Excruciating Sciatica Torment

Excruciating Sciatica

Excruciating sciatica can debilitate even the strongest patient. The most severe symptoms can strike down anyone, creating a frightening mix of fear and pain that is sure to leave lasting trauma in the mind and body. The majority of patients who struggle with sciatica symptoms are not disabled by their pain. Sure, the suffering might be agonizing, but most can endure the ordeal. Some patients suffer occasional acute attacks that can truly be called excruciating. In these circumstances, time passes unbelievably slowly, since every moment is like an eternity spent in pure torment. The least fortunate patients struggle with intractable extreme pain virtually every day. These are the individuals who embody the subject of this essay.

This dialog examines the worst excruciating sciatica symptoms and their effects on patients, both mind and body.

Excruciating Sciatica Symptoms

Virtually any type of sciatica pain can become excruciating if the degree of symptomology increases to an intolerable threshold. Patients may cite horrific pain in virtually any area of the buttocks, legs or feet, as well as in linear patterns radiating from the lower back to the feet.

The worst sciatica symptoms might cause atypical expressions, such as the feeling of being cut, the feeling of intense burning, the perception of inflexibility or the feeling of neurological surging in the affected area. This last symptom describes waves of unbearable pain and pressure, which can be absolutely nauseating to endure.

Excruciating neuropathy conditions might become acute and then resolve.  These extreme forms of sciatica might be also acute and recurrent.  However, chronic, searing sciatica is the worst possible expression, since these patients must withstand tremendous punishment each and every day of their lives.

Excruciating Sciatica Explanations

The occurrence of excruciating pain is frightening, because most patients will assume that there is a serious structural reason to explain the intensification of symptoms. In some instances, this assumption is correct and may denote an escalated anatomical condition that has worsened the expression. However, this is far from a general rule. In fact, many patients suffer escalations of pain for no known structural reason whatsoever. 

Some patients might suffer exacerbated sciatica through purely mindbody reasons. It is a well-known and universally accepted fact that regardless of the original cause of pain, symptoms will likely worsen with exorbitant stress. In essence, if something is bothering the mind, there is a great chance that the body will pay a significant price, in terms of pain. This can occur with purely structural sciatica syndromes or with conditions that are psychogenic in origin.

The worst part of emotion-related symptomatic escalation is that the stress causing the intensification might not even be conscious. In most cases, the stress is repressed or unconscious, leaving the patient completely unaware that there is indeed a direct link between the sensitive psychological issues and the present symptomatic torture.

Excruciating Sciatica Effects

The physical consequences of terrible sciatica are obvious.  Patients will usually be bed-bound and are likely to seek some form of symptomatic treatment. In most cases, this means exposing the body to large quantities of powerful and dangerous pain management medications. A few more enlightened and health-conscious patients might avoid the pharmaceutical hazards and instead lean towards holistic methods of sciatica care for relief, including acupuncture, massage or chiropractic.

The most damaging effects of the worst episodes of sciatica are certainly perpetrated on the mind of the patient. Fear will be a natural result of any excruciating pain. This fear is multi-dimensional, including fear of a serious anatomical cause, fear of lasting disability, fear for the future and fear of the interpersonal effects of such a debilitating condition. Sciatica is certainly a mindbody disorder, in terms of its possible causes, as well as its potential effects. 

If you are currently suffering with excruciating lower back, buttocks, leg or foot pain, there is hope. Many of us have been there and found relief.  It is true that only a very few of us have achieved lasting cures, but at least many of us have moved past the worst of our sufferings and have managed to control our symptoms using constructive care practices.

Finding a cure is best, but if this seems impossible, then at least you should learn about better methods of coping with sciatica.

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