Sciatica Debacle

Hello, my name is Frank and I have suffered sciatica for about 14 years. I have been through various treatment programs and have received several different diagnoses over the years. I want to share my story to help open people’s eyes up to the simple fact that doctors do not seem to know anything about sciatica, what causes it or how to relieve it. At least this is my experience, and apparently, it is also yours, in many instances.

I first got pain in my low back, buttocks and down the backs of both legs about age 26. I do physical work and my doctor told me it was probably caused from some vocational injury. He did no testing at all and simply created this theory out of thin air. He gave me pills for 6 months which made me lose weight, made me sick and also made feel feel like crap. They did not help the pain.

He eventually sent me to a neurologist and an orthopedist. The neurologist said sciatica and suggested an MRI. However, he never ordered one and told me to follow up with my doctor in a year. A year? The orthopedist agreed and did order an MRI.

I was told I had normal degeneration in my low back and no definitive reason for the symptoms I was having. There was a couple of bulging discs, but I was told these were not severe. I was offered physical therapy or surgery. Surgery? For what? I thought these discs were not severe.

I asked the doctor why and he had no real answer. Just told me that many people had surgery and felt better. I asked him to define many and he wrote me a script for PT and left the room.

I went to physical therapy and the doctor there thought I had muscular issues. He said one was too long, one was too short. The exercises helped a bit, but not much. I got tired of all of it and just went back to work.

In the meantime, the discomfort was still there, but was not too bad. The less I paid attention to it, the less it bothered me. Fast forward to 6 years later and I had more acute pain. Back to the orthopedic doctor.

He didn’t even remember me from years before and we began all over again. Another MRI, same result. Same speech (verbatim).

Surgery? Ok. Sure, this time, let’s give it a try. So stupid.

So, after 3 operations, including 2 discectomies and a three level fusion, here I am. I am now 40. I still have pain. I can’t work. Can’t even move much. Doctors all suck. None did anything to help me.

Surgery removed discs which were said to cause pain, yet the pain remains even though the discs are gone. How is this possible? I asked the doctors this and they have no answer. They hate to even talk to me at this point. I must be a leper or some sort of pariah in their eyes.

Worst part of all is that I thought I was alone in this type of suffering. Then, I discovered the internet and found literally thousands of stories just like mine. Some worse. I am aghast. Something needs to be done.

I am happy to contribute my story to put one more face of a real person on the pain we all experience. If I had my way, I would go back in time and tell all these doctors to go to hell. They took my money, my freedom and my life and all they gave in return was more pain. Thanks for nothing docs.

Know what I do for the pain now? Nothing. It has given me the best results so far.

– Frank

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