Sciatica from My Job

I was diagnosed with sciatica about ten years ago, about two weeks after my mother died. Before that, I never had back problems and was surprised to hear from my doctor that he thought it had been brought on by stress. My mother had a long illness and had caused a huge amount of stress for me at that time.

That episode was extremely debilitating and it got so bad a friend recommended that I wear his "wrestlers belt". I almost laughed, but took him up on it and it helped enormously. The whole episode lasted about five days and I was hugely relieved when it disappeared completely; or so I thought.

Well, it didn't disappear completely.  It recurred off and on for say about four years, but never as bad as the first episode, until recently.

Three days ago, I went for a bike ride, as I enjoy cycling and its a great form of exercise for me that i look forward to each day.  As I was getting off the bike, I found it agonizing and impossible to straighten up afterwards for at least a half hour.

I ended up taking the day off work, and the next day, as my job involves working with machinery and standing in the one spot for hours on end. I knew that going to work would just exacerbate the pain. I have a feeling that my job does indeed contribute to the symptoms, as I feel pain most frequently when I have stood for those hours in work.  After all I am in virtually the same position, save for taking one step forwards and one step back and taking steps form side to side, as well.

Well that's my story and I'm sure that what I am experiencing is nothing compared to some of you guys.  I appreciate this, but my main concern is that I cannot afford not to work at my job.  I have many responsibilities, but am wondering if doing this job will lead to huge health problems down the line.

I'm not getting any younger.

- Elisabeth

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