Alternative Medicine for Sciatica

Alternative Medicine for Sciatica

Alternative medicine for sciatica describes treatments which defy the usual stereotypes of care, possibly providing benefits to patients without subjecting them to many of the negative considerations associated with traditional medical practices. Alternative medicine is not the same thing as complementary medicine. Complementary care works hand-in-hand with traditional medical approaches to care. Meanwhile, a true alternative focuses on methods of therapy which seek to replace less enlightened modalities, such as drugs and surgery, with more constructive options, instead of working alongside these more risky treatment selections.

Knowledge therapy is truly the best example of alternative sciatica treatment. Knowledge therapy is designed to resolve the underlying causative issues which are actually responsible for mindbody versions of chronic sciatica and has succeeded in permanently curing millions of patients who have failed to heal their sciatic nerve pain using traditional medical therapy options.

This article will explore and detail knowledge therapy techniques utilized for psychoemotional sciatic nerve expressions. You can learn more about alternative medicine for sciatica in the individual articles provided in this resource section.

What is Alternative Medicine for Sciatica?

Knowledge therapy is the term first coined by the originator of this treatment, Dr. John E. Sarno, of the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine/NYU Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Sarno broke free of the traditional back pain industry long ago and has achieved world renowned status using his purely knowledge-based treatment for a wide range of health conditions, including sciatica. He began to use this logical and effective treatment to deal with the rising epidemic of back pain patients he encountered every day and continues to focus on dorsopathy conditions to this very day.

Sarno originally tried to complement his traditional rehabilitative medicine approach using the new mindbody treatment in addition to physical therapy. However, he soon discovered that the knowledge approach worked far better when it was used as an exclusive manner of care. He has been using this knowledge-only treatment effectively for decades and many other physicians have now embraced the therapy and have begun to use it in their own practices, as well.

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When nerve pain is created in the mind, but expressed in the body, this is called psychosomatic sciatica. It must be noted that the pain is certainly not imaginary, exaggerated or any less "real" than anatomically-induced symptoms.

Does Alternative Medicine for Sciatica Work?

Knowledge therapy dismisses the common mythologies of structurally-induced back pain which have proven to be false in many clinical research studies. The patient is taught what is causing their pain and what is not causing it. More importantly, the patient is educated about why they have pain and how they can go about ending these agonizing symptoms using a simple non-physical treatment program.

Statistics for the effectiveness of knowledge therapy are astounding, with the vast majority of indicated patients able to achieve complete resolution of all pain and neurological symptoms in a matter of weeks. The approach will not work for every patient, but demonstrates far better curative results than many other sciatica treatments which mistakenly presuppose an anatomical source of symptoms. Of course, when there is a structural causation present, knowledge therapy will not provide a cure. When the symptoms are of mindbody origin, it is perhaps the very best approach to care.

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The sciatica nocebo effect can create symptoms through purely mindbody suggestion, rather than from structural pathology.

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Sciatica frustration is the usual consequence of years of pain, especially when many treatments fail to provide relief.

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Psiatic nerve is a clever spelling permutation that hints to the nerve as being an "emotional barometer".

Alternative Medicine for Sciatica Facts

Knowledge therapy is:

Completely free for those who prefer to go to the library to find appropriate books. Low cost for those who prefer to buy their own books.

Easy to understand and easy to implement.

Highly effective at ending sciatica pain, as well as other ischemic pain conditions which might attack virtually any part of the body.

Risk-free with no side effects or negative implications at all.

A perfect tool for learning to create optimized mindbody health.

Proven to work for millions of patients.

Knowledge Therapy is not:

Symptomatic treatment, since it seeks to cure rather than providing pain management.

Universally effective, since some anatomical concerns do require medical and possibly even surgical treatments.

Alternative Medicine for Sciatica Sources

Although there are now many sources of knowledge therapy available, I still stand by some of the original books as my all time favorites. You can’t go wrong with any book by Dr. John Sarno or any of the other tension myositis syndrome doctors who have studied under him. Dr. Andrew Weil is a constant voice of reason and information in the field of mindbody medicine. Dr.Candice Pert has written extensively on the subject, as well.

Here are my top 3 choices for sciatica patients:

The Cure Back Pain Forever Program has been described by many patients as the perfect replacement or complement to Dr. Sarno’s work. This peer-acclaimed program clarifies many of the techniques which patients struggle with, such as journaling, understanding the unconscious mind and recognizing troublesome emotions. This is the most comprehensive and easiest-to-use program available anywhere.

Healing Back Pain by Dr. John Sarno, is the definitive guide to finding back pain relief. It is simple, straight to the point and a short and easy read. I have read this book hundreds of times over the years and daily when I was fighting my own back pain.

The Mindbody Prescription by Dr. John Sarno, gives a wider look at the interactions between the mind and body and helps to clarify many of the points in his earlier works.

True alternative medicine for sciatica does not have to break your bank account, making it unique in the dorsalgia treatment sector.

Alternative Medicine for Sciatica Experiences

Knowledge therapy is the exact treatment I used to cure my own torturous sciatica pain after 18 years of agony. I had tried all the traditional medical approaches, the various complementary healthcare techniques and even some wacky new age cures. Nothing worked and in fact, my pain grew progressively worse and more debilitating year by year. When I found Dr. Sarno and his knowledge based approach, I was hopeful, but guarded. Once I realized I had nothing to lose, I opened my mind to the pure logic of the treatment and found myself cured in a matter of weeks.

It took me some time to gain the confidence that this treatment was an actual permanent cure and not just some placebo, so I continued to read the books for a couple of months. By this time, I had already been pain-free for weeks and stayed that way for years.

My only regret when it comes to knowledge therapy, is not finding it sooner, before so much of my young adult life was wasted in pain and so much time and money were squandered pursuing ineffective medical treatments around the world.

Alternative Medicine for Sciatica Conclusion

The bottom line on knowledge therapy is simple. It is there if you want it. You can hold on to your structural diagnosis, continue to suffer and struggle with chronic sciatica pain for the rest of your life, possibly never really knowing if the diagnostic verdict is actually correct.

If the suspected diagnosis was sound, then indicated care should resolve the pain, but has it? If you are reading this, then probably not.

If you have confirmed and verified structural issues responsible for enacting your suffering, knowledge therapy will not provide a cure for you. There may still be many benefits imparted in other ways. However, until you are sure that the diagnosis is accurate and correct, there is really nothing to lose by learning more about treating sciatica with this alternative approach. Remember, there are no risks and no inherent costs. Therefore, there truly is nothing at all to lose by trying. We considered all of this when designing our own program, detailed above, and have made sure that all patients will be provided with tangible benefit, regardless of diagnosis.

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