Sciatica from Scar Tissue

Sciatica from Scar Tissue

Sciatica from scar tissue is a common explanation given to postoperative patients who still have pain or develop new pain following spinal surgery. Scar tissue has become a gigantic scapegoat in the surgical arena and allows surgeons to perform butchery on patients without any fear of legal consequences.

We have heard the excuse that scar tissue is now the cause of pain after so many failed operations that we decided to cover the topic in a dedicated essay. We hope that all patients have the chance to read this guide before having spinal surgery, but unfortunately know that most will find it far too late, after searching for the reason why they still have pain following their procedure…

This important discussion provides reasons why scar tissue makes such a perfect scapegoat for unresponsive pain, particularly following back surgery. However, we will also cover other circumstances where scar tissue is used as a convenient explanation for pain, as well as a few times when the explanation is completely valid.

Sciatica from Scar Tissue After Surgery

The most common circumstance when scar tissue is brought up in a back pain or sciatica context is certainly following surgery. In some cases, patients might have sciatica before the operation and it continues afterwards. In other cases, no sciatica existed prior to the surgery, but the pain exists postoperatively and endures past the healing phase of expectation. Regardless, scar tissue is blamed for causing the continuing pain. This is far more palatable for the doctor than admitting that they might have caused the current pain by their misdiagnosis, iatrogenesis or medical negligence. These explanations would usually be far more truthful

Doctors can claim that the scar tissue existed due to naturally occurring causes in the spinal anatomy, often the same causes which were corrected by the surgery (herniated disc, spinal stenosis, foraminal stenosis, etc). Then the doctor can look at the patient sympathetically and say that they did everything they could, but the damage was already done. In most cases, this is a pure lie. The surgery did the damage and now the trauma is real and lasting.. This is one of the many reasons why we tend to guide patients away from spinal surgery, especially since in virtually all cases; the procedure is not needed and might not even be targeting the actual source of preoperative pain.

So many patients regret having a spinal surgery due to their poor results and lasting negative consequences. In some cases, they simply do not help. In other cases, they make matters much worse. Spinal surgery is always an extreme risk to undertake.

Sciatica from Scarring Without Surgery

Sometimes chronic sciatica pain is blamed on scar tissue when conservative care fails to bring about relief. Some caregivers simply do not know what else to tell their patients, especially after potentially years of therapy. When the patient finally wakes up and demands an answer why they still have pain, the doctor pulls the card from up their sleeve. "It must be scar tissue". Usually, this is a complete fabrication without any evidence, claimed just to prevent legal problems or financial losses on the doctor’s end. 

Doctors can claim that virtually any spinal abnormality has caused scarred nerves or scarred the spinal cord, causing enduring pain. Although virtually impossible to prove, it is also virtually impossible to disprove. Few doctors will contradict another’s opinion due to the close fraternity of their profession. We frequently see doctors making horrific blunders in diagnosis, but other doctors never correct them. They simply go with the flow so that the original idiot will not lose face. People actually undergo surgery because of misdiagnosis on a epidemic scale and surgeons are more than happy to go along with the mistake and cut into otherwise healthy people for the sale of profit. Scar tissue? Probably not. More likely, misdiagnosis

Sciatica from Scar Tissue Validity

Scar tissue can occur and might cause neurological dysfunction and some degree of chronic or recurring pain. However, the actual number of patients who are suffering due to scar tissue account for about 2% to 3% of the total population of patients who are claimed to be suffering from scar tissue. That means that the other 97% to 98% are either misdiagnosed by idiots or are being lied to by criminals. You can decide which is more commonplace, since this statistic is impossible for us to judge. After all, we see so many cases which fit one profile or the other and many which fit both descriptions of incompetence and a complete lack of ethics, as well. The more medicine has become big business, the more the health of the average medical consumer has suffered. 

Remember that decades ago when doctoring was still a calling, rather than a financially lucrative job, chronic pain was virtually nonexistent. References in the medical literature were few and very far between, often encompassing extreme circumstances. Now, chronic heath issues affect the majority of people in developed countries. The reason for this is that medical science created the disorders and foster them at every turn. Created them by inappropriate and unnecessary interventions, pharmaceutical poisoning and surgical butchery. Does this seem like a harsh judgment? Sure, but it is also the compete truth…

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