Sciatica Questions and Answers
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Q: I have had mild sciatic pain since my second pregnancy, but it would usually only last a week or so, and then go away. I am a very active person and love to work out. One day when I was in kickboxing class, i kicked the bag and broke one of my toes. I didn't think much of it but a few days later my sciatic came back but 10 times worse. I am at week 8 and the pain is intense, and sleep is impossible. I got acupuncture 4 times, and it seemed maybe 20% better, but i still can't even stand up straight! This lack of being able to move around is driving me insane, but when I try to do anything even walk around the pain in my lower glute and leg is terrible. I can't take anti-inflamatories because I am allergic to aspirin. Any advice? Flone

Q: I have been diagnosed with an L4-L5 herniated disk. I was injured 8 weeks ago and all my pain is gone. I have a numb foot that just recently started to have tingling and muscle spasms. The doctor wanted to get me into surgery after 6 weeks but I refused. Due to an old injury (C6-C7)I know the numbness ended with these symptoms. Is this a good sign or just a coincidence? Michael

Q: Hello! I am 34 years old, female, and I also have endometriosis. I slipped down the last 4 stairs in my home sometime in July or August of this year. I thought I fully recovered but I'm second guessing that now. During my period I am fine on day 1 and sometimes 2, then day 3 comes and I feel like my butt is going to fall out from under me, the pain is horrible. If I bend at the waist the pain down the back of my right thigh is horrible. I take tramadol for the pain on my worst day. Also, when this area is in pain I have a horrible time passing urine. It's not a UTI or bladder infection, just when I have this pain I have a hard time getting the muscles together to pass urine. I have been seeing a chiropractor and he believes this is sciatica. Have you heard of this difficulty passing urine then there is a sciatica flare up? I don't know what to do. I massage my buttocks with a golf ball and also do stretches but they don't seem to be helping much. I'm most concerned with the urine problem and am looking for some sort of reassurance that this is directly related to my sciatica. How can I get this corrected? Muscle relaxers? Advil doesn't help much though I haven't stuck with it daily to really know for sure. Nicole

Q: Dear Adam, I have been suffering from back pain for the past four months. I have consulted many doctors here in Pakistan tried homeopathy as well but nothing seem to work. The pain travels from back thru buttock to back of knee with maximum at back of knee. Lately there is pain in groin area also I take Airtal, tramol (tramadol in us) the pain is controlled. i do not have apparent side effect of these drugs, but i know long term usage of pain killer is bad. The mri report says...At the L5/SI there is a central and diffuse disc protrusion that is resulting in significant anterior thecal compression with a moderately severe bilateral recess stenosis At ;L4/L5 level there is a diffuse disc protrusion which is causing radicular compression. The neurosurgeon say at present operation is not indicated however reading several post here and at other site i am very skeptical about getting under a knife.One doctor lately recommended Hylagan injection in the spine. he says it is not a steroid, but as i know it is indicated in for knee. I would appreciate your kind advice as i am confused and in pain. regds, PERVAIZ

Q: What do you think about sitting on a bulky wallet? Can that be the cause of Sciatica? Thank you. Bridget

Q: Hi, I am a 46 yr old mother of 3. In October I had an MRI done which revealed a very large herniated disc at L4-L5, that is pinching my sciatic nerve causing extreme sciatica pain in my right buttox, hip, thigh, calf, foot, and toes. I have been in bed for 6 wks now. I crawl to the bathroom and have to use a walker to get to my appts which consist of decompression treatments of my lumbar area. Although I have seen some improvement since beginning decompression treatments, I still have severe pain in my right hip and thigh area. Once my disc is rehabilitated will the pain in my hip and thigh completely go away? Danae

Q: Hi, I am a 30 year old mother of three. I have alot of health problems incl. SLE, osteoarthritis and more but My back and legs are the biggest issue the last 2 years. L4-L5: there is a disc desiccation with broad-based posterior disc annular bulging flattening the anterior thecal sac. A small posterior disc annular tears present. L5-S1: there is disc desiccation with a small posterior central disc herniation flattening the anterior thecal sac. There is patency to the right left neural foramen. What all does this mean??? My biggest complaints are back pain and stiffness, massive constant pain in my right butt cheek the tops of my feet feel cold and my feet feel numb on and off. What can I do besides pain meds to get better. Ive taken prednisone and that does help a little but I need to fix this so I can care for my hubby and kids better. Between the LUPUS and this I feel like a 75 year old woman. Sonya

Comment: I have been experiencing an achy left hip, it started as a cramp feeling then it appears to go numb around left hip and buttock and base of spine. However i also have had some numbness at back of head and neck and shoulders. Was wondering if anyone else can relate and has any suggestions. I am seeing the Doctor tomorrow. - Debs

Q: My aunt who is in Africa is having symptoms that are same as Sciatica's symptoms. she's been having a lower back pain for about 5 to 8 months however, for the last 5 days she did not get out of bed due to sever pain that started from her hip. her whole leg hurts now and she has edema in her foot. she is complaining about constant shooting pain and being cold. so, do you think this is Sciatica and if yes what can she do without a doctor to better her symptoms? Nimo

Q: Hi, i'm Childeen. I Just two weeks ago, i got this lower back pain +leg pain. I cannot remember how i got this, i would like to ask if you had pain when standing straight or lying on your back with straight body? Because i am experiencing it and it's so hard for me to sleep in a fetal position because it feels like slouching.

Q: I had an MRI because of pains in my back. The findings were as follows: 1. first degree lytic spondylolisthesis at L1/S1 level; 2. L5/S1 pseudo posterior disc bulge and right foraminal disc protrusion ; and 3. D12/L1 posterior disc bulge. my question is: do i need a surgery or this can be treated by doing some exercises? Ahmed

Q: Hi,My both legs and my both hands become numb especially during night time only. Legs I feel the numb if I sleep long duration in the night more than 3 to 4 hours. Hands if I lie down one side even the hand which is not pressed by body also become numb at times. During day time I feel tingling sensation on my legs and under the feet. ( I am sitting for long hours) Also I always feel numbness on toe. Especially more on left leg and left toe. Please guide me how to overcome this? Regards Sarada

Q: I started experiencing symptoms of sciatica about 3 months ago. My doctor diagnosed it as an effect of scoliosis and recommended physical therapy. However, the symptoms disappeared after about a week and I decided to just do my own exercises. My left leg still experienced occasional numbness but the feeling was, for the most part, tolerable. However, the pain started to come back after a week ago and progressively got worse. Last night, I went for a short run thinking that this can help my condition. However, I woke up this morning completely unable to sit or stand up. Any advice for me?Thanks! P.S. I do have scoliosis and have been feeling mild numbness in my left leg for years. It never really bothered me until now that I found out about this condition. Carlo

Q: What is the best place for applying an ice pack for sciatica? Should the ice be applied to the lower back where the pinched nerves are, or to the hip area where the pain starts? Craig


Q: Good Afternoon. I'm hoping to try out a watersport next year, Kite Surfing, I am prone to Sciatica and would just like to make sure whether doing that would put me at risk? Hope you can advise. Jenny

Q: Could a very deep massage bring on sciatica? What about a chiropractic adjustment? I've had 3xs/wk appt with chiro for 6 weeks. I had started treatment b/c of significant low back pain; no sciatica at all. Last Monday, I had a deep massage followed by an adjustment. Tuesday a.m. I cried in the shower from the pain. It seems to be easing each morning. BTW- LOVE the site. Cathy

Q: Hi, I was reading your "Lower back and Buttocks" page listed under the "sciatica pain" link. The last paragraph said to contact you if we need help. Well I need a lot of it! I'm 24 and have been suffering with sciatica pain for roughly 2-3 years now. Aside from being told by my chiropractor upon looking at my x-rays that my pain is a result of a trauma/accident, I also believe my pain comes from having an occupation that requires me to sit at a computer all day. I can't even guess what traumatic experience caused it; My doc said it could have happened when I was young even though I'm just now feeling the pain from it. He says your body "records" and remembers all your accidents. I had to stop going to the chiro--it's expensive!!! But I wrote down all the physical therapy exercises they had me doing, and have been doing them everyday for 2 weeks now. I experience pain after doing them though. I hate being so young and having such debilitating pain. My friends don't understand and think i'm just whining. They have no idea! Sometimes (like if I turn fast) the pain suddenly hits me and I gasp for air and freeze in place...not fun at all. That said, any help would be appreciated! Thank you,-Sarah

Q: I have DDD... and now since last year have been getting Sciatica.... and now numbness. I am 31 years old and have been suffering for 5-6 years. I feel that I have allot more affecting me (mental and sexual) problems... is there anything you can tell me to help me? I need to fix this... I want to fix this. thank you, Kristina

Comment: Thanks for the best sciatica site on the net. I actually found the info I wanted here, which is rare for me. usually I look and look and wind up frustrated. Keep up the good work! Jonathan

Q: i'm 21 years old. i had a stroke. my question is after 3 months i cant still move my arms, but now i can walk on my own. what is the best thing i can do to heal my arms. chastinelinao

Q: Hi, I am sorry to complain to you but I am sure you have heard it all before. I have chronic sciatic and it is starting to affect my job. I live in Canada and live in a small town where I am not able to access chiropractors, massage etc too easily. Plus being a single Mom the costs of these things add up. Is there ANYTHING you can suggest. Funny thing is I work in a drug and alcohol treatment center and feel I could end up like my clients as I just want to curl up and take drugs to find relief. I am so anxious to try something .... anything that doesn't involve drugs!! Thanks for your help...and God Bless you for helping others. That is my life long plan as well... Jacquie

Q: Dear Sir, My wife aged about 31 years and she is suffering from Sciatica pain from two months. Now my question can we have intercourse? if not when we can have the same.. Thanks & Regards, Vijaykumar

Q: Hello Adam, Thank you for your informative & helpful site. I have been suffering from sciatica for 2 years now. The symptoms come & go (more or less). Currently it is unbearable. I cannot get anyone to determine the cause of my problem. When I move my neck downward (or side to side) it triggers that burning feeling that travels down my leg to my ankle. I had a MRI in March,2009 for lumbar and it showed no impingement. Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Victor

Q: Hi Adam, your site is fantastic!! Well done!! My question is doctors and therapists have told me that the reason for my low back pain and often changing leg pain symptoms, is I have an increased lordosis and my foramen are closer together and they are crushing my nerves! I'm not so sure about this anymore.what do you think? I mean how deep would the curve have to be to crush my nerves? Just wanted to know if you had any thoughts. I also have pain issues in other parts of my body which don't make any sense. My background would make you weep. Cheers, steve.

Comment: Having given up my job recently I used to go for long brisk walks. A week back I got pains in my right leg starting from buttock to calf. I continued the walks despite the pains till I saw my doctor. Even though I stopped the walks and took the prescribed muscle relaxants the pain has not gone away and I have additionally a minor pain on the left rear of my head. Batra

Q: Can a damaged sciatic nerve with a long history cause secondary damage to the knee that is affected by the pain and negative nerve activity? My left knee has developed a torn ligament and joint deterioration. David

Q: I caught with disc bulge/sciatica pain in 2006 and slowly I recovered with few medications in 2 1/2 years and back to my normal life. Again after 2 1/2 years I am suffering from the same pain. I feel stiffness and pain in my left buttock and thigh. Because of this pain I am unable to walk or go to toilet. It is worsening my condition. Please help. Jyoti

Q: I had sciatica pain for 3 wks now, from lifting furniture. I have extreme tightness around hip back and pelvis area during the night and am. until i shower, stretch, heat, that area. Is there anything I can do to speed this healing along. I am not doing any lifting and just do my everyday chores at home and rest as soon as the pressure is too much on my lumbar. I am female 47yrs. old. I notice I am now getting shoulder pain, probably because my alignment is out of wack for 3wks now. I appreciate any advice you can give me. I don't have any Health insurance so I am trying to self-heal myself. Thank you, Patti

Q: i am insulin dependent diabetic who is suffering from sciatica pain from buttock to sole of foot. i've been on insulin for 21 years but not over weight. in fact I am slight at just under 8 stone and a size 6 in clothes. could my sciatica be due to my diabetes. thanks, Sarah

Q: I just had a sciatic attack on Sat. On Sun my foot went numb ans did my lower leg. I can barely walk due to this. Help. What can I do? Jenny

Q: I get sciatic pain thought my MRI and Xrays are normal, it occurred post my surgical abortion. Is is curable? will I be able to conceive after this (since i had a miscarriage after that, maybe my operation went bad and damaged me inside)? Anshul

Q: Sir, My mother is 55 yrs old. She is suffering for joint pain and partial whole body pain. After that she can not move freely right hand and right leg as normal situation. Sir,I need help from your end. For that problem any medicine please inform me. With regards, Dharma

Q: Hello my name is Luis I suffered through the pain of sciatica for about a year. I no longer feel pain but I would still like to give some advice that really worked out for me. Well it all started with sharp pain in my lower back. I couldn't sit down not even for ten minutes. When I did I ended up standing up hunched over like a 80 year old man staring at the floor for about five minutes before I could walk up straight. After about three weeks the pain gradually moved from my back to my upper and lower thigh and into my foot. I then did some research online and came to the conclusion that I may be suffering from sciatica. It also felt like the pain was originating from my hip joint.

The pain then became so intense that I couldn't bare it any more and all I can do is lay in my bed screaming and grunting at the agonizing pain. I couldn't get up for three days not even to urinate and I had no medical insurance either. I then tried hot and cold treatments but that only stalled the pain for a matter of minutes. Yes minutes, not even half an hour. But I was determined to not give in to the pain I was not about to go to an expensive hospital especially without medical coverage.

Then I tried to focus on what I was doing wrong and found out the in order to get the swelling down I had to completely ice my whole leg including my lower back which called for numerous ice pads. But there was one problem. My ankle the ice pad was not really working on my ankle. And the pain also seemed to come from the bottom of my foot. So I froze a large Tupperware the dome shaped ones work best. I then removed the ice from the Tupperware and placed it in a bucket of cold water. I then set my foot into the bucket and on top of the ice submerging it all the way in this helped to relieve the inflammation on my foot alot better than an ice pad on my ankle. the cold really penetrates then and helps alot better. Oh I also forgot to mention, add ice cubes to the bucket enough to form a thin floating layer just above your ankle. And that's how I got through my sciatic pain. Also I almost forgot to mention that the soft gel pads work best do to the fact that they mold to the shape of your body. And even after the pain is gone continue the treatment very important. Even if there's no pain. I did my treatment on my bed with my leg hanging of the bed and into the bucket. Well that's my sciatica story. Thanks for the great advice you give to all the people around the world who suffer from sciatica. People just don't understand how much of a burden it is to have sciatica and for those who suffer from it, I feel you. - Luis

Q: Hi, I have been facing lower back pain for around 5 years. Recently I had my MRI done and this pain is because of sciatica due to my two bulging discs. Doctors told me that they can cure the pain by physical therapy, medicines but not the actual cause. I want to ask if this problem can be cured forever so that I dont have to take painkilers. Please reply.Here is my MRI report: EXAM: MR OF THE LUMBAR SPINE WITHOUT CONTRAST 9/13/10 Twenty-six year-old male complains of severe low back pain extending from lower back to buttocks and posterior thighs bilaterally for five years. Comparison study is a prior lumbosacral spine x-ray series dated 4-August 2010. SEQUENCES: FSE T2 weighted sagittal, T1 FLAIR sagittal, FSE proton density and T2 weighted axial. FINDINGS: The numbering scheme used in the body of this report is predicated on the origin of the psoas muscle bellies. Using this scheme, the appearance of sacralization of the L5 vertebral body element is favored. Other than sacralization of the L5 vertebral body element, vertebral body height alignment and marrow signal appears otherwise unremarkable, appropriate for age. There are shallow disc bulges contouring the thecal sac worse at the L4-L5 level, to a lesser degree the L2-L3 and L3-L4 levels. These levels will be closely scrutinized in axial plane projection. The central spinal canal appears otherwise widely patent. The conus medullaris exhibits normal size, signal and location. AXIAL PROJECTION: T12-L1, L1-L2: Unremarkable. L2-L3: Shallow disc effaces the ventral epidural space without significant central spinal canal narrowing. A component of ligamenta flava hypertrophy is likely present. The neural foramina bilaterally appear patent. L3-L4: Shallow disc bulge effaces the ventral epidural space resulting in minimal, if any, central spinal canal narrowing. The neural foramina bilaterally appear patent. L4-L5: There is a broad-based disc which effaces the ventral epidural space, slightly eccentric to the left contouring the ventral epidural space and thecal sac, more left-sided than right. This results in mild to moderate mostly left-sided central spinal canal narrowing. Furthermore, disc material appears to extend into the inferior aspect of the bilateral neural foramina with possible contact of the undersurface of the exiting right L4 nerve roots (reference series 2 image 3, series 2 image 10). A component of contact and deformity upon the exiting L4 nerve roots bilaterally is favored. Clinical correlation is recommended. L5-S1: Sacralization of the L5 vertebral body element is identified. The central spinal canal and neural foramina bilaterally appear patent. IMPRESSION: 1. The numbering scheme used in the body of this report is predicated upon the origin of the psoas muscle bellies. Using this scheme sacralization of the L5 vertebral body element is favored. 2. Scattered lumbar spondylosis evaluated level by level above appearing worse at L4-L5 level. shahnawaz

Q: Hello there, I am considering mind body approach in my back issues and wondered what you would do if you were in my shoes... Pain seems to come and go and it does seem likely that tms is the factor but changing our mind and daily thoughts seems crucial. MRI of the lumbar spine from St. Paul Radiology performed today was reviewed withPaul. This study shows multilevel degenerative changes throughout the lumbarspine, loss of lumbar lordosis, advanced degeneration at L4-5 and L5-S1 with tropism offacets, multilevel facet degeneration with reactive synovitis and a mild scoliosis, all ofwhich are consistent with an underlying genomic spine disorder. Of particular interest isradiographic evidence of lateral spinal stenosis, specifically a superior articular facetsyndrome with flattening of the exiting L4 nerve at L5-S1 on the left and a cysticstructure in the sacral plexus posterior to the sacrum on the left which, according to Dr.Mark Myers, spine neuroradiologist, may represent a benign Schwannoma. Mild degeneration of the facet joint at L3-4 on the left is also present. Paul

Q: Hi, I have gotten two different answers for applying Far Infrared heat for sciatica. I have NO pain at all in my back. I only have pain in my left glute, leg, calf and toes. I was told by one person to apply it to the pain in my legs, but another person told me to apply it to the lower back where the L5-S1 disk is bulging since that is where the pain originated. My MRI shows bulging on the L5-S1 disk. Thanks for any resolution you can give me as to where to apply the heat. Regards, Scott

Q: hello,my name is matt. i am 29 and am from canada. a week ago i was diagnosed with a bad case of sciatica and since then i have been seeing my chiropractor 3 times now,i have seen my doctor been taking anti inflammatorys as well as pain meds because the pain is extreme; stretching my muscles and doing exercise as well as the hot and cold packs. it seems to be getting worse though sometimes it gets better or lets up for alittle bit then it comes back full force throughout the day. majority of the time it hurts in the am hours when i wake up but the pain has seem to have spread from the inner thigh down to my ankle now on my calf and knee region. i was reading your articles and added you to facebook and was wondering if you had any tips or articles,videos or exercises you could recommend? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Matty

Q: in the past I suffered with intermittent bouts of sciatica and during such bouts would be off work for a couple of weeks because of the pain. However I now have this under control with regular maintenance visits to a chiropractor and have not missed a day's work due to the condition since (over 3 years now). However I do like to swim, I have been through the blogs, Q&A on yours as well as other websites and there is no clear direction on the type of swimming stroke to use when swimming. Currently I only use front or back stroke as several people (inc my chiropractor) have mentioned to me that breast stroke should not be employed by people suffering or likely to get a bout of sciatica. Would appreciate your view on this. many thanks, Tony

Q: For me is a question about the topic on sciatic. I started lower back pain at the age of 25 (last year).this pain continued for along time until i decided to go to the hospital. i was send for an x ray and the doctor informed me that i should be attending a physical exercise twice a week and have some massage. He used to massage me with an electric machine.Part of this problem is that once i start experiencing this pain my legs especially the toes gets hands fingers especially the right hand's also get numb. What worries much is that i am in a position to run but bending sometimes is hell.Please help me to identify if i may be suffering from this condition. thank you, Boniface

Q: I am Shrawan. its been 1 year that I am suffering from sciatica. I have been suffer when I was 19 years old now I am 20 years and still suffering. I have tried physio therapy, acupuncture but its not helping me. Its really hard to sit on a chair for me. In my MRI its says "L5-S1 Central and Rt. paramedian disc protrusion causing B/L lateral recess stenosis (R>L) with Rt. S1 traversing nerve root compression at the RT Lateral recess & L4 - l5 disc bulge. Please can help me to get reed of these problem. I really hampering my daily life. Please help me...

Q: Dear Sensei Adam, Wanted to drop a line of thanks. I have been suffering for 7 years and gave up on doctors after spending all my money and eventually having 2 surgeries which made things worse. I found your site, read your book and have been the healthiest I have been in those 7 years for the past few months. I am confident I am finally back on course thanks to you. Want you to know I will never forget! Dalton

Q: can u get disability living allowance for sciatica? Shantell

Q: Hello, I had a severely extruded disk in 2008 and underwent a microdiscectomy. My recovery went well until about 5 weeks ago when pain returned. At the moment I have moderate buttocks pain nearly constantly. I underwent an MRI which showed according to the radiologist scar tissue, however my ortho believes it is a small re-herniation and scar tissue causing my symptoms which although up and down at times did not respond to NSAID's. What makes matters worse is I have a job that requires prolonged sitting. A couple of PT visits seem to have aggravated my symptoms. He is referring me to pain management next week. I'm at my wits end; what should I do? Thank you, David

Comment: I have been having aching pain on most of the right side of my body from my shoulder to my lower back and hip.My right hip joint severely aches from my lower part of my back to my groin and so does my shoulder. They do not always hurt at the same time it is usually one then the other. I get a tingling feeling from my right shoulder blade down my right side of my back and down to my right thigh. That usually starts when I am sitting mostly. Sometimes the tingling will be in my upper out side of my right arm while sitting mostly. I have tried to take percocet that was prescribed for me, but does not work. I still feel entire right side pain when I take them. When I take Ultram 50mg I usually only get the shoulder blade and hip joint pain and slight ache on my right side and still tingling on the right side while mostly sitting when I take it every four hours. This started a week after my gallbladder surgery. The doctors have only did blood work to test my kidneys and liver and a few xrays but have no idea what is wrong with me. I have always have had trouble with my lower back off and on. I would bend or turn the wrong way and would not be able to move due to a sharp pain down the right side of my butt and down the back of my right leg like a shooting pain. This is a little different. They did a xray of my pelvic bone which they said should a narrowing of something I do not remember but said it could be sciatica. I have been dealing with this for three months with do diagnosis or any relief. Sandi

Q: I have been dealing with sciatica on the right side for about 3 months. I do have 2 bulging disc at L5 and S1 confirmed by MRI. The pain is terrible, but the mental toll is the worst. I have always been very active and in good shape. My doctor has given me an endless supply of pain meds and muscle relaxers, however, dealing with the side-effects is an issue. Where do I begin the healing process? What do you do to get back to normal activities? Will I be able to resume horseback riding again - competitively? I do have an appt. with the spine clinic at the end of the month, but I certainly have hesitations about surgery. Any advice or direction you can offer would be much appreciated. Thank You. Allison

Q: My girlfriend is only 25 years old and has recently spent a week in the ER for severe back pain. They diagnosed her with Sciatica from Arthritis. She has been on steroids and two different pain medications (one for sciatica, the other for arthritis) for almost a week now but she is still in severe pain. She can barely walk and she can't even pick up her two year old daughter. I am very concerned for her and given that she's only 25 years old, and the apparent unsuccessful treatment, I have grown suspicious that the Dr.s may have overlooked something. I did some research and found this website where it talks about the common misdiagnosis' involved with sciatica and I came across the section on Oxygen Deprivation Sciatica. Now, on top of all this, my girlfriend is due to have surgery to correct her Sinus disease and her Deviated Septum. She has had breathing trouble for a long time and it is getting worse leading to her surgery in September. Now, my question is, is it possible my girlfriends Sinus disease could be the real reason for her sciatica symptoms (Oxygen Deprivation Sciatica), rather than her diagnosed sciatica from arthritis? And if so will her upcoming surgery essentially cure her back pain? Tim

Q: Hi, I am a 24 year old and i slipped a disk in my back doing weightlifting as my posture was wrong this happened 7 months ago and have responded well to physio, as my job is a painter decorator it doesn't help things and I ache most nights. I had just a pain in my lower back but the physio keeps telling me to go swimming, when i do this just 10 lengths breast stroke it causes sciatica i get a tingling in the bottom of my back at first then a numbness to both my legs. I am doing 4 different stretches 3 times a day but it doesn't seem to be helping, is this normal for people with slipped discs or do you think there could be a different problem? I would be extremely grateful for any feedback. James

Q: Hello! I am a healthy, 37 year old runner (mother of 5) who battled "shin splints" last summer, but can't seem to cure myself of this ailment. I am now having "pins and needles" on various parts of my right foot (including bottom of toes) and lower leg (shins interior and exterior). Sometimes the discomfort runs down my hamstring. The sensations are transient, and seem to "move around". However, I have NO back pain. Could this still be sciatica, despite no back involvement? Let's just say I'm a worrier and the psychosomatic symptoms seem to fit me! Many thanks for your website! Chrisi

Q: I have sciatica both sides of my body, could this be caused by spinal stenosis please. Brian

Q: Hi there! Thank you for your website! I am a 40 year old female and this past August I had surgery for a ruptured L-4 L-5 disc. Post surgically, some pain persisted (manageable though),due to scar tissue growth. Beginning of May, this year I suddenly felt intense pain in my lower back. It was worse than the pain I had prior to the Aug surgery. After about a week of this intense lower back pain, suddenly, it was gone, although a new pain began, in my right buttock area and down right leg. It was absolutely intolerable pain. A few days into this pain (that shot down to my foot) I began to get debilitating spasms in that leg, upon getting up from a seated position. It would grip me and 'hold on' for about 5-7 seconds. I would collapse due to the pain! I'm not sure if they were nerve spasms? At night I would lay in bed and feel a 'tapping' sensation in right buttock... really creepy. I also needed help out of bed in the mornings. Also got muscle spasms that, to this day have left my calf stiff. In addition, i developed drop foot. MRI indicated rupture at L-4 L-5, again (other side). Its been over a month since surgery for rupture, and the pain down my right leg has NOT improved AT ALL. The surgeon says he's not sure why it still hurts. The pain is at a 9-10 level every day, all day! Could it be because the nerve is still irritated? And do you think the spasms were a result of, or resulted in oxygen deprivation in my right leg. Honestly, that's what it felt like, when I would get up and try to walk. Doctors don't bother to talk about that stuff. The constant pain (24/7)is really wearing me down! Lately, I've been brought to tears daily, due to frustration and no pain relief in sight!. Now I have to sell my horses (don't know when or if I'll ride again. Its my passion and 'therapy'). Driving a car causes more pain, so I'm also stuck at home. Have an appt. with a psychiatrist this week. Read your site today and am going to buy your book. The section on psychosomatic symptoms really struck a chord with me...(at the age of three, I had major trauma and upheaval, with the gruesome (witnessed) murder of my parents. And then having to live with other family across the globe). It was never really worked out for me. Just manifested itself in panic attacks in mid teens (learned to manage them). I guess my question is; do your think cranial-sacral therapy could be useful in my case? Thanks a lot for all the wonderful information you are providing! We need it! Regards, Eva

Q: Hi, I am a pro soccer player battling sciatica. I am pretty much considering retirement from the game. I have had sciatic symptoms for about 1.5 years. I am quite informed about my condition and sports medicine in general. Mri's to my spine show minor bulges at l4/l5 and l5/s1 disc levels. I also have pain in my hip. Not too sure if its as SI issue or possible cartilage degeneration. As far as my sciatica. I've been to many doctors who seem to be clueless. I am quite certain I have discogenic sciatica. There is definitely a mechanical problem going on. I have done numerous treatments. 1. ozone injections- Reduces the size of the disc through O3 gas. 2. Cortisone- around the nerve root 3. ART massage - More harm than good 4. Acupuncture 5. Ice baths 6. Various Stretching routine 7. Decompression - In progress 8. methylcobalimin B- Nerve recovery supp.

I have noticed that stretching my hamstring, adductor magnus, increases symptoms. I am currently am doing my own form of decompression. It seems to be helping quite well. But nowhere near to where I can play ball again. I struggle going up stairs, due to hip pain. I definitely load on my right leg in a different manner than my left. I just want to work on being able to walk again pain free. Anyways, appreciate your time. And if we can talk more in depth I would appreciate it. Khaled

Q: I was pushing a heavy cart in my store with supplies and got this pain in my right butt cheek and now the pain runs down my leg. what can this be and what can i do to help with this pain? i took some pain medicine but its not working. what can i use to help me with this problem and what could i have done? strain a muscle? what can i use for to help? maybe ice and heat or some kind of cream? Ray

Q: Just a simple thanks for some great information. Most grateful, since my doc never helps! Timothy

Q: (1) L5-S1 Disc Degeneration. (2) Posterior L4-L5 Disc Bulge.(3) Right Poster-Lateral H.N.P at L5-S1 with upward and downward migration. i am surviving from since last 2years but now any medicine is not work like pain relief and i have my right foot numbness and Doctor told me its sciatica. and my doctor said must have surgery. Moreover i am working in Saudi Arabia in a company and now i am coming in Pakistan for surgery. i find u on net and now i want to now about micro surgery how much it will take time for improvement after surgery.and how much cast for micro surgery in Pakistan. my age is 34 years.and i am working as an auto mechanic Pls reply me ASAP. Zaman

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