Curing Sciatica or Treating It?

Curing Sciatica

The medical system is supposed to be curing sciatica, but in many cases, the valiant efforts of doctors, chiropractors and therapists are doing nothing but perpetuating symptoms and even worsening symptoms in many affected patients.

Finding a cure for sciatica is certainly the goal of all good care providers and the dream of every patient suffering from lower back and leg pain syndromes. However, the current state of the healthcare industry shows that there is little hope for most patients who go to their local doctor in search of lasting sciatica relief. This is statistically proven and in no way an editorial opinion.

This essay examines the numerous challenges of curing sciatic nerve symptoms.

Curing Sciatica Obstacles

Medicine excels in diagnosis of sciatica, as well as misdiagnosis. Doctors will go to great extremes of testing and examination to uncover suspected sources of pain within the anatomy. Most commonly, these theorized sources are found in the lower back and consist of herniated discs, degenerative disc disease and spinal osteoarthritic processes which have been conclusively proven not to generally correlate with the incidence of back pain.

In some cases, muscular concerns or other soft tissue pathologies will be implicated in causation of pain, particularly when the treating professional works within the complementary or alternative care sectors. Regardless, the treatments offered stand little hope to providing any lasting and noticeable pain relief and virtually no chance of enacting a real cure. Doctors are obviously focused on the profitability of traditional unenlightened sciatica treatment rather than discovering and addressing the actual sources of symptoms in most cases.

Curing Sciatica Modalities

Now that a theorized source of pain has been identified, doctors go to extremes again coming up with all manner of sciatica treatments to help suffering souls. However, it is strange that of all the many therapy options typically offered, the vast majority are symptomatic in nature and seem to do little more than make lots of money for the medical practice. Even more disturbing is the fact that some care providers will keep a patient enslaved to these symptomatic modalities for years, or even decades, milking them and their insurance like proverbial golden cows.

If the patient eventually complains, then surgery is a great way to shut them up and make tons of money in the process. Doctors know that surgery is statistically likely to fail, often miserably, and will inevitably put the patient right back into lengthy care for rehabilitation services regardless. Talk about a real money making scenario.

Curing Sciatica Goals

This article does not generalize about every sciatica doctor or therapeutic care provider. It does to a large degree embody my own experiences with some of my past caregivers and certainly seems to perfectly mirror the stories and misadventures you send to me on the Q&A section.

I would love to have better things to say about the back pain industry and the doctors who work within it. However, I am not a liar, and never will be, so I have to tell it like it truly is. I hope that all the doctors who read this will understand the intent and instead of being angry, will work a little harder and more honestly to prove me wrong. I would love the chance to write a retraction of this and so many other pages once I truly see a change in the works. Until then, doctors, we are all watching for signs of improvement.

Patients are no longer stupid. We are informed, with the internet driving our knowledge bases to ever deeper levels. We have read the research and know for sure that the way sciatica is managed in incorrect. We understand that symptomatic therapies will do nothing to cure us. We are now waiting for you to step up to the plate and make things better. Waiting and waiting and waiting...

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