Sciatica Surgery Alternatives

Sciatica Surgery Alternatives

Finding effectual sciatica surgery alternatives is a main priority for patients who are desperate to cure their sciatica pain, but fear the unknown and possibly damaging effects of a spinal operation. Avoiding sciatica surgery is a very wise choice, since operative interventions offer poor curative results and demonstrate a sizeable risk of making the pain syndrome far worse if anything goes wrong.

This article covers some treatment options which can allow patients to possibly avoid surgery and still resolve or manage their sciatic nerve symptoms. We will detail both curative modalities, as well as purely symptom-based care practices.

Symptomatic Sciatica Surgery Alternatives

Nonsurgical sciatica treatment consists of mostly symptomatic therapy options. These treatments help a patient to cope with the expressions of sciatica, but offer no hope for a real cure. In essence, they do nothing at all to address the underlying reasons for the pain. They merely make life more comfortable.

The most common symptomatic treatments include pain management drugs, chiropractic, acupuncture, epidural injections and bed rest. With the exception of chiropractic, these treatments offer virtually no chance of curing sciatica pain and even chiropractic only offers a cure in very rare instances.

Unfortunately, symptom-based treatment amounts to a form of dependency, since the treatments must be perpetuated indefinitely in order for the patient to continue to enjoy their benefits.

Curative Sciatica Surgery Alternatives

The one medical treatment modality which seems to offer the chance for permanent resolution of some varieties of sciatic nerve pain is spinal decompression. This noninvasive, nonsurgical modality is a excellent consideration for those patients who are tired of ongoing symptomatic care, but do not want to endure the agony of surgery.  I recommend spinal decompression to many patients and have found only one other therapy which can also dependably cure symptoms permanently without surgery.

Knowledge therapy is always a popular method of care for mindbody sciatica, since this is the treatment with the least risk, the least cost and some of the best curative statistics. It is also the treatment I used to cure my own 18 year struggle with sciatica pain many years back. While this treatment has been considered alternative medicine by some, it was developed by a world renowned medical professional, Dr. John Sarno, of the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, NYU Medical Center. If you feel there is a psychoemotional stress component to your symptoms, then this should be the premier therapy choice for you.

Practical Advice on Sciatica Surgery Alternatives

Finding sciatica relief is not easy for most patients. Many are led mistakenly down the wrong treatment path, like lambs to the slaughter. In order to heal your body, you must first enrich your mind. You must really get to know the real facts about sciatica and discover why your pain has not gotten better, despite all the treatments you have attempted.

Once you learn more about your sciatica enemy, you have a far better chance of defeating it once and for all. To this end, I recommend learning everything you can about your present diagnosis, as well as investigating alternative explanations for your pain.

Before acquiescing to any surgical intervention, take the time to research your nonsurgical options. There are far more effective treatments now than ever before. You might just find that you can skip surgery altogether and still find lasting relief.

Whatever treatment you decide upon, surgical or nonsurgical, be sure to verify that your diagnosis is correct before beginning the program. Remember, no treatment can succeed if it is misdirected at an incidental structural abnormality, instead of targeting the true symptomatic source.

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