Sciatica Tips That Helped

I am in my 60s and when this pain crept up on me on the 24th of June this year, I have never ever had any pain like it.  I think I caused it either in yoga class when lifting my straightened legs from floor upwards and back down or when lifting the vacuum and slightly twisting backwards at the same time. 

For a couple of days, I had a slight back ache, which then developed to an excruciating pain in my left buttocks. It was getting worse each day, moving down my leg to different places, at different times. It started in my knee, which felt like I'd broken it, then into the shin, ankle and ultimately ankle and foot, accompanied by numbness in my foot. 

Nothing would relieve the sciatica pain.  Very heavy painkillers from my doctor made it fade slightly. That’s it.  It was worst at night and first thing in the morning, when I knew I would have to keep moving through the pain to start alleviating it a little. 

After 10 days, at the recommendation of someone who had been through it, I saw a chiropractor. He was brilliant.  Instantly knowing exactly what pains and sensations I was experiencing, he diagnosed a bulging disc and said to remove the heated pad I was wearing, which although comforting the pain, draws blood to the inflamed site. 

I had to put an ice pack wrapped in damp tea towel on my lower spine for 15 minutes and remove it for 45 minutes.  Then I needed to repeat this ritual for as long as I was awake.  I did this when I got home and enjoyed instant relief; like magic.

He also knew that sitting on a sofa caused more pain and recommended cushions be placed under my thighs so that they were tipping down to my knees, rather than sitting otherwise and I religiously followed that advice. 

I performed no twisting, bending or lifting and made a point to keep my back straight. He also gently manipulated my spine and stretched it.  

Within a couple of days, the difference was incredible.  The ice pack resulted in the biggest difference in providing relief.  3 weeks later, the pain is all but gone.  I still have numbness in my foot, but he says that this symptom will improve. 

Anyone who experiences this type of disc problem, and associated symptoms, gets a huge amount of sympathy from me and I so hope my story helps you.

- Dolly

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