Controversial Reiki for Sciatica

Reiki for Sciatica

Reiki for sciatica is an all natural holistic healing method offered by many complementary therapists. Reiki is a touch healing art which truly qualifies as alternative and spiritual medicine. There are no drugs, manipulation or procedures involved in a reiki session, just therapeutic touch and the transference of spiritual healing energy.

This commentary will feature a glimpse inside the reiki therapy sector and how this interesting treatment can be used in sciatica sufferers. We will explore the pros and cons of using reiki for sciatica care and provide some helpful tips for patients who are interested in trying reiki to relieve their pain.

Sciatic Nerve Reiki Practice

Reiki can be offered by a chiropractor, massage therapist, physician or any other healthcare provider who has been trained in its application. Of course, there are also dedicated reiki masters and practitioners who perform no other curative art except reiki.

The process of receiving reiki is simple. The patient merely opens their mind to receive the healing energies from the care provider, who gently touches them and sends chi/qi energy to facilitate natural healing in the body.

The whole concept might seem very new age and mystical to some patients, but many people report good results from ongoing treatment. If nothing else, this is an opportunity to partake in a beautiful form of alternative medicine which has no risks and might elicit some positive response. Best of all, some reiki circles offer completely free treatment, making the experience even better.

Reiki for Sciatica Downside

Obviously, reiki depends greatly on the placebo factor. If a person does not believe that the treatment will do them any good, it is unlikely that they will indeed receive any tangible benefit at all. On the other hand, if a recipient believes that reiki can be their salvation, then there is a chance that they might feel much better after a reiki session. This is the power of the mind when it comes to mindbody interactions.

There is no anatomical evidence that reiki actually does anything at all to enact healing. The physical part of the treatment will certainly not cure anything, but the spiritual aspects might be a completely different story altogether.

Reiki Conclusions

Reiki originated in Japan and is still a popular form of healing there. I have trained in martial arts with many reiki practitioners and I must say there is something different about their touch. I do believe in the power of chi/qi/ki energy and have worked for many years to harness this force for self defense applications. There are surely just as many uses for chi/qi/ki in healing and reiki is the counterpoint to martial applications of this vital life energy.

To learn more about reiki, contact a therapy provider or attend an open reiki circle to experience this intimate form of healing for yourself. Try to minimize your financial expenses using reiki until you are confident that it may provide you the relief that you have been looking for.

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