Oxygen Deprivation Sciatica

Oxygen Deprivation Sciatica

Oxygen deprivation sciatica is a real problem for patients who suffer poor circulation to the lower spine or any of the areas served by the sciatic nerve itself. All of the nerve and muscle cells in the body all need oxygen in order to survive and function. When these cells are deprived of oxygen to even a small degree, by the ischemic process, painful muscular and neurological symptoms can and will result.

This article will investigate how oxygen deprivation of the spinal nerve root structures, or the sciatic nerve itself, can enact powerful and agonizing symptomatic expressions.

Oxygen Deprivation Sciatica Explained

Sciatica describes pain, tingling, weakness or numbness in the lower back, buttocks, legs and/or feet. Sciatica is one of the most widespread forms of dorsalgia. When caused by oxygen deprivation, sciatica can be a real problem, since the actual source is rarely correctly diagnosed, leading to years of suffering for the affected patient.

At low levels of oxygen deprivation, the nerve cells in a regional area begin to lose their ability to function correctly. Instead of a clear nerve signal, the nerves produce pain and other neurological symptoms.

At higher levels of oxygen deprivation, the muscles will also become affected, causing widespread pain and even the shear agony of sciatica spasms.

Causes of Oxygen Deprivation Sciatica

Oxygen deprivation can occur due to an injury or disease process. However, it can also be caused by a psychosomatic process created by the subconscious mind. Mind and body interactions occur constantly, shaping all conditions of health and illness in our physical anatomies.

The incidence of ischemia being involved in chronic sciatica pain has been clearly demonstrated in numerous research studies and has been propagated worldwide in the literary works of such notable physicians as Dr. John Sarno.

While it is important to rule out any disease processes in the potential causation of your ischemic sciatica symptoms, do not expect that your doctor will get on board with a diagnosis of mindbody ischemia. Most doctors are simply not trained or qualified to recognize these types of conditions and many will deny their very existence in order to preserve their economic bottom lines. Remember, mindbody conditions can not be effectively treated by any physical medical modality.

Anatomical sources of oxygen deprivation can and should be detected quite easily trough diagnostic testing. These can be minor or dire health issues, so it is crucial to seek qualified care for any structurally-induced or disease-enacted ischemic syndrome.

Oxygen Deprivation Sciatica Possibilities

Since the possibility of suffering from this diagnosis will not occur to most patients, and is not likely to be brought up by your physician, it is so critical to do independent research to learn the facts about sciatica before entering into any potentially misdirected treatment program. If the underlying cause of the pain is incorrectly identified, the subsequent treatments are guaranteed to fail. It is as simple as that. Ischemia is sometimes to true source of pain when symptoms have been mistakenly linked to a coincidental structural irregularity.

Ischemia is a very logical source of symptoms when you consider its effects and the often structurally-illogical symptoms suffered by so many patients with chronic pain. This diversity of symptoms would be very difficult to link to virtually every structural diagnosis, save for central spinal stenosis. However, this wide range of expressions can certainly be sourced from a variable process, like regional oxygen deprivation.

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