Sciatica Back Pain Mistakes

Sciatica Back Pain

Sciatica back pain is a double dose of misery, affecting millions of patients around the world. Back pain is a debilitating condition which strikes agony into the body and fear into the mind and soul of every person who experiences it. Meanwhile, sciatic nerve conditions create burning pain and neurological symptoms in the legs and feet and are as formidable as any other form of common dorsopathy. When combined, sciatica and back pain create a very accurate definition of hell on earth.

This investigational article will detail different varieties of back pain and how they might be linked to the expression of radicular nerve pain or pseudo-sciatica in the legs and/or feet, unilaterally or bilaterally.

Types of Sciatica Back Pain

Many dorsopathy patients simply experience pain in their backs, which is enough of a burden unto itself. These expressions may exist in the lumbar region, thoracic region or in the neck. In the worst of cases, pain may be present in multiple areas of the dorsal anatomy at once, for a completely debilitating effect.

Some sciatica patients experience radiating pain, tingling, numbness and weakness in their lower limbs, but no appreciable back pain whatsoever.

For patients who have the unfortunate distinction of being tortured by both of these epidemic conditions, there is simply no escape from the continual suffering which affects more than half of their bodies.

In my own case, I begin suffering with simple lower back pain, which quickly spread to include sciatica, as well. This was my fate on and off for years until it became a chronic daily expression. In more recent years, my pain has expanded its influence, now affecting my entire neck and back and providing a variety of neurological effects throughout my body.

Sciatica Back Pain Origins

Many patients are diagnosed with a spinal abnormality which is said to cause both the wide range of pain conditions in their legs, as well as the severe pain in their backs. When nerve root or spinal cord problems exist, there may well be a definite link between the back and leg symptoms. However, this is certainly not a relationship which should ever be taken for granted.

Unless a mutual link can be established between the two symptom sets, no relationship should be assumed. Remember that most structural issues in the spine are innocent and can not cause pain unless they influence a nerve. If this pathological nerve interaction is proven to exist, then the likelihood for a link between symptomatic locations increases, but is still not guaranteed.

Nerve innervation problems will correspond by location and all patients who suffer back pain and sciatica together should undergo objective neurological evaluation to establish or eliminate the possibility of a relationship between the two conditions.

Sciatica Back Pain Experiences

I immediately noticed the discrepancies between my actual symptoms and my expected symptoms, based on my own diagnostic findings. I brought these issues up to my care providers on multiple occasions. Every time, I was hushed, as if to say: "Hey, who is the doctor here?"

At the time, I was not going to push the point. They were the doctors right? Looking back, I wish I had. I was indeed misdiagnosed and now I would love to go back to some of those doctors and tell them: "Yeah, some doctor you are. You got the whole thing wrong. Start to finish. Incorrect diagnosis through literally dozens of unsuccessful treatments. Nice job."

The only way you will know if the diagnosis makes any sense is if you understand it thoroughly and know the clinical expectations for symptoms. The way to understand your diagnosis is to research it and learn. Learning is free and only takes some time. Consider the time spent to be a wise investment in your health.

Sciatica Back Pain Analysis

During my 18 years of pain, I endured the terrible twosome of back pain and sciatica in many forms. Originally, my very first symptoms consisted of both acute lower back pain and acute sciatica, although the back pain was much worse. As my condition progressed, these two pain conditions would attack me randomly with sudden flare-ups which could strike without warning or provocation.

Sometimes, the back pain would come alone and want to spend a few days making my life a nightmare. Other times, the sciatica would creep up and kick me when I was down. Occasionally, sciatica back pain would double team me and really make me regret being born. I understand this misery and empathize with your suffering.

As my pain changed, I noticed less frequent acute flare ups and a rising tide of chronic steady pain. My sciatica grew much worse and I really began to experience some strange symptoms in my legs which were both disconcerting and quite uncomfortable. I could not find rest, even when reclining in bed to sleep. Eventually, I simply had pain 24/7 in both my back and legs. There was neither solace nor respite and I thought my life was falling into a downward spiral of endless pain. I managed to find complete relief for several years and will continue working diligently to help all of us to find a cure.

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