Feeling Sciatica Frustration?

Sciatica Frustration

Sciatica frustration is a powerful emotion which comes from years of suffering under the whim of this epidemic pain syndrome. In my experience dealing with countless patients, over many years, I see the same clinical profile time and time again.

The average sciatica patient has endured a host of unsuccessful treatments including disappointing traditional medical and complementary practices. They might have received some temporary relief from a few treatment options, but their pain has returned every time. Additionally, their symptoms have worsened over time and now control a substantial portion of their lives. What can possibly explain why sciatica seems to be such an incurable condition?

This narrative provides an empathetic look at sciatica misery and why so many patients become frustrated with terrible treatment results.

Sciatica Frustration and Fear

Frustration sets in when the patient realizes that their pain endures regardless of how much time, money or energy they spend pursuing treatment. Actually, many patients find that the more they do to treat their pain, the worse it has become. This certainly reflects my own personal experience with sciatica treatment and general lower back pain care.

Long-term symptoms always elicit fear, which also contributes to the symptomatic expression. After all, if the pain will not go away, then it makes sense that there must be something seriously wrong with you... right? This is a very scary thought when considering the future health of your spine.

Sometimes, your doctors have an explanation for your pain and sometimes they seem puzzled. Regardless, they are powerless to stop it as it takes over your world; slowly, but surely.

Fixes for Sciatica Frustration

It is vital to take an active role in your own care. You must learn the facts about sciatica and understand all the possible explanations why your pain will not go away. This was my own mistake for many years spent suffering. I simply listened to a variety of doctors and therapists who got rich off my pain and did nothing at all to help me. In fact, I now realize that their constant warnings made the pain condition gain tremendous power over me and my life. This is one of the many reasons why my sciatica almost stole my life away from me and I simply allowed it to happen.

I advise all patients to consider all possible sources of pain, when considering treatment options. Remember, the body is only a part of your health equation and the power of the mind figures into the mix to a large degree. Understanding the mindbody interactions is generally the first step in overcoming any chronic pain scenario.

Conquering Sciatica Frustration

Frustration is a precursor to hopelessness. You have tried everything to beat your pain and failed. It is a sad fact. I understand how you feel. I spent so much time, effort and money pursuing a cure for what I thought was pain enacted by degenerative disc disease and 2 lumbar herniated discs. After all those wasted years, I realized that my diagnosis was wrong all along.

You must not stop investigating your options. Do not let fear and frustration overtake your desire to be pain-free. It is possible to beat your sciatica, regardless of how long or how badly you have suffered. The endless sciatica resources on this website and all the websites of The Cure Back Pain Network can help you for free.

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