Tension Myositis Syndrome Sciatica

Tension Myositis Syndrome Sciatica

Tension myositis syndrome sciatica is a very common symptomatic expression of this often misunderstood mindbody chronic pain syndrome. Many TMS patients complain of terrible lower back and leg pain, but also account for some of the most dramatic cures using knowledge therapy

This article provides an overview of the relationship between TMS and sciatica. We will explore how to treat tension myoneural syndrome, as well as explain why TMS is typically misdiagnosed by traditional caregivers.

What is Tension Myositis Syndrome Sciatica?

TMS is the name of the condition first diagnosed by Dr. John Sarno at the NYU Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Sarno had worked in rehabilitation medicine for some time and realized that the nature of most medical treatments for back pain and sciatica were unenlightened and ineffective. While this occurs to many doctors, John Sarno actually did something about it and created a stir when he began researching the mindbody interactions which might be responsible for causing chronic symptoms.

Over the course of decades, Dr. Sarno created the tension myositis diagnosis and the subsequent treatment called knowledge therapy. TMS is theorized to be a physical anatomical pain syndrome which is directly initiated and perpetuated by a purely psychoemotional process. This doctrine was considered a revolution in medicine by some open minded health professionals and scientific heresy by others. Most critics have since softened their stance, seeing how mindbody medical practices have become universal in many areas of traditional practice.

Tension Myositis Syndrome Sciatica Facts

Dr. Sarno originally used his TMS theory to treat back pain in the muscles, hence the name myositis, which simply means muscular pain. Dr. Sarno has slowly expanded the diagnosis to include a wide range of symptomatic conditions throughout the body. The name TMS stuck, despite the condition outgrowing the limitation of the nomenclature.

Dr. Sarno has been hailed as a hero by millions and a villain by others. The medical establishment has been reluctant to accept Dr. Sarno’s work, mostly due to the economic implications it creates for the incredibly profitable back pain treatment industry. TMS treatment takes the power to heal out of the hands of doctors and places it firmly in the hands of every affected patient. The treatment has no risks and no side effects and can be found for free at the local library.

Tension Myositis Syndrome Sciatica Help

I truly believe that Dr. Sarno’s TMS theories will surely find firmer footing in the future of healthcare. This will take time, but will certainly occur once the truth of the mindbody interactions are accepted to the point where they can not be refuted in any way, shape or form. This process is already occurring, with more care providers recognizing the validity of the TMS diagnosis.

I personally believe that the TMS name will have to go, since it inaccurately describes the pain in many patients. I am sure Dr. Sarno also realizes how limiting the name has become at this point, especially when describing such wide ranging symptoms as general anxiety, paroxysmal hypertension and carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is ironic that Sarno is highly critical of how physicians have used fibromyalgia as an umbrella diagnosis for various types of chronic soft tissue pain, yet his TMS diagnosis is actually doing the exact same thing. He should have simply never named the condition at all, since no name will ever do its breadth justice.

Our Cure Back Pain Forever Program goes beyond Sarno's works and brings mindbody medicine into the most modern incarnation possible. The program is both complementary to Sarno's teachings, as well as completely independent of them in certain respects. One thing is for sure... The program has earned both respect and accolades from some of the biggest names in mindbody medicine.

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