Do Sciatica Herbs Provide Relief?

Sciatica Herbs

Sciatica herbs are one component of a holistic therapy regimen for patients with chronic sciatic nerve pain. Herbal home remedies are very popular and are sold in many health food stores, nutritional supplement retailers and over the internet. Herbal ingredients often factor heavily into a sciatica diet program.

This article will delve into herbal therapies designed for sciatica and related neurological symptoms. We will detail the good points of herbal care practices, as well as shed light on some lesser considered potential dangers, such as the possibility of dangerous drug interactions.

What Are Sciatica Herbs?

All natural herbal treatments are designed to improve the general health of a patient and also treat some specific problems associated with back pain. Most utilized herbs contain substances which are known to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and provide a calming effect. Some ingredients might claim to increase the strength of spinal components, while others might boost the body’s own healing processes.

Regardless of the actual herbs involved, all natural remedies provide an alternative to pharmaceutical treatment for sciatica pain and related neurological consequences.

Sciatica Herbs Concerns

Just because these products might be all natural, does not make them effective or even safe. The vast majority of commercially prepared herbal remedies marketed towards sciatica sufferers will do virtually nothing to relieve any symptoms. They are simply hyped up and overly expensive placebo treatments, at best.

Some ingredients in these products might be harmful if taken in large quantities and might also have negative interactions with common prescription medications.

It is always wise to keep 2 things in mind when considering using herbal pain relieving products. First, talk to your doctor to make sure the product is safe and possibly effective. Second, let the buyer beware, since many products are very expensive and might not provide any tangible benefits at all.

Herbal Sciatica Treatment

If you are truly interested in using an herbal-based sciatica cure, I recommend consulting with a qualified herbalist or Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These professionals will be able to prepare the ideal mixture of herbs for your specific condition and will also use fresh ingredients. Remember that commercially marketed premixed products are not guaranteed fresh and whatever medicinal qualities contained therein might be lost by the time the product reaches the consumer.

Although I like the idea of an all natural sciatica treatment, I just have not seen much hope in herbal-based formulas to recommend this route. Also consider that some sciatica conditions are not actually caused by the spinal scapegoat conditions usually blamed for enacting the symptoms. Therefore, using herbs designed to build the spinal structures or relieve inflammation are just another form of mistakenly directed treatment, which will have no hope of providing any significant relief.

In summary, as long as your doctor approves, there are few risks of trying a professionally prepared herbal treatment program. If you can enjoy any benefits at all, it will be worth it, since you will not have to expose your body to the toxins associated with prescription pain management drugs.

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