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Sciatica Articles

This website is composed of a collection of sciatica articles which are designed to give the reader a complete and objective view of the most common back and leg pain syndromes. Searching the internet for articles related to sciatica typically brings up more of the same old tired mythologies, which do nothing except create a significant nocebo effect in the reader and perpetuate old inaccurate stereotypes about the true nature of back, neck and sciatica pain.

It is the goal of this site to avoid this trap and instead focus on providing a truly comprehensive picture of the suffering known as sciatica. This is the only site which is written from all points of view, including the traditional medical, the complementary medical and the alternative care perspectives.

I hope that you will enjoy this site, but more importantly, find it useful in your ongoing research efforts. Remember, if you invest some time here, you can truly learn everything about sciatica. All you need do is read.

Sciatica Articles Authored by Physicians

The vast majority of medical articles, that I have read, are written by doctors involved in some corporate sponsored sciatica research study. These articles are typically thinly disguised professionally endorsed commercials directing patients to some new symptomatic care option or sciatica surgery procedure. There is certainly no shortage of doctors who are willing to put their names and reputations on the line for virtually any product, prescription or procedure, if the price is right.

Some objective independent research articles exist, but these usually do not get the same attention paid to them, since they do not have the funding to guarantee placement on sites which cater to general readership.

These excellent articles are unfortunately often limited to professional trade publications and are never seen by the average sciatica patient.

Objective Sciatica Articles

The articles on this site have a tendency of leaning towards a more critical view of sciatica treatment. This is not due to any commercial interests or endorsements, but instead is a matter of simple common sense. Medical science has been actively treating sciatica for decades and has achieved horrific curative results. The established therapy routines generally enslave the suffering patient into the bondage of symptomatic treatment or perpetrate unnecessary and cruel surgeries on their already painful bodies.

I hope to provide my readers with the sciatica facts less often seen by the general population. These articles are a compilation of my own extensive experience with sciatica pain, together with facts, studies, research and conclusions collected from a wide range of back pain specialists, who clearly see the problems with the current profit-driven agenda demonstrated by the healthcare industry.

My goal here is not to be anti-establishment, but instead to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… Not just the slanted truth which will make some medical corporation and their "pet doctor" spokesman 3 billion dollars.

Learning from Sciatica Articles

There are plenty of good articles out there concerning sciatic nerve pain. However, when reading these, try to consider the motivation of the writer and corporate sponsors. There is usually a sales pitch somewhere in there, either direct or indirect; subtle or blatant. Here, we never let advertising sway our editorial content. It is strictly forbidden, as it is morally and ethically reprehensible.

Remember that I, too, experienced what you are now suffering with every day. I understand your pain, since I shared it. Therefore, I consider it my personal responsibility and obligation to help you in any way I possibly can. This is why I write this website.

I hope that these articles help you to better communicate with your doctor so you can find a lasting cure.

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