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Q: How did you get rid of the pain? I have been for 4 MRI's now they are looking at my nerves and blood. It started 6 months ago and now I have a wheelchair. Very depressed. Richard

Q: I have had 2 Dr.'s "guess" that I may have bi-lateral sciatica. My most annoying symptoms are circulatory issues in my legs & feet, like blood pooling in my feet when I stand, and when I sit it feels like my butt bones are cutting off circulation to my legs & feet. Have you ever heard of anything like these symptoms relating to sciatica?? One of the Drs was a vascular specialist & he said I had a neurological issue (sciatica) not a vein problem. thank you:) BrendaLee

Q: I am 54 years old and have suffered with pain and numbness in the back of both legs and feet for 14 years. I have been diagnosed with pinched nerves,degenerative disc disease and herniated discs. After physical therapy, shots in my spine and drugs, the neurologist recommended surgery. I have not been back for twelve years but hate that I cannot walk, run, stand for over 5 minutes. I am a writer and was recently contracted to do a piece on your website and thought, what the heck. Did I mention that it is virtually impossible to lose 20 lbs when you are unable to move? Anything you can offer would be appreciated. By the way, I love what you are doing for the public. I help writers prepare for their first novels and it is quite rewarding. Thanks, Kate

Q: Hello again Adam, I wanted to send my thanks for your help in ending my sciatica. AS I wrote to you before, I had symptoms for over 3 years and was able to end the pain using your recommendation for knowledge therapy. I called my doctor to tell him how I found relief from your book, when all the physical treatments he provided failed me. he was not receptive to the idea of adding the treatment to his practice, which is too bad. One thing is for sure, I will not be seeing him anymore. Thanks again, Dyanna

Q: i'm only 14 and whenever i use my muscle in my right leg it kills to the point where i literally shake. i snowboard, play soccer, horse back ride, and run track. it had hurt b4 i ran track i was just wondering what might of caused it. my doctor told me a while ago that my spine was a little crooked and just a while b4 it started hurting i fell snowboarding hard on my right side and it was really ice and hurt alot. Allison

Q: I have a bilateral sciatica pain. I been diagnosed herniate disc central l4/l5 and l5/s1 left herniate disc and reading your experiences about bilateral sciatica pain was like if you were telling my story. It's been a roller coaster from hell for me since I was diagnosed 9 month ago, my body is fighting to heal itself, I get well without pain, numbness, weakness, take good care of my sleeping, sitting and driving position, lost 25 pounds,take 300mg of gabapectine daily to stay relatively well, but somehow and suddenly the whole combo symptoms appear like you exactly described them; painful debilitating back pain spasm follow by tingling and weakness.Recently I read about ozone discolysis treatment and its sound promising.But the decompression treatment sounds good too. What in your vast experience could you recommend me to do? Give some good advice and I will thank you all my life. Sincerely, George

Q: I am a hairdresser and I am on my feet all day. Pain started on my right side with throbbing pain and burning down my leg and knees. I favored my left leg and now I have pain on my left buttock and down to my thigh,Knee, and chin. My back burns all the time.My question is could this be a back problem doing this or could it be just muscle problem.Or is it my sciatic nerve that is causing pain all over. Thanks, Evelyn

Q: hello, man i read everything that you have writhed in the site i m 22 years old from Romania I was a sportive until the age of 20 when after repeated trainings and work in construction I destroyed my spinal column 1 disc in the lower region 1 disc in the thoracic region and a start in the cervical region after The MRI i don't know what to do and i m hopeless nobody here in Romania helps my with nothing and I can resist to the pain no longer what shall i do?? Cosmin

Q: Hi there, I was enjoying all the info on your website pages and was wondering where or who in the NYC area I can visit to get treatment for lower back pain. I had L5 herniated disk surgery about 20 years ago and I am now dealing with pain again. Thank you so much! Fabio

Q: looking for links to more sciatica research on healing. Richard

Q: Has aerobic water exercising, recommended for arthritic sufferers, ever cured sciatica? Lucy

Q: I have been dealing with sciatica pain for at least 2 months now and is progressively getting worse. Recently, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc in the L5 and have been seeing a chiropractor receiving laser treatments. I was expecting some sort of relief soon, but it seems to be getting worse. The moment I step out of bed, I feel the nerve ache go down from my lower back right down to my ankle. My doctor has me on Arthrotec which seems to relieve it somewhat, but I am noticing that the effect of Arthrotec is getting shorter. I'm getting to the point where it has become crippling and I am running out of resources. I still have to come to work, but without the Arthrotec and the painkillers, it would be impossible !! I've been reading information on your website on decompression. How effective is it and is it a permanent cure? Please help.. Lise

Comment: I used to be an athlete before I suffered from sciatica. I loved playing basketball and marathon, I also love gardening. Before the full problem transpired, I felt a little pain on my back side, I didn't bother checking it coz I thought it was just some whiplash or something, until one day the pain starts to sear where I couldn't bare it any longer. That was it, sciatica and lower back pain. I have a blog which gathers all the data related to sciatica, feel free to browse around. Its new btw. thanks for reading. Lain

Q: I am confused...I desperately want relief. Do you offer the relief for free or do I have to buy something to get cured. Walk me thru the steps, like I said I am desperate!! I cry all day from the pain that has lasted for 1 month and before this on and off for 4 years. Gloria

Q: I have recently been diagnosed with sciatica.The main area of pain is around my tibia bone,it feels like a red hot poker inside my leg. It has been extremely painful and the other area it is painful is around my knee.I have had xrays to rule out arthritis.Can you give some details about this condition and possible treatment. Thank you. Vicky

Q: About a month and a half ago I was shoveling the drive way and chipping ice. The next morning I woke up with extream tightness in my lower back. After a week, icing, and a massage I began to feel better. Approx a week or two later I began to experience a cramping feeling for about 30 seconds in my left Buttock, Thigh, and Calf. It only cramps up when I get out of a chair or sit too long. Some days I feel fine. Also, once I begin walking the pain goes away. No issue using the elliptical for 45 minutes to an hour. It seems that as long as I am moving and standing I am fine. As a side bar, I do feel tenderness in my lower back when having a bowel movement. I went for a massage and the therapist thinks it is sciatica. Spoke to a Chiropractor, however he wants me see a patient multiple times per week / every week. Not interested. Are the symptoms described above consistent with sciatica? I have been stretching more and this seems to help. What else would you recommend. I have not had an MRI or X Ray. Nick

Q: I am a 34 year old female. I have been diagnosed with a bulging disc at L4,5 and a herniated disc at level L5 S1. I no longer have back pain. I was doing really well until about a week ago and I believe I am suffering from sciatica. The only way to describe it is it feels like a sever charley horse in my left buttocks and down the left leg but doesn't go all the way to the knee. I take about 12 pills a day ranging from pain killers,muscle relaxors, anti-inflamatorys and steroids. I have also had steroid shots placed in the buttocks and nothing has worked. I go to the neurosurgeon tomorrow for the second time hoping to get some answers. I really do not want surgery but I cannot take the pain any longer. If there is anyone out there that suffers from these kinds of symptoms and has got some kind of relief without having surgery PLEASE let me know. Thank You, Lynn

Q: I don't know whether I have sciatica or not. Two nights ago, while sleeping I started having pain in my lower back and legs. Every position I tried would not ease the pain. The pain goes away when I stand up. It is only when I am sleeping (or trying to). This has been for two nights now. I have had a terrible cough from allergies for weeks now. I have heard that this can be a cause for back pain? any ideas? Linda

Q: First of all thank you very much, your book has helped me to completely cure myself from back and neck pain. While I buy into your theory I also felt at times the following mind-body interactions possibly happening in me and would be very interested in your opinions on them.Psychological stress, especially anxiety and panic make you interpret any pain and sensations as worse than they actually are. The pain can give a secondary gain by keeping you in a safe environment or receiving care and attention. The stress itself is the pain but you interpret it as physical instead of emotional.Stress causes the pain directly through muscle tension etc. Finally having read into kundilini energy I also felt that that could be playing out too. John

Q: Can sciatica really be caused by sitting with a wallet in your back pocket? Wallet guy

Q: Hi. I had discectomy of L4-L5,L5-S1 back in 2004. Recently I had a recur of disc bulge and had to take ESI after the pain did not respond to NSAIDS. Is elliptical bike helpful or harmful exercise to my condition? Alliazer

Q: I get sciatica from riding my bike long distance. What do you think is causing it? It does not come on with any other activity. Ronda

Q: Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for bring attention to the fact that most sciatica is psychosomatic. I suffered, like you for many years and still get an occasional attack when I am stressed. However, since reading Dr. Sarno, I am no longer scared and the pain does not last long. Keep up the good work! Tomas

Q: I went up a steep hill in September last year (i used to jog daily for 20-30min) after the contest I experienced lower back pain and pain on my left buttock and thigh area when I stretch. I only felt the pain when i stretch on the left side say to touch my toes or when i do a hamstring stretch on the left side. I have since stopped working out (from September last year) any idea what i can do to get better. I really miss my work outs, and just being normal again. I do not feel the pain when carrying out normal activity or anything. Sitting, walking etc. This pain only comes when I am stretching the left leg (say hamstring stretch, touching toes or while laying on my back, I raise the left leg and cross it over the right or when I make long strides while walking up hill and or bend to touch my toe). The pain is at its most when I try to heel walk. Mikey

Q: A few years ago I started a job and in this job I sat for 8 hours a day at a computer...this is when it first started. Now I have constant pain down my left leg front and back and my lower back throbs constantly..I can not handle this pain anymore! What can I do??? Brenda

Q: my mother has been suffering from acute pain.. in both the legs.. i have got her mri done twice in last 15 months.. but doctors couldn't identify dislocation or anything else...about a year back, we got a small operation done .. for her, in which she got her uterus removed.. she has pain in legs across the day, even while resting.. she has taken all kinds of medicine.. ayurvedic, allopathy... but in vain. we have also treated her with naturopathy. she is a staunch Jain, and maintains strict diet for herself, limiting consumption of oily food etc. we don't know how to cure this disease.. any suggestions... Basant

Q: I am sorry for your pain but I to am suffering from a sciatic nerve. But my chiropractor is useless and only supplies "brief" if any pain relief. There is a tight pinch in my upper buttock and it shoots all the way down to my lower calf leg. I am heading to the hospital soon for an MRI and if I can avoid surgery I would prefer it. Please get back to me ASAP Rickey

Q: my mom sneezed. And every since then she has had pain down her leg, lower back. She has been to the chiropractor twice. She does the cold pack, and takes anti-inflammatories. And uses a back massager. Pain is so bad that she can't even sit. This has been going on for over a month. Since she has no insurance. i was curious to what your in home methods are. Thanks for any input!!! Emily

Q: I've had sciatic pains for nine years.Lost my bus driving job, lost everything.Poverty and food stamps and hourly pain is my life now.Got any hope for a person that wishes she could get a microdiskotomy and relief...I have tried E V E R Y T H I N Gto stop the pain.I mean everything!!Docs are quacks.Ibuprofens have caused me an ulcer and now they say take tylenol for the stabbing pains in your thighs or your shins ...knife twisting pain that comes even when I just put on my socks!This life of chronic pain is incredible. I am on my last hope seeing a pain doctor soon.Actually one that specializes in pain. If she can't help,I don't think anything or anyone can help.Thanks for any info. Lisa

Q: Thank you for an awesome site. It is refreshing and truly eye opening. I can definitely relate to you story, since the doctors have been bumbling over my sciatica pain for years. Ely

Q: Last November of 2007 I was at a stop sign and a stupid boy rear ended me. For the first week I just had whiplash neck pain the next week I started having a dull burning ache in my left buttock. The pain just got worse and worse. I went to a chiropractor, physical therapy and an orthopedic said it was bursitis and gave me an injection, it did not work. I then went to a spine specialist, got an MRI of my lumbar, he gave me 5 epidural injections saying I was having pain from a herniated disc and bulged disc. After all these I still have pain. I went to a neurologist with my MRI, he diagnosed me with that Scheurrmans disease. I had a page long of symptoms. I have buttock pain down in the back of my thigh into my calf and my heel. I have pelvic pain into my hip. can you try to help me?? I cry almost every day. Nicole

Q: I don't know if i have sciatica, i don't know if the spelling is correct. I have lower back pain and into my buttocks. If I sit down i'm fine and if i walk i'm fine, but to get out of a chair is terrible, I get this terrible pain in my right buttocks i must get up so slow and even then when I start walking i get this terrible pain in my buttocks. If I walk I am ok because I walk to work and back, it is only when i'm sitting and want to get up. Hope you can give my some advice or help me. Thank You, Ella

Q: hi fellow sufferers, this is my story. i had a recent bout about a month ago and i really am not sure how i got it. initially i felt a little discomfort on my lower back and i sealed the agony by very foolishly lifting something heavy. next day i had excruciating pain on my lower back on the left side. i had a whole series of treatments for it ranging from "chi kung" massage, electro shock and ultra sound therapy, acupuncture, chinese traditional medicine massage and a bout of musafen/baclofen but nothing seems to work except for moving the pain from my lower back to my buttocks, hamstring and behind my knee area. now the pain in my lower back is gone. any ideas or advice??? thanks very much. Kenneth

Comment: Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for this great site. It was a real eye opener for me and certainly helps to explain why I have not found lasting releif from my lower back pain. Keep it up. William

Q: I fell on my tailbone a month ago, and the pain was continuing to lessen, but all of a sudden and without a known reason, I have a new pain, which I think is sciatica, and the pain starts close to the tailbone. Do you think this was caused by the fall? Arlee

Q: hi i just wanted to know whether biking or spinning classes bring on sciatic pain. i have sciatica that's been under control for over a year with just a few niggles now and then. i did a spinning class for the first time which left me with pain around my coccyx, i thought maybe the seat was hard. a few days later i was doing some warm up exercises when i had severe pain which has lasted for over a week. would like to know what you thinkthanks very much Helen

Q: my name is Liam and I'm just wondering is 8 weeks a long time to have a problem with a pulled muscle. i also have pain down my right knee at times. can you please cure this for me. thank you Liam.

Q: I am a 31-year old female. For many years I have been a regular "recreational cyclist/athlete." I lift weight, swim (a bit), run, cycle (road and indoor spinning), and also use elliptical machines. I normally train about 75-90 minutes, 6 days a week.When I cycle, usually 60-80 miles. In mid-July (now over 5 months ago), I had started doing more road cycling (moving from once a week, 2-3 hours up to two and then three times a week). On a Saturday, at the gym on an elliptical I had a slight uncomfortable feeling in my left ankle/heel area, kind of like my shoes were tied too tight or something. I must mention that I had recently seen a podiatrist after a short bout with sciatic (in the hip) pain and pain in posterior tib region during the preceding three months. I had been fitted for orthotics and had been using these for about two or three weeks at this point. Anyway, didn't think more of it. Then, the following day I was out riding and about 1 1/2 hours in I felt a sharp stinging pain in left Achilles. When I got home, there was a small purplish/bruised area adjacent to left Achilles. I took a few days off and found an article on eccentric calf raises. Within a day or two, the right Achilles was also affected. I was also having a lot of lower back pain which had been increasing for a few months. Since then, I'll give you the "brief" version of what I've been through:1- Bilateral feet/ankle x-rays- NORMAL2- Spinal x-ray- Essentially normal, evidence of sacralization so last lumbar disk slightly compressed3- Bilateral ankle/calf MRI- NORMAL (possibility of slight edema adjacent to left achilles)4- Exhaustive bloodwork testing for RA, MS, Lupus, Spondylarthropathy, etc, etc5- Months of chiropractic6- Deep tissue massage7- Sports Medicine who suggested night splints and physical therapy, which I've just started8- Professional bike fit (seat was too low, too far back, had cleats moved back)9- Stretching (15-20 minutes daily), icing, NSAID's

As a part of the lab work, stool fat came back increased. Doc said this "could" indicate celiac but I had the test when just getting over gastrointestinal bug and he felt I'd be having more symptoms besides joint/muscle pain.

Since the beginning, I've been told I'm not a typical Achilles tendinosis patient. No trouble going up on toes, no discomfort with plantar or dorsiflexion. Not overweight, not a "one-sport" person. Some pain with very firm palpation, but different areas of the entire tendon will be tender depending on the day. the back pain got much better for a short time and the Achilles were starting to feel much better. I'd started running some again, and had been back on the bike a few times (had just been elliptical, swimming). A few weeks ago, things got worse again. Lower back pain is back with force. I also have a stinging, burning sensation running from groin down back of hamstrings around inside of knee and down into heel (not continuous, but that's the general pattern). I'm taking more time off from any activity again, but it's like I feel worse with the rest.

The physical therapist told me to stop using the orthotics. He wonders if they may have started everything and after looking at them and at my feet, said they're not doing anything for my arch anyway (I'm flat-footed, overpronate). I also have huge calluses, not on the bottom of my heel but covering the entire calcaneus on both heels, all the way up to Achilles insertion. Some of the docs I've seen wonder if they're something other than calluses and if there is some connection.

At this point, I don't know what to do. Is this really just my Achilles? Is the source somewhere else? Does this sound like sciatica? Sometimes I feel like the entire lower half of my body is in pain. I saw a chiropractor for months but he could never seem to get any release from my lower spine. Please, if you have anything to offer, get back to me. Sally

Q: This pain started about one month ago. I am currently taking muscle relaxers and anti inflammatory drugs.but I still have the pain. My sons thought if I just went to the gym, it would all disappear. Wrong! My pain is in my groin and I also feel it when I am sitting down and it goes all the way down to my knees.nothing is working for me. I am scheduled to go to a physical therapist tomorrow. wish me luck. does anybody have any advice for me? thanks Ann

Q: I ruptured L5/S1 about 11 yrs ago. I have had 2 discectomies in which the first one worked, however the pain never went away 100% the 2nd time. But this was also a work comp injury so the sooner I was released the better, in my opinion anyway. I've had spells off and on for these past 11 yrs with the pain always radiating down the left leg. Now there is permanent damage b/c I have no feeling from the knee down on the outside of my left leg. Today, my pain is in both legs, my lower back spasms, my buttocks, all the way down the right leg, and just the knee down on my left with a little bit of discomfort right below the left buttock. Since July, the pain has radiated to the right leg and was causing me terrible pain going back and forth from leg to leg. Well it is now BOTH legs ALL the time, and I never can find any relief. It never fails that no matter what I do, (i.e. try to put my hair up in a pony tail, dress myself from the waist down, showering, going to the bathroom, just walking) causes this horrible unbearable pain. My most recent MRI shows that L4 is slightly bulged, L5/S1 is done for. You see my 2 vertebrae in my back and this very thin black line in between them, and then there is all this EXCESSIVE scar tissue back there. I was sent to one of the best neuro's in the state of Indiana, who wants to fuse me, so I can have my quality of life back. I haven't been able to care for my children, or meet any of my husbands needs. It has been months since we were last intimate. My biggest problem is that I have no insurance, no one who wants to pick up this pre-existing condition needing surgery with a $62,000 price tag. I don't qualify for the medicaid or medicare. Not yet anyway. I can get the medicare and it be effective in July of 09', but I honestly cannot live like this for another 8 months. I am on strong medications that may take the edge off of it, but NEVER leaves me feeling pain free or 100%.I have tried everything from meditation to holistic healers. I have tried to do mind over matter for pain, and it's just not working. It is a very legit pain in my eyes, and how anyone could think this up, or let it be in their head is WAY beyond me! I wouldn't even wish this on my worst enemy!Do you have any advice? Any doctors who do pro-bono? That would help me to get this surgery that I am unsure of, yet am so desperate that I would do anything to get rid of this pain!There is a website I found and they claim to give millions of dollars away in surgeries a year. Ever heard of them? Please can you help me? I want my life back. My 3 yr old needs his at home mom back, as well as the 11 &13 yr old. They are all dealing with my problem and acting out in their own ways. I'm bankrupting my family just by one Dr. visit a month, and all the meds. Just since July with my MRI and everything, I have had to pay about $7000 out of pocket or by credit card and it is breaking us in this wonderful economy we have now. Well I hope that there is something you can offer me with advice, something that can help me....ANYTHING???? PLEASE!?! Desperate Housewife,Liberty

Q: I have had an MRI witch showed a slight bulge in the L4/L5 area. I have had a ENG Nerve test done- negative. My sciatica pain showed up while rehabbing a broken 3rd metatarsal in my left foot. Then, sciatica showed up in my right leg, then my left. This is the 1st attack. I had 3 epidural Injections witch have helped greatly. I am an avid exerciser and I have been able to get back to kick boxing and Jazzercise now! I have also followed thru with PT too & do the stretches daily. Question is this- will the injections work for a while or will the pain/burning come back? I was told I should be able to get 6 to 8 weeks out of each injection? My doctor has said to get back to my normal routine- will I be able to continue this? I would guess my sciatica is on both sides. The only effect I feel right now is in my hips currently. Occasionally, down the sides of my legs with a twinge! Thank you! Monique

Q: I have severe sciatica pain. I cannot even stand upright. I have been walking hunched over for over a month now. This condition is very distressing on my life and marriage. My doctor says its herniated discs in my lower back and my chiropractor says its from a failed arch in my foot. I am going out of my mind with this condition and am looking for any kind of help that I can find. Robert

Q: Hello my name is Joanna and I am a 30 yr old woman suffering from a ruptured disk on L5 S1. I have been with this pain from March 2007. I have had Physical Therapy, have been to the chiropractor, 2 epidural cortisone shots, acupuncture, and massage therapy. I have seen 4 doctors who have all told me that i need surgery to remove the ruptured area. This area is currently pressing on my sciatic nerve which is causing severe leg pain and pelvic pain. I am at my wits end. I have tried everything even ice and creams to help this pain. I am scared because I do not want this surgery but it seems to be looking like I don't have any other choice. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!!! I need help. Thank you for your time, Joanna

Q: Hi Sensei, I just wanted to tell you that I really liked your book. It was the best $10 I spent all year! I feel much better now! Thanks! Matty

Q: Hi I have been having what the dr calls sciatica pain in my right leg for about 6 weeks now. He has prescribed pain meds as well as naprxon and flexeril. This has not helped and the pain is worse then ever. I get no relief at all.Sleeping at nite is at best 2 hours then I wake up again and do it all over again.Short of giving it bed rest and physio I don't know what else to do. Pain medication gives me a little relief but with in 3 to 4 hours the pain is as bad as ever.I had an mri done which showed I have a bulging disk and I am now awaiting to see a specialist.What can I do to help me in the mean time so I can function somewhat normal? Carolyn

Q: Hi my name is Donna. I wrote to you a few weeks ago asking for your help on what to do about my sciatica. I am happy to say that i am currently pain free, all i had to do was use a moist heat heating pad and my pain was gone. I think it was being caused by my piriformis muscle. However my left leg is now numb and quite weak. I had an MRI done a couple of weeks ago and I'd like you to take a look at the results and let me know what you think. Thanx for your time!Donna

Ok here are the findings of my MRI, maybe you can tell me a little more about what this means. . . LOL. I pretty much get the gist of it but I'd like to know what it all means to you. Thanx!

Findings: Today's study demonstrates degenerative disc disease at L3-4, 4-5 and 5-1. At all three levels we see disc desiccation and mild narrowing which is most prominent at L5-S1. We see retropulsion of disc material at all three levels. This is most severe again at L5-S1. Above these levels, the spine is well maintained. The cord terminates at the lower endplate of T12 with normal thickness and signal. Soft tissues anterior and posterior to the spine are normal.

Axial findings: L3-4: Mild broad based disc bulge with annular tear. No significant canal narrowing or neural foramina impingement. No nerve root impingement.L4-5: Posterior central disc herniation projecting into thecal sac approximately 5 to 7 mm. Both lateral neural recesses are narrowed with potential impingement of the transiting L5 nerve roots bilaterally. The exiting L4 nerve roots escape direct impingement.L5-S1: Large left posterior lateral disc herniation severely narrowing the left lateral neural foramen and lateral neural recess. Direct impingement of the transiting left S1 nerve root. The right neural foramen is widely patent.

Impression: Multiple levels of discogenic disease with the most severe narrowing with a focal central disc at L4-5 and a left lateral disc at L5-S1. Direct impingement of both transiting L5 nerve roots at 4-5 and direct impingement of the left S1 nerve root transiting to the lateral neural foramen at L5-S1.

Q: HI-thanks for creating the site. I have been dealing with sciatica for about 6-8 weeks now, and am wondering if the issues i'm having is indeed sciatica. I have been dealing with some back pain,which protruded down my left leg. at first it was not that painful,and was able to take ibuprofen or acetaminophen and it helped.then the pain progressed over the next few weeks to where i wasn't able to sit down. i went to the doctors and he said it was sciatica which can take up to 6-8 weeks to go away. no treatment was done. 2 weeks later i go back because i cannot stand this time,and he prescribed naproxen and xrays. xrays came back ok, but now the pain is throbbing around my calf,shin and ankle, and also in my buttocks area,the muscles are so stiff that they almost feel like cramping up. I get about 3-4 hours of sleep AFTER i find a comfortable position,but when i get up in the morning, my leg hurts so bad that i want to cut it off. after about an hour of limping around,i'm able to get dressed,but cant put on socks/shoes..thank goodness for the wife. is there anything that i can do, or talk to my doctor about to help this along so i'm able to at least walk around somewhat or at least stop the throbbing around my lower leg?thanks, Bob

Q: I am 79 years old and until recent times never had backache. Recently I have had sciatica which has cleared up within a few weeks. This time it is 6 weeks and is worse if anything. The only trigger I can think is a long car journey when I felt a niggling pain in the left buttock. It has developed where it is with me every day as soon as I get out of bed and is only relieved by lying down or best of all going for a bike ride. Otherwise Standing or walking is very painful and after a few steps I need to sit down it is restricting my daily activities; I cannot do any form of work in the home or garden. The pain is typical sciatica my doc. referred me to a physio. who recommended exercises which I was already doing so hat was little help. I am puzzled why the pain only occurs when walking or standing but not when being more active when cycling - possibly because I'm in a sitting position. What do you think - any suggestions? John

Q: Hi I am experiencing bi-lateral sciatica.It all began with a strained hamstring...and then 2 strained hamstrings... (both sides)..Now 6 months later pretty severe sciatica on both sides.I've had an MRI...Everything is normal, no bulging discs.This is NO fun.I have been avoiding sitting for months..Suggestions are welcome.Linda

Q: I am so glad I found a site that was base entirely on advice and not trying to sell me some useless product at a ridiculous price! Thank you for that. That being said I have a bunch of questions for you. I am a 24 year old stay at home mom, I have an 18-month-old daughter. I have been suffering from back pain since March of '08! It started out in the center of my lower back. My doctor sent me to PT and towards the end of PT the pain had disappeared from my back and progressed into my left leg. After PT the pain got worse, so my doctor sent me back for more PT. I got some relief but nothing substantial. After I was finished with the second round of PT I begged to be seen by a chiropractor, (my doc doesn't believe in them) I've been seeing the chiropractor for about 2 weeks now but the pain and symptoms have progressed even more! I have pain all the way down into my ankle, all the time, and the back of my thigh and whole left side and bottom of my left foot are numb. I'm at my wits end. I cannot sleep, I cry almost every night out of frustration and sleep withdrawal. I'm Toradol, Medrol and Soma, but they only offer minor relief and let me get 2-3 hours of sleep at a time. As soon as I lay down the pain is there and no matter what I do I can't get comfortable. It has just been recommended to me by my aunt and by my pharmacist to take a super B-complex, they both said it works great but I've been taking that for 2 days now and I don't notice a change. Now I said all of that to ask, what can I do? I'm supposed to be going in for an MRI sometime this week, and I have a couple of chiropractor appointments as well. The thought of open back surgery scares me to death b/c all I hear about it is that it doesn't really work. I've found a procedure called micro endoscopic disentomb (non-traumatic disc surgery), which is supposed to work better than open back surgery, do you know if this is effective? I would LOVE any advice I can get, for immediate and long-term results, right now I would kill to sleep thru the night.Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you, I hope you can help me. Donna

Q: I am the victim of sciatica pain sufferer. Since 6 months this pain is bothering a lot then it changed to left lower back pain no more pain down to knees or heels. Pain is like electric shocks. If i bend down all the way something is adjusted at the lower back then I am fine but due to movement it bother again and stand still pain. since today lower back pain is changed in to sciatica pain again. I don't know whats going on? If anybody know about this, please help me and or prescribe wishes for your healthy wealthy & wise. musleh

Follow up: Peace & harmony be with you & yours. yes, I visited many times to my own family Dr and he adviced by "X rays" the on neck and lower back I have wear & tear (degeneration)disk or pinching nerve problems. and he prescribed to pain killers very strong but I am unable to consume those because of heavy dizziness and sleeping. so I dont take but only tylenol, and I get temporary relieve.I am requesting a unique prescription of either neuropathy or pinching nerve problem which will give me at least 50% relieve so that I can still survive. help me & God will help you, thanksmusleh

Q: i am suffering from back pain for last 4 months.i got a MRI done recently.The doctor says,the fluid in the last disc is completely gone.The disc above this is ruptured and the fluid is pressing the nerve.My age is 40 yrs.I have the pain one day in the right leg and the other day in the left leg from the buttocks.Now is this condition curable. please reply Vinod

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