Is Psychosomatic Sciatica Real?

Psychosomatic Sciatica

Psychosomatic sciatica is a very common form of ongoing radicular pain in the lower back and legs, but is ironically one of the least often diagnosed. Psychosomatic pain is scientifically proven to exist, yet is not actively diagnosed or treated within the medical system, since it threatens the very tenets of Cartesian philosophy and worst of all, undermines the profit-driven economic interests of the back pain industry.

Most physicians are not trained or qualified to diagnose mindbody concerns, although this is rapidly changing. More and more new young doctors are receiving the education they require to be successful integrating mindbody medicine into their practice, regardless of what specialty they choose to pursue.

It is clear from the universality of mindbody therapies in many healthcare segments that psychoemotional causes and contributors exist in many diseases and pain syndromes. Look to the examples of cancer care, AIDS therapy, drug addiction treatment and, of course, chronic pain management, and you are sure to see how mindbody practices are utilized in all enlightened treatment institutions.

This report details the mindbody link in some chronic sciatica cases. We will provide evidence of involvement of the mindbody process, as it relates to persistent lower back and leg pain.

Psychosomatic Sciatica Explained

The vast majority of patients believe psychosomatic sciatica describes pain which is not real. They understand the very words to describe pain which is all in your head. These myths have been propagated by medical doctors to create a shroud of doubt and shame over what is actually a universal and normal expression of internal emotional repression.

Psychosomatic actually means completely real and physical bodily symptoms which are not caused by a structural injury or disease process, but instead are the direct result of mindbody interactions. Typically, the cause is a defense mechanism enacted by the subconscious mind to protect the consciousness from discovering highly sensitive and troublesome emotional thoughts, feelings and issues which have been repressed, suppressed or internalized.

The physical pain is created as a very effective distraction to occupy the consciousness, thereby permanently concealing these repressed and unresolved psychoemotional issues. We all know that there is nothing as efficient as physical agony to really get our attention and this is precisely why the subconscious mind chooses pain, enacted by simple regional ischemia, to create its disguise. The more sensitive the emotional issues, the worse the pain will typically be.

Psychosomatic Sciatica Truths

There is nothing mysterious or new age about mindbody medicine. It is obvious that the mind interacts with the body constantly and creates anatomical reactions based on emotional conditions. Fear will dilate the pupils, increase cardiovascular response and redirect blood to the major muscle groups to support the fight or flight response. Nervousness will increase perspiration and often create havoc with the digestive tract. Sexual thoughts will cause obvious bodily changes throughout the anatomy. The list of mindbody reactions goes on and on.

Psychosomatic conditions are clinically identical to structural conditions. That is, there is no way to distinguish them through symptomology alone. The only difference is in the causation of the symptoms. This is particularly troubling, since the medical community is not trained to deal with mindbody concerns and typically misdiagnoses psychosomatic pain as coming from an anatomical cause; a sciatica scapegoat if you will.

Psychosomatic pain is one of the main reasons why sciatica treatments fail. Medical therapies will not work to resolve a psychologically-induced pain syndrome. They will only temporarily relieve the symptoms. This is why so many patients remain in treatment for years and never find lasting relief for sciatica.

This condition has been studied in great detail by many doctors, such as Dr. John Sarno from the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at the NYU Medical Center in New York. Dr. Sarno has uncovered the true nature of these chronic pain conditions and has been successfully treating them for decades using knowledge therapy. His cure rate amongst back, neck and sciatica pain patients is the envy of his peers.

Psychosomatic Sciatica Recovery

Most patients have trouble even considering that their pain might be the result of a psychogenic condition. Most will feel insulted by the idea and think that the diagnosis somehow makes their pain less real. These are all factors which help perpetuate the ongoing failings of the medical back pain industry, as it tries to suppress the vast research supporting the growth of mindbody pain as the main reason behind the epidemic of persistent back pain which has taken over our healthcare system.

Of course, psychosomatic sciatica is not alone when it comes to mindbody causation. A tremendous variety of physical conditions share the exact same psychological source, ischemic enactment and autonomic regulation as psychosomatic sciatica. From headaches to stomach ulcers, fibromyalgia to TMD, carpal tunnel syndrome to plantar fasciitis, the list grows by the day. There is not one person on this planet who has never experienced psychosomatic pain.

Psychoemotional pain syndromes are universal in humans, with the only differences being in location, severity and duration of the symptoms experienced. To cure this type of pain once and for all, there is only one option: Knowledge therapy. No risks. No side effects. No expense.

Remember, many anatomically-induced pain syndromes also have a mindbody component in the escalation or perpetuation of symptoms. In essence, just because an actual and verified structural cause exists, this does not mean that every symptom is a result.

Psychological factors can help or exacerbate any injurious or degenerative process, so this must be considered by every patient suffering with chronic pain.

Our holistic pain relief program can undermine virtually all causes of sciatica, including those which originate in the mind. To learn more, please check out the various products available as part of the Cure Back Pain Forever Program

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