain goes on and on and many of my friends deal with the same thing.

Anyway, thanks for listening.  I wish everyone better luck coping with their sciatica than I have had.  If anyone has any ideas for me, please let me know. – Mike

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