Medical Mistreatment

I presented with sciatic pain at the age of 17, that was in 1960. I was sent by my doctor to see an orthopedic consultant and within a very short space of time, he told me he wanted me to go into a plaster cast.

This man didn't tell me why I was to have this treatment, and being only 17 years old, I didn't like to ask too much, although I wanted to. This doctor wasn't enlightened as doctors are today in terms of providing information to patients.

Plaster was on for six months and this was followed by a further plaster for another six months. I had no relief to my pain and then I also had trouble brewing on my left hip. I had no relief and suffered this until laminectomy in 1981 and this too was unsuccessful.

My pain continued, and in 2005, I was told by a neurosurgeon that the laminectomy hadn't been performed as all. My lamina were still intact. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

That neurologist then said to me, "Do you know you have a scoliosis in your lumbar spine?"

I told him nobody has ever told me. These facts were all authenticated by CT and MRI scan.

- Barry

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