Sciatica Questions and Answers
Archive 2010 Part 2

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Q: Dear Sensei Adam Rostocki, Oh my goodness!!! Thank you, thank you! Finally after all these years of sciatica (so called) I have come across your site after being yet again affected, and was searching for any news on cold treatment. You know I have had this condition since I was 21yrs old and was pursing a career in contemporary dance. I had to give it up. And for the last 11yrs I have been in and out of the pain. BUT! I always felt deep down that there was an underlying issue (emotional) that caused this. I thought, surely my young back would have healed by now if it was truly "injured." So, I started to observe my life situations when my back was triggered and it all revolved around CONFLICT!! Yep! People would advise me to get an operation, take drugs for the excruciating pain, but I just couldn't, I felt it would make me worse. I have a friend who had an operation and it hasn't helped her, and she had top surgeons work on her. She still gets it. So I had to buy your book after reading your website yesterday, and when you mentioned CONFLICT I was elated! So, I am off to visit a therapist to tackle this subconscious of mine, to see whats up. Thank you so much for your efforts in putting together all the research you have found. Hopefully I can get back into doing what makes my heart sing ASAP. I totally agree with you, that it is definitely emotional stress that triggers it, and people may not even realize it at the time. Because the sciatica often follows a few days after (that's in my case). I would like to ask you though.....when you were on your journey of healing, when your sciatica hit, how long did it stay for and what did you do for it to see yourself through the days....(hot and cold packs with affirmations?) . You know how it can hit hard, where you literally are in bed, do you have any fast remedies that you have found work, other than hot and cold treatment? Just curious. Thanks again for your wonderful site!!! Blessings to you! One last thing, I forgot to mention. When you sought therapy to address personal issues, was it the forgiveness that released you? How did you free yourself from the personal/subconscious issues that were causing your past sciatica pain? Was it a long process? Thank you! Samantha

Q: Would you mind terribly discussing my symptoms with me? My doctors are all at a loss and my condition just keeps getting worse! Well, it started simply enough... The first time I didn't get in our pool my legs both felt like they were on fire! So I chalked it up to not enough exercise. Well, a few months went by and the strange pain kept coming back! Then all of a sudden, I couldn't walk. Very literally couldn't stand up to get out of my bathtub. My legs felt like they were waking up after being asleep for a long time. They just wouldn't move. The pain was easily an 8 on a scale from 1 to 10. And that lasted for a full week! The next month the exact same thing happened. I have since paid more attention to when the tingling starts and I prop my feet up right away. (This was all about 5 years ago.)More recently, the pain has stayed with me. It hurts in the exact same place on both legs. When the pain worsens in one, sure enough, it gets worse in the other. And the pain has evolved. My shins hurt from what feels like deep inside the bone. As the day goes on, it migrates up my legs all the way to my hips. And Heaven help me if I stay on my feet all day! Then it even hurts my back! The swelling gets pretty bad at times too.Aside from the agony of my legs, I have developed some pretty nasty GI symptoms. I have reflux and gastritis and no matter how much medicine I take I always feel nauseated. And after I eat certain foods the pain in my stomach is unbearable. They took out my gall bladder, but that didn't seem to help much. There is also a strange gnawing pain directly above my left hip bone that never seems to go away. And I can barely breathe half the time. I stopped smoking to try to breathe better, but that just made it worse. It made my O2 stats drop by 6%! (This has only been going on since November.) Now.... The tests I've had done are many and they all come up with the same result. Normal. I've had laparascopy to check for endometriosis, an MRI on my lower back to check for damage, a colonoscopy, upper GI, and numerous blood tests. They have checked for a few autoimmune diseases and even SJS. I had thought for a long time that maybe it's fibromyalgia, but it's not exactly widespread pain. It is in very specific places. I am at my wit's end here. My symptoms probably don't match yours, but if you can offer any insight, it would be most welcomed! This is real. It's not in my head. And I just need to put a name to it so I can get some peace.Thank you so much for listening to me! - Andrea

Q: I have bilateral sciatica. I am not a surgical candidate according to 2 neurosurgeons and an osteopathic surgeon. I have had this pain for 2 years. I have tried all treatments with no success. I was diagnosed with stenosis and I am on medication; however it was stated to me "to find relief wherever I can find it." I am currently going to a chiro, but the sciatica seems to be worse. Can this treatment be harmful? Also, I don't know where to go from here??? Mel

Q: hi, i have had a back op round about 10 years ago when i was 18.i got over it well and went back to playing football. i now do a lot of weightlifting but the last few weeks i have had very bad pain down my leg, sitting is very bad. it is fine when i get up walk around or when i go to the gym i am ok. i feel so much better when i am up and around. but i don't know if i should have some time off. the pain is very bad when sitting like i said. it has taken me 30 mins to do this i keep having to get up and down. it happened in the gym i know when it went i felt it go, but like i said i do feel better when i am going stuff. thank you for your help. and a very good web site, some of the info has been helpful. Ross

Q: Hi I would just like a little bit of advice on what you may think is causing my very mild off/on sciatica. I did have a lifting injury back in sept 08 when I curled weights a little wrong and compensated my hips. For the first week or so I just had a really sore ass that cramped up sometimes then I started getting leg pain. After stretching and lifting again and so on and so forth I feel really good for the most part. Most anything I do doesn't irritate it but sometimes I have a noticeable discomfort but nothing that is intolerable. Before I had a hard time lifting my right leg up to tie my shoe, obviously running, laying on unfirm furniture, intentionally pressing my sacrum into the cushion while laying down, and those types of things. The one thing that that generally always irritates it now is if I do pushups. If my back is flush or arched up a bit generally no problem, but if its arched towards the floor thats when it starts to hurt. Also if I was laying on my back, both feet bent with both feet on floor, then elevate my butt and lower back off the ground, lift my right leg and straighten it, that would make it hurt too, (seemed to be in the hip/butt area). Anyways here is a report of my MRI on lower back, MRI on hip came up with nothing.

Noncontrast MR imaging of the lumbar spine was performed using our routine protocol. There is disc desiccation and slight disc space narrowing involving the L3-S1 disc spaces. There is mild bright T2 signal along the posterior margin of the L3-L4 disc space consistent with a small annular tear. There is mild to moderate posterior disc bulging/protrusion at all levels from L3-S1 without evidence for significant mass effect on the thecal sac or exiting nerve roots. No significant neural foraminal narrowing is identified although there is slight bilateral L5-S1 nerual foraminal stenosis. There is mild hypertrophic change in the facet joints at L5-S1 bilaterally. No significant bone marrow signal abnormalities are identified. The conus medullaris is in normal position. No significant abnormalities are seen within the visualized portions of the abdomen and pelvis.

Both the physician and physical therapist didn't seemed concerned at all. This was taken back in July 09. I showed it to my chiro a few days ago and he was kind of worried for a little bit but didn't realize it was taken a year ago and that since I am discomfort free for the most part now that the discs have most likely went back into place and scarred over. I thought I had possible piriformis syndrome because I did injure my butt a little bit when I lifted that day and have stretched the crap out of the area and always felt better temporarily and recently had active release technique done on it and felt amazing but all the discomfort wasn't gone. What do you think and what should I try to rid of this completely? Thanks, Dan

Q: Hi, I am a violinist. I'm 58, and performing is extremely important to me. I don't know if there's anything anyone can do to help because so far I've tried a neurologist, acupuncture, chiropractic visits, hypnosis, vitamin and mineral supplements, massage, inderal (which used to help my pretty normal level performance anxiety but doesn't anymore), and Nikken magnetic products without success. I refuse to give up, though, because it's my life, and it means too much to me. Recently, I've been reading Dr. Sarno's book, Healing Back Pain, and I have come to realize that I have all the symptoms of TMS!

About 5 or 6 years ago, after banging my right elbow quite a few times taking laundry down the stairs, there was a week where I couldn't reach up to a shelf to put away dishes because of the pain I was experiencing. The pain went away completely on its own, but it was at that time that I remember first experiencing a positional tremor whenever I held my bow above the string in an approach to playing. I went to Cleveland Clinic and the doctor was extremely bleak in his diagnosis, saying, rather unsympathetically, that it was either Essential Tremor or Focal Dystonia, and if it didn't go away in 2 years I was doomed to have it forever. The symptoms I have really do not seem to match those of either of those two ailments. My fingers do not curl or cramp. I don't really have spasms. And I don't have a family history of any of this. The closest anyone has come was a physical therapist at my chiropractor's office who said I had a muscle in my upper right arm that kept firing. But he didn't know what to do about it. I almost went for a Botox shot but found out the risks outweighed the possible benefits.

Would you happen to have any advice for me? I really do think this is a mindbody disorder. I never have even the slightest tremor in any other situation. I have absolutely no pain, for which I am grateful. I was a late starter with the violin and have a history of I what I consider to have been scarring experiences. My personality is exactly that which you describe as being characteristic of those having TMS. This is an unending source of embarrassment when I am teaching, and it's inhibited my playing tremendously. If I pick up my violin and I'm cold, or haven't played even for a few minutes, it's usually awful. It does, to some extent, lessen as I continue to play, if I keep my mind off detrimental thoughts. Incidentally, coffee and Caribou chocolate covered coffee beans seemed to help for a while, but no longer - no surprise after reading your book!

I am not only curious about the relationship between TMS and tremor for myself, but also for fellow musicians suffering the same plight. Most recently, you may have noticed a violinist in the news who had brain surgery to help a similar situation! The impact on the musical community with regard to performance related injuries (tendonitis, et al) could be amazing. At my school, a world renowned summer school for aspiring young professional string players, we encounter problems like these on a regular basis.

My own doctor recently advised an MRI for sciatica. Before I even read the book, I declined because I sensed that if diagnosed with anything that required treatment, I would suffer more from the consequences and inevitable worry than from the pain itself. I am fascinated with psychology and have used whatever mindbody techniques I could devise for my violin teaching over the past 40 years. That is why I just have a feeling that my cure lies somewhere within the pages of your books. I have written to Dr. Sarno, but don't expect to hear back. I keep reading about oxygen deprivation, but I am very curious as to how this can be remedied and can't seem to find any answers. Can you help me?

Thank you so much for wading through this long letter. If you can't help me, but happen to know someone who might be able to, could you please forward this message to them. I'd appreciate it so much. Thank you very much! Amy

Q: Hi there, I'm a mom of five who dances for fun. My mom was diagnosed with cancer six months ago and moved in with me. I think the stress brought on back pain but I forged on. The week before she died (Apr 16) I got an epidural block. Since then the pain has been increasing and I am unable to do much of anything. I have no life- in pain all the time. My pain indicates that the epidural block may have hit a nerve and that it's irritated. I don't seem to be getting aby improvement and pain doc wants to do second shot, which I obviously don't want since that's what caused this mess. Im in physical therapy and on neurontin. Still in pain. Please send suggestions. Angela

Q: It's 5 am and I am reading your website. I have read Dr. Sarno's books and thought I had this mastered. Now I am scheduled to fly out of town today to run another 1/2 marathon in MD and am in excruciating pain. I don't want my pain to get worse. I keep telling myself it is in my mind. Not really sure what my question is. Just that I don't want this pain anymore. Michele

Q: I have been dealing with sciatic pain for a little over a month now, but I am unsure of the actual cause of the pain. I'd rather treat the cause over the symptoms of course so this really annoys me. I believe the pain was caused by weightlifting in some way, but I had an X-ray and it was negative for a herniated disc. In the case of a possible piriformis issue, i have been stretching and foam rolling/tennis ball massaging the piriformis muscle. In your experience, what might the actual cause of this be? As it is now, the pain does not radiate down my leg, its mostly localized in my lower right back, and the pain is really only noticeable if i bend forward or lift my right leg with my knees locked. Sometimes it will hurt if i take too big of a step walking, but the pain is tolerable. Additionally, i begin physical therapy tomorrow, but without insight into the cause, i feel this will not be as helpful as it can. Thanks, Jay

Q: i have to have an mri ordered by my gp to see a neurosurgeon bilateral sciatica 2 arachnoid cysts are compressing right L5 nerve root and left S1 nerve root that's what cat scan revealed no medication is working on my awful pain do you think i need surgery for a cure? Lucy

Q: Hi ..My story sounds similar to yours and many on here. Have been in pain for many,many years. Chiro's, PT, exercise, stretches, water therapy etc,etc. MRI's NOT showing anything Significant. But ALWAYS ending back to the Chiro to get my pelvis back into place. It is ALWAYS a tipped/tilted pelvis, which they say IS causing the problem! And in turn, knocking my head/neck out of wack. Sometimes it would help, but mostly NOT. It would last a few days,a few hours,or NOT at all!! But I would KEEP going back to them. Hoping it would help. I Finally went to a Ortho Surgeon here in Cleveland who said "OH! you have Canal Stenosis,and I can fix that". So Yes,I went for surgery.

Went back and said I was STILL in Major pain,and he sent me for physical therapy. NO HELP! The following year I went back,and he diagnosed me with (piriformis) and released it. As I said before I have had this pain many years,so when a Dr. say's they can FIX you,you go for it. Now I know--Wrong move! I STILL have the pain in the SAME areas. The P Muscle get's so hard and painful,I believe it is hitting the sciatic nerve, going to mid left leg, right at the bottom of my spine is puffy (I am sure from the nerve/pain),and continues to go up mostly the left side of my back(muscle) and then into my neck and shoulder area.(Muscles very tense constantly.

ALL the stretching just makes it worse. I try to do MAYBE a few of the exercises and WHAM!! Tipped pelvic AGAIN!! I also get where it "Feels" like it is cutting off my circulation, because my legs,mostly left foot,hands can get FROZEN out of nowhere..Yes,I have already had all that tested,and circulation is fine. So now,,without seeing any MRI's etc, What would be your diagnosis,and what should my next step be? Like I said, I have run the gambit on Dr's/Therapy! I am going in for a Complete Physical in 2 days,and wondering if there are any questions and or tests I should have done? Or ANY suggestion's on anyone to see in the Cleveland,Oh. area? THANK YOU for hearing my story. Leigh

Q: 10 years ago i found myself trying to find a cure fur the diabetic foot syndrome. As an independent researcher it was a hard an frustrating labor that took me 10 years to complete. Now I'm proud to say I complete my goal, but something funny happened in the way, as the real reason for the diabetic foot syndrome is the dysfunction of certain nerves, the very same technique can be used for the sciatic nerve pain. Now, it only takes about one hour to forget the pain and to be "back in business" using this new technique. Hopefully it will be soon available all across the country. Hang on, the help is on its way. Hernan

Q: How do I stop my leg an foot pain from aback surgery that wet BAD..I am in so much pain. Libby

Q: Oh my Gosh!! I'm a little freaked out right now after reading through a lot of your posts! I have degenerative disk disease and also had a bulging disk at L5-S1. After giving many Doctors 9 months to give me tons of tests for this indescribable pain ( radiating from my buttocks to my toes, which never goes away), they decided to go through with a discectomy at that L5-S1 area. Well, I got a nice big plate to keep my new disk with screws, in the front of my spine. I felt like I had no other option. I'm thirty, was a trainer, have a toddler... And now am reduced to where I was before my surgery (we live with my parents and my husband does everything!! I'm in bed almost all of the day... The pain is too much some days that if I didn't have this beautiful little girl of mine, I would have given up on my fight a long time ago! My surgery was just February 3rd and my pain has worsened. I've been to my surgeon two times since and he says to me and I quote,"I have no idea why you still have this leg pain."!! So I've been to the ER twice. The first time they sent me home with a script for Lidoderm patches ( great, but totally allergic to!). Second round in the ER, I finally get to see a neurologist. He does some pretty normal test on me then sends me to get MRI's on my neck and lumbar... Nothing... Nothing turns up abnormal. He didn't even say the words "sciatica" to me!!! Are they all totally unable to see what's going on by just using an MRI? Would an MRI show sciatica problems? All I can tell you is that I want to crawl out of my skin or chop off my legs some days... Not seriously,but the pain is that real! Thanks for your helpful website and hope to hear back from you! Ps... It is very late, please excuse all of the typing errors :)! Suzanna

Q: My mom is suffering from sciatica. she did exercise, acupuncture, chiropractor. She said that she is in excruciating pain. What can I do help her. She is very frustrated and doctor told that it is from a fall. Can you help. She does not feel good and in pain. Kathy

Q: I get pain in my buttocks & side of leg; almost like a kink, but very excruciating pain, almost like someone has stabbed me; enough to take my breath away. Is this what sciatica is like? Thanks for you help. Diane

Q: i had my lung punched by the hospital 9 years ago every since then i have suffered severe sciatica in back and leg could this have caused this. Sue

Q: hi, I've had bilateral sciatica since October of 09' and haven't been able to work as a result. I am a writer and cannnot sit long enough without excruciating pain in the back and inner of my legs. Please let me know what you think this could be as traditional sciatica treatment is not working. thanks, P

Q: I'm 35 years, slender build and very active, i am suffering with unilateral sciatica, this after i think i injured myself by straining my body, pain is from my left buttocks down to my left toes,been experiencing it for 2 months now and the pain has never let up, physio therapy is not working and am now going to have an MRI scan, my fear is that Cancer may play a part in this, i have a history of cancer in the family hence the fear. last year i have been suffering with anxiety attacks and this year ironically around the same time of the year this pain arrives is there any relation to the 2? please i need help am not on any medical aid/assistance and dont have the money to go for expensive prognosis/treatments even though ones health is important i just simply cannot afford it. Shahiem

Q: i had a radiofrequency lesioning done 6 days ago. i'm in more pain than before, and buttocks is so sore, and have stinking pain down leg. it hurts to be on my feet, bend. will this get better and how long will it take to get better? thank u Barbara

Q: I am 30years male. I am very active participant in doing accounts and audit. My profession is tax consultant and accounts operating in computer and attending meeting and different assesses and clients in different areas. One day morning at the time of wake up from bed I feel sharp pain at right side back and lower hip. The pain is radiates up to knee. The pain is very sharp with burning sensation. It is very constant pain spread down to knee. The clinking sound at knee when I walk. Please let me know the cause of sudden pain before in my life I never known back pain and leg pain. I have met MD he has taken ultrasound scan, blood test urinal test and ECG and chest x-ray in all report its shows normal but the pain is not cured. After that I met M.S ortho he taken knee x-ray and given me an injection at knee place and given me glucosamine tablets and pain relief. After two month the constant pain is cure, but now I have no seating comfort and numbness in right leg and knee joint when I am walk I feel pin pain at my right hip to back and at the time of sitting sharp pain in my right side back and at morning the muscles are tightening even I am in rest. This problem is I am facing from Dec-2009 I am very afraid about it and I feel loss of my life and I have two small children. Please let me know is it possible to cure completely. If possible please advice the period of cure and surgery is better to do for cure or P.T or exercises enough for cure. Give me best suggestion to get back my healthy life. Hari

Q: what steps can i follow immediately to instant relief? I've been in pain for awhile and I'd love some real relief that lasts a lifetime. god bless. James

Q: Not sure if your book can help me (although I'll bet everybody says that...) 12 years ago I hurt my back caring for my dying mother. Since then, everyday of my life (with only a few "breaks") I have debilitating sciatica, cramped leg muscles that "pull" my leg up so that I cannot walk on it, and horrifying pain that leaves me screaming in agony until I pass out. An MRI 2 years ago (I have no insurance) showed significant herniated discs L4-S1. I have been on every pain med known to man and now take 100mg morphine every 12 hours plus 800mg Ibuprofen every 8 hours just to control the pain enough so I can work and take care of my disabled husband and father. I am on a patient assistance program to afford the meds but every time I have to renew I go at least 2 weeks with no meds (where I am right now). Meds will be in today, but I am at work crying and desperate to find something (besides unconsciousness) that helps. Will the practices in your book really help someone like me? I am told that my only hope is surgery, but surgery is so scary because I know many people who had this same surgery who are in MORE pain today than they were before, if you can believe that. They have NO quality of life whatsoever. I'm only 44 years old! Thank you for your response. Barbara

Q: In 2007 I had severe sciatica and back pain due to spinal stenosis. A neurosurgeon did a laminectomy and fusion procedure (2 pins and 4 screws in my back yet). I was completely pain free for 2 years but the sciatica and back pain has returned with a vengeance now. Nothing seems to help (exercise, drugs,etc.) I had an MRI and the doctor says there is nothing wrong with my back. Should I see another neurosurgeon or what? I am about to give up. Help! John

Q: Dear Sensei Adam Rostocki, I have been dealing with acute low back and sciatica pain for the past few months and have tried the usual treatments: chiropractor, acupuncture, medication and supplements, yoga exercises, etc. without significant or sustained relief. I've recently been referred to a neurologist for an MRI, which I can already imagine will lead me down the road to surgery. I've also read Dr. Sarno's book and I'm intrigued by the TMS diagnosis and knowledge therapy treatment and education seminar recommendations. Besides an actual consultation with Dr. Sarno, would you know of and recommend a psychosomatic prescriptive regimen for tackling repressed emotions and mental anxiety? Dr. Sarno briefly touches on ways to recognize the stress in your life, past and present, by writing down your thoughts, but are there other methods of helping to negotiate with your subconscious and dismiss the ongoing pain? Thanks for blog and advice, both a tremendous resource! Steve

Q: Hi, I have had very severe hip/right side of left leg (down to ankle most nights) pain for several months. It is, on a scale of 1-10 (1 being mild 10 being severe) is 9. I have pain in my lower back but not every day. The pain in my leg/hip is during the night only. I have had no sleep for months. Given Paroxicam cream but not helping at all. Could this be sciatica? I have had this many years ago but not as severe pain as this. My left buttock hurts as well when the pain startsMy sincere thanks for taking the time to read this Regards Jane

Q: I began suffering with lower back pain and sciatica in my late teens. The spasms and pain came and went in varying degrees for over twenty years, with some attacks being very painful. Then in my forties I discovered Dr. Sarno's book and before I even finished the book not only was my pain gone, but I felt a absence of tension in my lower back that I didn't remember ever feeling before. The pain tried to move to my elbow, just as Dr. Sarno predicted it might, and I was able to overcome that very quickly. I lived for about ten years completely pain free.

I thought I was cured of back pain for life when several events in my life converged to cause me great stress. I had become complacent and was not vigilant about monitoring my emotions. Eight months ago I suffered an attack of lower back pain, my first in many years. I read and reread Dr. Sarno's book but it had no effect. I then purchased Dr. Scott Brady's book, Pain Free for Life and followed his techniques. My pain was greatly reduced within just a few days of starting on Dr. Brady's program, but it never completely went away. Three weeks ago I found myself in an emergency room in agony. I saw an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed me with arthritis, a bulging disk, and spinal stenosis. (In other words, a normal back for a man in his fifties.) He prescribed an anti-inflammatory and physical therapy and didn't even order an MRI, he was going just by the x-rays from the emergency room.

Needless to say, I never filled the prescription and I never went to physical therapy. Even if his diagnosis were correct, those treatments would make no sense. After having experienced the miracle of Dr. Sarno's cure so many years ago, I was not going to fall into that trap. I have been doing a combination of rereading Dr. Sarno's book and following Dr. Brady's methods and my back and sciatica is considerable better. However, my symptoms have not completely disappeared. I am starting to suspect that I have repressed emotions that my subconscious is fighting very hard to keep hidden.

My question to you is: Do you know of any psychologists in the South Florida area that specialize in treating physical pain caused by repressed emotions? If not, what is the best way to find one that understands what is truly causing my pain? I am fairly well versed in mind-body pain and I need someone who truly understands it and buys into it.

Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Jorge

Q: I have been diagnosed with piriformis syndrome ...I have had surgery on my right side buttocks a year later. I am back at square one, this time on both sides any advise ??? Mandy

Q: Hi. This is my MRI report: Vertebral body height,signal and alignment is maintained throughout the lumber spine.There is a disc desiccation at L4-L5.There is a moderately large central and para central caudally directed disc extrusion emanating from L4-L5 with moderately severe left lateral recess narrowing and indentation of the ventral aspect of the thecal sac with mild to moderate spinal stenosis. To a lesser degree there is also right lateral recess narrowing at L4-L5. other region of lumber spine is unremarkable. I got this report 15 month ago. I do stretching and walking up to 3 miles daily. But I feel pain in my left leg and thigh when I will stay in same condition up to more than one hour. My neuro suggested for microdisectomy. I will appreciate if you take time and give your valuable suggestion. Om

Q: Hi, I have been diagnosed with sciatica lately but have had the pain with six years, I have had a MRI scan and waited for the results that came back today and my GP went through them with me and said there is nothing significant enough for surgery on them. I feel very upset with the fact that he said to keep going to the chiropractor and that should relieve my pain. I have gone to two different chiropractors within the last two years and none which have helped, i have gotten my orthotics and all that and still nothing. I was actually hoping that they would find something on the MRI as i could of had the surgery and be done with it. I would be grateful if you could help in any way as the pain is constant and i am at my wits end. Is there anything that i don't know about that can relieve my pain until i get a second opinion on my results, also, would it be ok to send it my report to you to see what you think?, thank you in advance, Joanne

Q: I'm having a big problem of sciatica starting from my buttock running down to my right leg the pain is more powerful in the tibia region what i have to do? Sunjai

Q: hi,I am a 26 year old female. i have been diagnosed with sciatica since last 3 weeks. my spine surgeon advised complete bed rest for 2.5 weeks which helped to reduce the pain from a scale of 6/10 to 2/10. Now pain meds have stopped and i have resumed work ( sedentary work) i need to sit at my desk and work on my desktop all day. Could you provide me some useful information about how i need to sit in an office chair, walk and exercise to keep this pain in check? Would really appreciate any response from you reg. this. Could you share some handy tips.Am also doing the lower back strengthening stretches 25 times in 2 sets (i.e. lying on the stomach and lifting the head and chest off the floor to work the lower back muscles) as advised by my spine doctor. Pranjali

Q: hi, do you have drx9000 in Bangkok. kindly provide me the contact details of clinic - Khaled

Q: hi,i am suffering with lower back and right leg pain since two and half years. The pain is like burning sensation. i have consulted so many neurologists and orthopaedics. But all are in vein.even i have the same burning sensation in the neck and right hand. from the readings i came to know that this will be sciatica. After this sciatica my sexual life also get affected. i am suffering with sexual dysfunction some times. i am experiencing the burning sensation in penis and very frequent urine releases.Please give me advice to whom i have consult whether neurologist or orthopaedic. give me advice to get rid of this killing pain. Raj

Q: I have had sciatica for about 2 weeks now, with the help of physical therapy the pain is not so severe. I have also seen an orthopedist who mentioned that I probably had a herniated disk which caused my condition. I have feeling and no loss of sensation or pins and needles, but I do have muscle weakness in my left leg causing trouble with stepping off when walking. The orthopedist mentioned that this is one of the symptoms of sciatica and needs time to heal. All of my reflexes are good, but the muscle weakness is making me a little nervous, how long does this weakness usually last. Thank You, Ed

Q: I started the new year with very painful leg pain. I had a herniated disk in 1986, was hospitalized and good as new until this year. I have been to the doctor and he has pumped me full of meds, none of which seem to work... Lyrica,Tramadol, Etodolac, Cyclobenzapr. My pain is less today , but it is numb, as well as my foot. What exercises are best? I am 53, work full time, retired from my salary job in Fl and moved to NC for a peaceful second half. I love to garden and am so depressed over this pain. Any advice would be helpful, not happy with my Dr , seems to not think I am tough enough. I could hardly walk after my shift at work, I gave birth to two children and this pain is a match.I took a week off work, haven't been sick in years resting helped some, of course during that week I did house work and cleaned but every few hours got off my leg. Lesa

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