Sciatica Agony Explored

Sciatica Agony

Sciatica agony is a terribly afflictive force in a person’s life, often limiting them physically, dominating them emotionally and making them fear for their future. Sciatica pain is one of the most common of the lower back symptoms associated with a wide range of possible structural and non-structural causations. It is known as a treatment-resistant condition which often endures despite the most aggressive care regimens. Worst of all, sciatica is known to hang on for years, decades or even an entire lifetime, diminishing the quality and even quantity of patient’s life and committing some to a seemingly eternal torment filled with constant suffering and pain. This is not the kind of sciatica which involves minor and occasional symptoms. No, this is the variety which seeks to control life itself.

This essay is dedicated to exposing the true torment associated with recurrent or chronic sciatic nerve symptoms.

Sciatica Agony Defined

Some patients are lucky and have chronic sciatica which is mild or merely annoying. Most of these pain syndromes are concerning and sometimes flare up to become temporarily debilitating, but usually are not disabling in their expression. Other patients have severe pain which never ends. This is the worst possible type of pain, since there are often few methods of finding any semblance of relief and even when available, these modalities are typically incredibly disruptive to a normal life.

Most patients rely heavily on sciatica drugs, activity avoidance or bed rest to pass their lives away, often without the hope of any real cure anywhere on the horizon.

Sciatica Agony Attacks

Many patients have little pain day to day, but are prone to enduring recurrent sciatica attacks which land them in bed, completely disabled for a few days to a few weeks. This is a common pattern and the more it occurs, the greater the fear factor suffered by the patient. Many people find themselves thinking: "What if this attack does not get better?"  or "What if the attacks start coming more often?"

These types of thoughts are depressing in the least, and also infuriating, since there is no answer provided by doctors and the future can seem like a very dismal place to conceptualize. I know the reality of these many scenarios well, since I suffered through all of them at some point in my own sciatica story and still feel the effects of the pain to this very day, even after more than 2 and a half decades of time passing.

Sciatica Agony Conclusion

There is no cookie-cutter formula for ending sciatica once and for all. However, there are some universal truths which can help most patients on some level:

Do not anticipate or fear the pain. This will make it come sooner, last longer and become worse.

Try not to develop a sciatica conditioning syndrome by associating pain with innocent and coincidental activities, positions and occurrences. This will increase the chances for an ischemic pain condition taking over, if it is not already the cause of your suffering.

Try not to rely on pharmaceutical products, since these are poisonous to your body and often demonstrate the risk for addiction and severe health consequences.

Never give up on finding a real cure. There is always hope, but it might take lots of work. Therefore, get involved in your own care and learn all you can about your diagnosed condition. This is golden advice for any victim of a chronic or recurrent pain condition.

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