Sciatica and Sleepless Nights

As far as i can remember, my legs have always pained. I have a very strong feeling that it had something to do with the injection that was given to me in my spine to anesthetize me during my two caesarian surgeries. I have suggested this to my doctors. They say maybe.

Every night when I try to relax, I feel a nagging pain deep in my legs. By 3 AM, I am desperate. I crave pressure. My poor husband obliges. I manage to sleep by 4 AM. This went on for years. What was I thinking? I had an ayah massage Madhiwala liniment every day.

X-rays did not show anything. My GP advised me to walk. Once a regular walker, now I could not walk for more than ten minutes before the pain started.

I started with acupuncture. I took treatment for nearly three months, but it did not really work.

Finally, I went in for physiotherapy. The treatment consisted of ultrasonography, heatpacks and currents with electrodes. I have forgotten the name of the treatment. This provided some relief.

In December 2010, I slipped and fell flat on my back on my way to the aircraft. I was traveling. I picked myself up, sat in the plane and flew back home in time for my mom's operation. Since there was no immediate effect, I kind of overlooked this fact.

In February, there came a day when I could not stand. My orthopedic surgeon diagnosed it as bursitis. I took a course of anti-inflammatory medicine. I was advised complete bed rest.

It was time for serious action. A lot of concerned near and dear ones advised yoga. I started pranayama and stretches for a better circulation. All this without getting up from the bed. This went on for three months. My yoga teacher went for a holiday. I went to the hills for a holiday.

Nothing noteworthy happened, until last week. I suffered a muscular spasm, was advised bedrest, was prescribed an antispasmodic.Yesterday, I went out for dinner. My friend suggested a homeopathic consultant, who is also a bonesetter.

Today morning, I woke up with a stiff back. So, I decided to consult this doctor. My x-ray shows lumbar spondylosis. He diagnosed osteoarthritis and sciatica after examining me. He has prescribed me pills for four days. He also manipulated my legs and back. He has applied a plaster over my sore spot. He also gave me an oil to massage my legs with. It is mustard oil with herbs.

I am well enough to sit and type this story, but don't want to take any risk of going out. I have to go back to him on Monday.

It is a coincidence that my sister sent me this link today.

So, here's my story. I have been very brief, since I do not wish to sit for long.

I am not giving up my fight. I'm sure I will be able to control my pain, if not cure it.

- Nita

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