Fibromyalgia Sciatica Pain

Fibromyalgia Sciatica

Fibromyalgia sciatica is one of the most disabling painful expressions affecting many patients who have been diagnosed with FMS. Fibromyalgia is a literal epidemic in today’s healthcare system and doctors are bitterly divided as to the exact cause of the pain, as well as how to effectively treat the condition.

In my experience, the vast majority of fibromyalgia falls into one of 2 potential categories: The first is a misdiagnosed physical ailment which can be explained structurally or anatomically, but has somehow fallen through the cracks. The second is an ultra-severe case of tension myositis syndrome being enacted by a mindbody process.

This essay will delve into the relationship between FMS and sciatica. We will look at how the symptoms of back and leg pain may be directly caused by FMS or how they may be completely coincidental.

Fibromyalgia Sciatica Mechanism

I have seen fibromyalgia turn out to be many other disorders. I have a long history with this disease, both personally and professionally.  One of my family members suffered with it for many years and eventually cured the condition using applied knowledge therapy, the same treatment made famous by Dr. John Sarno, in relation to his TMS diagnosis.

Of course, Dr. Sarno, and many other noted physicians, speculate that fibromyalgia is just very symptomatic widespread TMS. This certainly explains why medical science has been so powerless over FMS, with a diversity of unenlightened treatments that have rarely, if ever, cured anyone.

The other side of the coin comes into play when a person turns out to have an immune dysfunction, nutritional concern or environmental poison discovered in diagnostic testing. These conditions are very commonly misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia, especially with the drug companies paying doctors so much money now to push their products by advancing the diagnosis to epidemic levels.

Fibromyalgia Sciatica Concerns

Sciatica can come about from structural causes, but these typically respond well to appropriate treatment. Unresolved fibromyalgia sciatica is often ischemic, just like fibromyalgia seems like it may be caused by an oxygen deprivation process. It is no wonder that these conditions coexist in many sufferers, since they may share this common source process.

In many fibromyalgia patients, the sciatica is still blamed on a spinal source and in other cases, it is just lumped into the great mess of symptoms which comprises the fibromyalgia diagnosis.

Either way, the labeling of these patients with the name fibromyalgia almost insures that they will never heal or be well ever again. It is the ultimate nocebo effect in the medical community and nothing short of criminal in my book. Of course, both theories may apply in individual patients. There are many people who certainly have spinal issues which can create sciatica and also coincidentally have FMS. However, many others have coincidental spinal abnormalities and the symptoms may indeed come from FMS.

Since there is an incredibly fine line here, all patients should seek multiple diagnostic opinions on the true cause of their sciatica, including consultation with a spinal neurologist. Simply trusting your rheumatologist to correctly ascertain which symptoms come from which causative condition is a sure recipe for disaster.

Mindbody Fibromyalgia Sciatica

Through all the years I worked closely with back pain sufferers and a wide range of other potentially psychosomatic pain syndrome sufferers, I have never met so much resistance to the idea of a possible psychoemotional causation as I have from fibromyalgia patients.

I get many letters with patients telling me that I do not know what I am talking about, since they believe I am somehow telling them what unenlightened doctors may have suggested in the past. This is, of course, that the pain is all in their heads. This is nonsense, since we all know that psychogenic pain exists 100% in the body and is no less real than structural pain. In fact, it is far worse, since it does not respond to seemingly appropriate medical care, leaving the patient alone, desperate and miserable. So please do not write to me with these complaints. Instead, take the time to actually read my writing and realize that FMS simply may be a mindbody condition in some patients. This is far from a universal conclusion, since there are obvious, but misdiagnosed anatomical issues in others, which can also explain symptoms.

That being said, a tremendous number of fibromyalgia patients realized that trying an alternative approach is surely better than suffering year in and year out and gave knowledge therapy a try. The overwhelming majority did find lasting relief, including my beloved relative. In fact, she is now a fibromyalgia counselor at a world renowned facility.

For those who do prefer to hold on to the current ridiculous idiopathic diagnostic model for fibromyalgia pain, the suffering will statistically never likely end. FMS is an enigma, simply because its current definition and diagnostic protocols are completely incorrect. You have nothing to lose by thinking outside the box. Maybe some patients just like being a glutton for punishment in defending those very same unenlightened doctors who are enslaving them and perpetuating their pain to put money in their already fat wallets.

To learn more about fibromyalgia sciatica, consider giving the rheumatologist and their poisonous drug cocktails a rest and talking to an objective neurologist for their take on your pain.

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