Sciatica Ordeal

Hi all, I actually don't remember when I started experiencing sciatica. I was so busy at my first job and was really feeling work pressure. I sometimes did not notice that I had been sitting for almost 3 to 4 hours at a stretch in the same position. Perhaps, a lack of mobility and the wrong posture made me suffer so badly. 

I only started noticing this chronic pain when it started hamper my routine activities. I could barely stand for more than 1 minute, which surprised me. I tolerated it and told myself “don’t panic, the pain will go away itself", but it was all in vain. As the days passed, my pain did not improve much. It got to the point where I had to lay on bed almost for a whole day and even had to eat while laying flat on the bed. To go to the bathroom became a nightmare. 

I managed to take a day leave from work and visited a general physician. He asked me to get an x-ray, which showed gaps in ligaments. However, my situation was terrible enough which could have been seen with first sight of me. He referred me to an orthopedist. This took me 2 days to gain courage to stand up and motivated myself to bear the pain for my own good. Finally, I somehow reached to his clinic and was asked to undergo an MRI. 

The examination revealed that I have compressed nerve which is radiating pain down straight to my right leg horribly. He also said I have passed the stages of possible treatment using NSAIDs, exercise and epidural treatment. Now surgery is the only option, but I had heard of risks associated with this option so I decided to get a second opinion. From here the whole story took a u-turn. 

The new expert first healed me psychologically and then asked me if I can bear few more days before finalizing the option of surgery. According to him, I was near to the stage where I could have experienced paralysis, but still had good option of recovery from this stage if nonsurgical conventional methods are tried, so I said yes. 

Up until this stage, I had lived up with chronic sciatica pain for past 6 months. I am still surprised why the hell I overlooked it for so long. Finally my treatment started, first with lumber traction for 7 days and then epidural treatment. I was in the hospital for almost 9 days. On the 9th day, it was suggested that I get some exercise and was asked to do so without fail twice each day and right after the exercise, I must walk. 

I came out from the hospital in a wheelchair. I was in tears to see myself in this situation because of my carelessness. That day, I promised myself not to repeat the story ever again in the future and to this day, I am still following the advice to exercise and walk or jog. Swimming has also helped me a lot. I also learned that it is very important to keep my weight under control. 

I do experience pain in my legs when I miss my daily activity, but I fill the gap sweating more on the exercise mat and on the jogging field. It’s true that sometimes pain appears for no apparent reason, but it remains manageable. I avoid lifting heavy objects, bending down, avoid shoes with heels and sitting for more than 40 minutes. I must say that sciatica has not only made me focus on fitness, but has also made me psychologically stronger. I thank God for my good state of health now. I appeal to all of you to fight sciatica with a positive attitude and you will see that it really makes change. Thanks for reading. Your friend, Abhay

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