Unbearable Sciatica Pain

Recently, I began having lots of pain in my lower left back. I went to a chiropractor when I was unable to go to work one day. It seemed to help a little and I went back to work the next day, but from that point on, I began getting sharp pains down my left leg.

I continued going to the chiropractor about every other day. One week after first seeing the chiropractor, on a Monday, I barely made it through the day at work.  It made things so much worse that I had to work overtime 1.5 hours that day. That night, I was only able to sleep about 2 hours due to extreme, nagging pain. I have been unable to work since that time.

I continued seeing the chiropractor 3 days per week, but I began noticing that he did the same thing no matter how bad my pain was and no matter where the pain was that day. I noticed that every day that I visited the him, I hurt even worse the rest of the day and all night. Finally I quit going to the chiropractor.  You couldn't have paid me enough to walk back into his office.

I went to my doctor and he prescribed Ultram and Naprosyn for the pain and inflammation. Those meds help, but I still experience extreme pain at times.

I lose much sleep, my left leg is very weak, numb and I limp. I'm seeing a physical therapist now and it seems to help a little, at times. Another problem now is that my left hamstring is very tight.

I'm still unable to work, as I'm a mechanic, and I haven't been at this place of employment long enough to get insurance. I'm afraid I'm going to lose my job and I have much debt from college that has to be paid.

I can't believe how much this back pain has affected my life.  It is really getting me down, not only physically, but mentally, as well.

I'm a grown man who wants to cry like a baby. I just thought that I would share my story and hopefully get some helpful information from others. My heart goes out to anyone with back pain.  It is just a terrible, terrible thing to experience.

Take care, Mark

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