Sciatica After Childbirth

Hi, I'm 21 from the UK. I had my first child when I was 18 (on my birthday). He was about 6 months when I got the pain down my leg and into my bum. It was so bad, I couldn’t walk and had to be helped into the emergency room. Doctors gave me ibuprofens and codeine. It helped, but not alot.

Ever since then, I would get this pain. It didn’t matter what I did, or how I lay down,  I couldn’t stop it. Normal over the counter medicines didn’t work and after a while, even the codeines didn’t work.

2 and half years later, I’m 21 and it’s every day, all day. I have dealt with the pain.

All the doctors have ever done is give me exercises. They believe after I had my child, the muscles at the bottom of my back didn’t go back to normal and my brain is making them tight all the time. They tighten around the nerve and squash it. It is worse after exercise, even though they say exercise helps.

I wish I could find a way to feel young again. It affects everything in my life from going out with my friends to my sex life. I constantly feel like I need to crack the bottom of my back and I’ve never found anything that helps my pain.

I wish the doctors would look into it more, as it is one of the worst things anyone can have. It causes so much pain. 

This is my story

- Kerry

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