Sciatica Getting Worse

Happiness can be robbed by crippling pain, as I have found in these past 3 months.  My pain issues have only intensified despite many chiropractic treatments and deep tissue massage, which were excruciating and exacerbating to the condition, btw.

How it all started goes back 3 months when I was working out "rolling" with a young man half my age and more than twice my weight.  To answer the question, I wasn't thinking.  I had gotten away with this kind of thing for decades now, but this guy was the proverbial straw that tweaked the back; my lower back to be precise.  My hip is now rotated (left hip forward) and tilted under, and one leg is shorter than the other.  

The first 6 weeks were merely characterized by lower back spasm pain, which I was already familiar with and well respected.  This merely set the table for these past 6 weeks of hell that is sciatica.

These past 3 weeks, I have delved into the treatments, but it is only getting worse.  As I lay in bed dreading my next excursion to the restroom, or the kitchen, my pain level is a staccato pulsing at a 4 out of 10.  It feels like an air compressor is attached to the back of my tailbone and the air is trying to escape out of my right buttock, right shin and out of my right foot.  When I move from this “comfortable position” and go on my forays into hell, the compressor staccato blasts more rapidly, ramping up the pain to what has to be a 10.  I am forced to a crawl sometimes, but the pain doesn't really subside then either.  Climbing up to the toilet and "relieving oneself" is probably the most agonizing gauntlet of death ever passed.

My positive “can do” has become “what can I do now?”  I can't afford to go to any more doctors and cannot drive anywhere anyway.  I can't shower, bathe, eat or any other basic functions without enduring vile abuse.  No amount of Tylenol, Motrin, Aleve or any other medication takes the edge off when I stand up either.  I try to do sciatica stretches and I might as well be attempting jumping jacks. With this getting worse and no way out, how can I survive? - Bob

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