Mindbody Medicine for Sciatica

Mindbody Medicine for Sciatica

Mindbody medicine for sciatica provides an alternative and extremely effective treatment path for patients who suffer with nonstructurally-motivated pain. Sciatica is one of the most common of all chronic pain syndromes and a large number of patients have symptoms that are not actually caused by anatomical problems in the lower spine. Instead, this pain is sourced from various processes related to the interactions of mind and body, and therefore will not respond favorably to any treatment which targets a physical causation. This fact goes a long way in explaining why sciatica care is generally so fruitless and unrewarding.

Mindbody medicine is a growing specialty in the health field, with many different types of care providers entering this sector each year. We have reported on the efficacy of mindbody health practices for more than a decade and have been at the forefront of this medical revolution since its inception.

This patient guide provides detailed information for patients who are interested in learning more about mindbody medicine and its specific uses for sciatica. If you are not sure what mindbody care is, and have not found relief using traditional or complementary medical practices, this essay is a must read and might just finally put you on the path towards lasting recovery.

What is Mindbody Medicine for Sciatica?

Mindbody medicine consists of practices that are geared towards altering the mind’s effects on the body in powerful, positive ways. Our body is not some machine that runs automatically. Instead, it is a complicated anatomy that takes constant direction from our mind, even though most of this direction occurs beneath the level of consciousness. Many bodily systems are governed by instructions from the subconscious and unconscious minds. If we can learn to tap into these areas, then we can influence how they direct the body to perform in a seemingly endless number of ways.

At The Cure Back Pain Network, we understand that chronic pain is always a mindbody problem, even when it occurs due to purely anatomical sources. However, we also know that many cases of pain are not caused by any physical, structural issue, despite possibly being mistakenly blamed on some scapegoat condition. Regardless, we have demonstrated proof positive that the mind can benefit in both pain scenarios when mindbody medical practices are implemented.

To summarize, mindbody medicine for sciatica consists of methods of reducing pain by influencing the mind’s effects on the body, rather than by affecting the body itself. Mindbody medicine never uses drugs, surgery, exercise or any other physical treatment, but instead uses practices that influence the inner workings of the subconscious and unconscious minds. Just to clarify, mindbody care is not some new age philosophy. Mindbody medicine is traditional medical science and is based on proven and indisputable evidence regarding the ability of the mind to direct the body, its perceptions and all of its many processes.

Mindbody Medicine for Sciatica Practices

The premier form of curative mindbody medicine is certainly knowledge therapy. This technique goes to the heart of psychogenic pain syndromes and defuses them where they exist: in the subconscious mind. Knowledge therapy is a term coined by Dr. John E. Sarno of The Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at NYU Medical Center in New York. Knowledge therapy is used to treat Dr. Sarno’s original diagnosis of tension myositis syndrome, but has proven itself to be equally effective for the entire gamut of mindbody disorders that currently plaque modern humankind.

Pain coaching is the premier form of symptom-targeting mindbody technique, despite being outside of the direct healthcare industry. Coaching teaches patients a wide range of methods that can reduce pain, minimize the collateral effects of pain, improve their mindset and increase their productivity, despite suffering from acute or chronic pain. The Cure Back Pain Network was there at the inception of modern pain coaching and has shaped the direction of the profession more than any other resource. Our founder is the leading pain coach in the world today and has proven that mindbody practices can succeed for patients who have been failed by drugs, surgery and an exhaustive range of healthcare modalities.

There are also a number of singular mindbody practices that can be performed as professional services or used as self-managed care programs. These techniques can be very effective for some patients and some conditions. Included in this list are hypnosis, meditation, guided imagery and biofeedback.

Mindbody Medicine for Sciatica Observations

Mindbody medicine for sciatica can never do any harm. All the practices are useful in their own way, even if they fail to deliver cures or total pain relief. However, their failure in delivering excellent results for indicated conditions is extremely rare. In fact, mindbody medical practices are the most effectual forms of care for chronic pain sufferers in the world today. 

The best part of mindbody medicine is that there are no risks, no side effects, no downside whatsoever. Cost is low or free for most methods of care. Best of all, each patient has the ability to learn literally everything they need to know to cure or reduce their pain without much, if any, expensive medical intervention.

As a disclaimer, mindbody medicine will not likely cure anatomical pain problems that are actually caused by structural defects. However, even in purely anatomically-motivated symptoms, implementation of mindbody practices can greatly reduce the experience of pain, as well as the considerable additional effects of pain on life, attitude and functionality. We have addressed this fundamental weakness in our own proprietary pain relief program, by integrating a wide range of techniques and practices which provide universal benefit regardless of the underlying nature or causation of pain. This is why our program has earned such acclaim among our peers.

To learn more about the benefits of mindbody healthcare, contact an expert in the field or use the various websites of The Cure Back Pain Network to educate yourself. 

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