Sciatica Pain Before and After Surgery

I've always had back pain since my late 20s or early 30s. I'm 56 now. I have poor posture while standing and sitting. I have performed lots of back breaking manual labor, including shoveling, heavy lifting, bending, kneeling, construction, firewood chopping and hauling, commercial fishing, and repairing water and sewer lines. I also have poor eating habits. 

My chiropractor told me to use ice packs, rest and ibuprofen. Afterwards, I would always get back to work. This routine worked for many years, but the last 10 years have gotten progressively worse. 

I commuted, sitting for long hours, then arrived to work only to sit more. Sometimes I had to work hard for a short time, then get back to sitting. My back pain began to flare up more often.  I took muscle relaxers and chiropractic treatment. 

I had no sciatic pain until October 2014.  I tried the usual treatments of walking, ibuprofen, chiropractic adjustments.  Basically I tried to man-up and power through it. Well, that didn't work for me anymore.

5 months into the sciatic pain in the left buttock, the back of my leg and left foot were tingling and numb. I got an MRI, which confirmed a herniated bulging disc at L5 -S1. I had physical therapy, injections, did stretching and lots of walking. However, there was no relief. 2 more months passed and there was no improvement.

I had the choice to do surgery or live with the pain. I had the sciatica for 7 months and opted for microdiscectomy.  This choice was approved by the doctors and surgeons. I'm recovering from surgery now. It is my first day home.  My left buttock still hurts, but I imagine it's still inflamed from the surgery.  

I am looking for advice about frayed nerves from the disc rubbing on nerve. Will it heal soon or is it a long healing process? I will keep everyone posted how I do with my recovery.  Any comments or expert advice will be appreciated.  I send a blessing to all.  Peace my friends. Prayers for a pain-free world. - Native

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