Your Quest for Sciatica Relief

Sciatica Relief

Finding effective sciatica relief is the main goal for patients whose lives are virtually controlled by their chronic back and leg pain syndromes. Sciatica is often a persistent health issue which resists medical treatment and might even worsen with the passage of time. Statistically, sciatica cures are few and far between and even finding successful pain management is not commonplace. When relief is granted, it usually comes with significant risk factors, from surgery or pharmaceutical treatment.

This resource section details why sciatica is so difficult to manage from a treatment perspective. It will also provide patients with some helpful guidelines to better the results of their own therapy choices.

Finding Sciatica Relief

In order to find relief from your sciatica pain, it is crucial to achieve an accurate diagnosis of what is causing the symptoms to occur. Most patients who have been to a doctor think that they have this part covered, since their sciatica has been blamed on (insert diagnosis here). However, regardless of whether you think your symptoms are caused by a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis process or whatever, there is a very good chance that you are mistaken. This is especially true if the diagnostic verdict did not come from a qualified spinal neurologist or the source abnormality does not demonstrate a definitive pathological process.

Misdiagnosis of sciatica is the most common reason why many treatments fail. If a particular therapy is being directed at a causation which has been misidentified as being the primary source of pain, how do you expect the treatment to work?

Sure, you might have that (insert diagnosis here) in your spine, but unless it is verified to be causing some nerve interaction, it is likely to only serve as a scapegoat for the symptoms.

In essence, the structural irregularity may actually be completely innocent and coincidental to your sciatic nerve pain. A great number of sciatica patients are misdiagnosed, which explains why so few find lasting relief. You need to be absolutely sure of the accuracy of the diagnosis if you are to find the very best sciatica treatment for your needs.

Relief Topics

The articles below help patients to learn more about achieving success in their quest for relief from sciatic nerve pain.

Sciatica medication might consist of drugs, injections or topical treatments.

What are the best drugs for sciatica or are all of them simply poisonous?

Recovering from sciatica is statistically unlikely for most patients.  However, making a full sciatica recovery can be accomplished if the diagnosis is correct and treatment can resolve the source of the pain.

Sciatica rehabilitation often consists of professional and self-managed forms of physical therapy.

Osteopathy for sciatica is a specialized approach to treatment.

Sciatica prescriptions vary by the specific parameters of the condition and the type of care sought by the patient. 

Severe sciatica can be disastrous in life, disabling and debilitating patients for extended time frames.

Sciatica home treatment allows patients to soothe their symptoms using home remedies.

Sciatica products can assist patients in finding relief. Topical analgesics offer lots of benefits with limited downsides compared to oral route pain medication.

If you want to cure sciatica, you must first empower yourself with as much knowledge of the condition as possible.

Sciatica neurologist or orthopedist is a difficult choice for patients who are seeking specialist care. Remember, sciatica is a neurological disorder, so the decision should be obvious.

Sciatica flare-ups can happen at any time, bringing on the full ferocity of symptomatic misery.

Nonsurgical sciatica treatment can occasionally actually provide a cure, but more often simply helps the patient to better cope with their symptoms.

Holistic sciatica treatment provides overall benefits to general health instead of merely focusing on managing symptoms.

Patients who can't alleviate their sciatica usually suffer from a particular impediment to the curative process. Our research points out the usual culprits for this to occur.

Should you seek out emergency sciatica treatment at your local hospital?

Multiple treatments are often used in tandem, offering a combined care approach to sciatica therapy.

Our proprietary Cure Back Pain Forever Program provides sciatica relief for patients with many different diagnoses and pain problems.

Sciatica Relief Riddle

So, how do you know if you have been correctly diagnosed or not? This is the million dollar question. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing for certain, but here are some indications that your diagnosis is correct:

Your symptoms are consistent in location and pain pattern.

You have experienced lasting relief after indicated treatment.

You have obvious debilitating injury from an identified source.

The diagnosis came from a neurologist who completed a full evaluation and symptomatic correlation.

Now, here are some criteria which might indicate a misdiagnosis:

Your symptoms change often in pattern, severity and location.

Your pain has been blamed on typical degenerative disc disease.

Your pain has been blamed on typical spondylosis.

Your pain has continued illogically long.

Your pain has resisted a variety of indicated sciatica treatments.

Sciatica Relief Help

We know finding true and lasting sciatica pain relief sometimes seems like an impossible task, but we assure you it is not that difficult. You simply need to come to terms with your diagnosis. If you have been properly diagnosed, trust in your physicians to cure you.  They know what the problem is, so they should surely know how to cure it, right?

If the diagnosis is sound, but pain persists despite active care, try a new doctor. If you still cannot find relief, there is a good chance that you have been misdiagnosed. Don’t be so surprised; it happens to millions of sciatica patients every year. It happened to me for 18 years.  The only reason I am no longer misdiagnosed is that I do not even have the benefit of a definitive diagnosis at this stage, just a great number of possibly contributing factors.

Learning the facts about sciatica will help you to better ascertain whether or not your diagnosis is correct in relation to your symptoms.

It is so common for patients who can not find lasting sciatica relief to acquiesce to drastic and often dangerous treatment practices. Pain wears a person down over time and some patients simply lose their better judgment and place themselves in harm’s way just to make the pain stop. This is why many patients undergo premature or unnecessary surgery. This is also why patients end up with all manner of pharmaceutical treatment problems, simply from depending too greatly on their pain pills. However, some patients rise to the occasion, become more involved and enlightened in their own treatment agenda and may eventually find that elusive cure. Many of these successful patients utilize mindbody medicine, since it is highly effective and demonstrates no risks whatsoever.

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