Why Do I Have Sciatica?

Why do I have Sciatica

Many patients ask, "Why do I have sciatica, since I have been under the care of a doctor for so long?" This is certainly one of the questions we receive regularly on the various Cure Back Pain Network websites and the answer is almost always the same. You likely have pain because you are suffering from one of 2 possible problems. Either your diagnosis is wrong and every treatment you are using is not indicated for the type of pain you truly have, or the type of treatment you are using is symptomatic in nature and is not designed to cure anything.

While this answer does not apply to all, it certainly covers the bases in the majority of patients we correspond with day to day. This essay will help patients to answer this query, as it applies to their own specific circumstances.

Why do I have Sciatica? / Questions

The question of why is so prevalent in the back pain therapy industry, since most patients are not informed of the technical aspects of their theorized diagnosis. This is a combined fault of both patient and doctor alike.

In my experience, patients do not ask the right questions, if any at all, and do not do any independent research on their own. Of course, the fact that you are reading this website might just make you an exception to this rule. Good for you. Keep up the research efforts.

On the other hand, some doctors are notorious for not telling their patients anything which is not a necessity and many patients never even receive an adequate, forget comprehensive, explanation of what is theorized to be the source of pain. You would be amazed how many people do not understand their diagnosed condition, regardless of whether the diagnosis is accurate or not. You would also be amazed at how many of these ill-informed patients are convinced of the accuracy of said diagnostic theory despite having basically no idea what it means or how it relates to factual spinal anatomy.

Why do I have Sciatica? / Answers

As previously mentioned, simply being in sciatica treatment does not guarantee success. In fact, statistics clearly show that the vast majority of back, neck and sciatica specialists are incredibly inept in their ability to cure the pain once and for all.

Many patients are misdiagnosed with some structural scapegoat condition being blamed for their pain, while all along some other causative issues are truly the real culprits.

Many other patients are led into long-term and highly profitable treatment regimens which do nothing to actually resolve the diagnosed source of symptoms regardless of the whether that source is truly to blame or not. This is the nightmare of symptomatic treatment. Now, I have no problem with purely symptomatic modalities for pain relief, as long as the patient is aware that they will never be cured by using this method. In most scenarios, this is simply not the case and patients wonder why they still have pain after years of therapy. What a scam.

Solving the Mystery of Why Do I have Sciatica?

If this article hits home with you and sounds eerily familiar to your own story, then welcome to the group. You are not any different than most patients with chronic sciatica, since you are trying to be proactive, but can not seem to find a cure.

I am here to tell you that in most cases, a cure might indeed exist, but you have simply not been provided with the right treatment to enact it. This is where you must take some control of your life and set out to learn more about why your pain is still there and why the treatments currently being perpetrated against you are so ineffective at everything except making someone money. Go ahead, ask questions and demand answers. It is your body and your right to know.

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