Sciatica After Collision
with Drunk Driver

My pain began after a car accident with a drunk driver. I am in pain all the time. It's been three years now and I can't believe I've endured for so long. I should have gone crazy by now due to not sleeping. I do sleep some, since I dream, but even in my dreams, I am in pain. I start running and then have to stop because of the pain. That's in my sleep.

In my real life, when I am awake, it's no different. I can't escape the pain even for a moment. The only time I am not in pain is when I go to the swimming pool. I float on my back, holding to the edge of the pool, since I can't swim, and just relax. The water does all the work.

I don't exercise in the water. Once I did, because I could move so good without pain. But when I got home later, I paid the price. I was in severe, unbearable pain for two whole days. It was not worth the pain doing the exercises. So I just keep enduring.

What helps to relieve the pain somewhat is an ointment with tea tree oil that my husband rubs on my right side of my body, where my pain is, right before bed. At night is when the real battle for rest begins. That's when I do my crying.

During the day I get distracted by the things I do. I don't let the pain control my life. I tell myself I will have a good day. I surround myself with good people. There are so many good things in life and thinking about them is what keeps me going.

For how much longer? I don't know.

I can't imagine living the rest of my life with this pain. But my family, my friends, and the good things that happen around me, that's my life. The pain, well...

- Sylvia

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