Minimally Invasive Sciatica Surgery

Minimally Invasive Sciatica Surgery

Minimally invasive sciatica surgery is always the best course of action for patients who require surgical intervention, yet can still have their causative conditions effectively resolved using a less traumatic approach. There is a wide range of minimally invasive procedures to choose from and virtually every spinal surgery can be accomplished in a way which minimizes damage to healthy tissues.

Spinal surgery has some a long way in the past several decades. What used to be an inherently ultra-invasive process of muscular dissection and open spinal visualization has now been transformed into a far less traumatic and safer surgical event.

This article topic will cover minimally invasive surgery techniques and provide patients with all the incentive they need to seek out caregivers who provide these more enlightened operative services.

What is Minimally Invasive Sciatica Surgery?

Traditional spinal surgery, also typically called fully open surgery, involves a large incision in the back and multiple levels of muscular dissection. These circumstances alone will cause terrible postoperative pain and will require long periods of rehabilitation.

Newer, minimally invasive approaches often utilize several small incisions which are placed in locations which do not require muscular dissection. Muscles can be avoided completely or simply stretched and moved aside, since these less invasive procedures utilize small and precise surgical tools and can generally be performed with an endoscope.

The idea of using fiber optics and video feeds to visualize the interior of the body allows very precise interventions without actually exposing the spinal structures via large incisions. Surgical tools can be laser based or inserted through small catheters placed in strategically positioned incisions.

All in all, minimally invasive describes most modern surgical events in developed countries and offers patients the chance to have their spinal concerns corrected without having to endure more damage than is inherent to the actual procedure itself.

Minimally Invasive Sciatica Surgery Techniques

Virtually every type of sciatica surgery can be accomplished using a less invasive endoscopic approach. Even the most invasive procedures, such as laminectomy and spinal fusion, now have effective minimally invasive versions widely available. Some sciatica surgery techniques are always performed using a less invasive approach, such as the very promising artificial disc replacement operation.

Regardless of the type of surgery you might require, make sure to investigate your options for how the procedure will be accomplished. If you can minimize the injury to healthy spinal and muscular tissues, you will be helping to create the ideal circumstances for a better postoperative result with less pain and a faster recuperation time. This is why it is always advised to do lots of independent research, as well as seek out several surgical opinions prior to making a definitive decision on the best procedure for your particular needs.

Minimally Invasive Sciatica Surgery Editorial

Spinal surgery is rarely necessary or even truly indicated for sciatica pain syndromes. Remember that surgery should be a last resort and even then should be considered at great length.

Surgery has not demonstrated good permanent curative results for most lower back concerns and has made many patient’s sciatica symptoms much, much worse. Be very careful in making the decision to undergo spinal surgery. That being said, if surgery is your destiny, make sure to be proactive and find the best approach for your specific case requirements.

If you can find a surgeon who can accomplish your goals without destroying healthy tissue in the process, you will be far better off in the long run. Even if your surgery is not a complete success, and most are not, at least you will not be left permanently disabled due to the extreme consequences of a fully open procedure. Minimally invasive operations might help to reduce the risk of failed sciatica surgery considerably.

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