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Thank you for your interest in taking the sciatica survey, brought to you exclusively by The Cure Back Pain Network, in cooperation with SAR Research and Statistics Ltd. This research questionnaire is designed to help medical providers better understand sciatica, pseudo-sciatica and other lower body nerve pain syndromes.  By taking a minute to contribute your own sciatica experiences, you will help improve diagnostic and treatment protocols throughout the healthcare industry.

This survey is totally anonymous.  Furthermore, you will not be placed on any mailing lists, since your information is never shared with any other entity.  The only correspondence that you will ever receive is a simple confirmation of receipt for your survey results.

Please consider your answers carefully, be honest and provide as much detail as possible in order to best help facilitate positive changes in the medical sector. The findings of this survey are critical for improving sciatica care on a global scale.

Our research tools have been used since 2006 to steadily enhance patient therapy experiences for a variety of diagnoses, including sciatica.

Thank you for your contribution. There is no substitute for the personal experiences of real patients to help improve the healthcare industry for everyone. 

Sciatica Survey

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Thank you for taking our sciatica research survey.

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