Best Drugs for Sciatica

Best Drugs for Sciatica

What are the best drugs for sciatica in terms of efficacy and safety? Can OTC medications match prescription products in terms of pain relief or are they a complete waste of time? How long should I expect to take drugs before my pain goes away? These are all questions that we receive regularly on the sites of The Cure Back Pain Network.

Drug therapies remain the most commonly used treatment for sciatica, as well as for all chronic pain conditions, regardless of diagnosis. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest business sectors in the world and is certainly also one of the richest and most politically influential. Drug lobbies in many countries spend a literal fortune to gain control of the medical marketplace where they turn gigantic profits for their time and effort.

This critical essay explores the use of drugs for sciatica. If you are wondering which drug will serve you best, then we provide the answers you need to read. This article is perfectly suited for any patient who wants to find the solution to their sciatica pain in a convenient pill form…

Best Drugs for Sciatica Options

There are many different types of drugs that are used by sciatica sufferers. Of course, we already mentioned that there are both prescription medications which require a script from a qualified doctor to purchase, as well as over the counter (OTC) products that can be bought at any store without a prescription. Here are the most common types of drugs used to treat sciatica:

Analgesics relieve pain. Analgesic drugs are the main weapon in the medical establishment’s battle against chronic pain. Opioid pain medications are particularly effective.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are widely used by chronic pain sufferers, even when no inflammation exists. This is because doctors value the secondary pain relieving qualities of these drugs and tend to give them out like candy in the back pain treatment sector.

Anti-spasmodic drugs are used to battle muscular cramps and spasms that are often experienced by sciatica sufferers. 

Psychoactive drugs have found a permanent home in the pain sector, despite not being indicated for this use. These drugs alter the brain chemistry and can help combat the symptoms of chronic pain.

Which type of drug should you use for sciatica? You need not make that decision, since your doctor will most likely be more than happy to provide you with an entire pharmacy consisting of 5 to 10 drugs simultaneously. 

Best Drugs for Sciatica Usage

Ok, so now you have your bag of pills and begin taking them. What happens next? You will feel some degree of relief. That is almost sure. However, will the drugs actually resolve the pain, even for a while, or simply take the edge off? Most patients report drugs having a powerful effect at the start of their treatment and a decreasing effect with time spent using each product.

The diminishing returns of drug therapies as the body develops tolerance after tolerance causes patients to take even higher doses of even more powerful pills. Where does this cycle end? Typically in the death or critical injury to the patient, but we digress…

Let’s state the most important lesson to learn in this article: Drugs will NEVER cure you. NEVER. NEVER. Do you understand? It seems that the vast majority of people taking prescription drugs believe that if they take enough pills for a long enough time, their sciatica will be cured. This will NEVER occur. Drugs are not designed to cure and they are very successful in this regard. Drugs are designed to make you continue using them and they are very successful in this regard, as well. Drugs are also designed to kill you by damaging crucial anatomical components. Did you know this risk? Well you should!

Best Drugs for Sciatica Realities

Drugs are toxic to the body. Some are mildly poisonous and accumulate over time, steadily causing repairable damage to the body, including the blood, the organs and the anatomical systems. Other drugs are very dangerous and can main or kill in a single dose. Many of the most powerful narcotic pain drugs are proven to be even more harmful than powerful illicit drugs, like heroin or cocaine.

Some drugs irreparably traumatize the brain and have wide-ranging effect on cognitive and psychoemotional behavior

All drugs have known and unknown side effects and create collateral damage throughout the human organism. There is no safe drug to take and no safe quantity. Since people with sciatica tend to take ever more powerful drugs in ever increasing doses, they are on a perfect collision course with permanent injury or death.

We have never seen a single patient die from sciatica. We have witnessed the death of countless patients the world over due to the use of pain drugs and other "best drugs for sciatica". Therefore, we will end this discussion simply by saying the best drug for sciatica is the one that is not taken. There are much better treatment options that are more effective, safer and even constructive to overall health and wellness. Why poison yourself purposefully? This is the question we ask to the billions of people who happily ingest these poisons on a daily basis…

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