Sciatica and TMS

Sciatica and TMS

Sciatica and TMS are often related, since many cases of chronic sciatic nerve symptoms are triggered by the mindbody processes. Sciatica continues to be a literal epidemic in the modern world, earning the reputation as one of the most difficult pain syndromes to treat effectively and being virtually impossible to cure.

Why is sciatica so stubborn when it comes to treatment? Why does it last so long? Most importantly, if there was a cure that has been used by millions of people, would you try it even if it were alternative to the traditional therapeutic path? These are all questions we will seek to answer during this important essay about the relationship between TMS and sciatica.

This dialog focuses attention on the indisputable fact that many cases of chronic sciatica are nothing more than a manifestation of TMS, also known as tension myositis syndrome or tension myoneural syndrome. Sciatica is the perfect disguise for TMS, since it can be caused by so many different sources, always seems to be blamed on a structural abnormality and is known to endure for years, if not decades of torturous agony. Sciatica is indeed the perfect TMS expression.

Sciatica and TMS Definitions

This website is dedicated to explaining sciatica in its many forms, including pseudo-sciatica. Remember that sciatica is never a diagnosis, but merely a symptom of some underlying causative condition. It there is any confusion about the symptoms, then we highly recommend reading our resource section titled What is Sciatica? before continuing…

TMS, or tension myositis syndrome, is a mindbody pain condition that has been diagnosed for decades by the famous John Sarno MD of the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at NYU Medical Center in New York City. The name seems so limiting and ridiculous now, since much new information has been learned about mindbody pain syndromes since Sarno first named the condition. However, nomenclature aside, the diagnosis is extremely valid, whatever it might be called…

Sciatica is a very common manifestation of tension myositis syndrome. However, like most cases of TMS, the pain is not correctly attributed to the mindbody interactions, but instead is usually blamed on some incidental and innocent structural abnormality called a scapegoat. This is the primary reason for the failure of sciatica treatments. Misdiagnosis causes the therapy to target an incorrect source and therefore it is of no surprise that virtually all treatments fail, often miserably.

Sciatica and TMS Mindbody Link

Sciatica functions as a perfect TMS symptom, since it is very convincing from a structural perspective and can virtually always be blamed on some spinal abnormality. This is due to the simple truth that all the lumbar issues commonly implicated in causing sciatica are virtually, if not totally, universally experienced in adults, including degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, lordosis abnormalities and spinal osteoarthritis.

In essence, the mind knows that these abnormalities exist and seeks to create convincing pain that will never be attributed to its true psychological source, but instead blamed on these structural scapegoats.

Since sciatica is such a variable pain syndrome, it also makes a perfect TMS expression, as symptoms can change often without raising any red flags regarding causation. Pain can come and go, intensify, change locations, change severity, change expression and not create even the slightest doubt that it is created by structural pathology. Sciatica is the optimal TMS camouflage.

Sciatica and TMS Therapy

Sciatica is rarely cured or even effectively managed. Most patients suffer unrelenting pain and related symptoms for very long timelines. Doctors have no explanation for this, especially since most of the targeted therapies they utilize are considered successful from a clinical point of view. However, patients still have pain. Pain after drugs. Pain after injections. Pain postoperatively. A lifetime of pain…

We understand that the reason why sciatica is so difficult to cure or treat is not in its ferocity or stubbornness. Instead, it is simply because an incorrect source is being treated due to diagnostic blunders that border on criminal negligence. If the true mindbody source is discovered and targeted with effectual care such as knowledge therapy, the pain will end. Not diminish. Just end. We have observed this time and time again over decades of clinical practice. 

Why isn’t knowledge therapy utilized in more patients? The answer is simple and sinister. This treatment is free and does not have to be provided by a doctor. No one will get paid. Not drug companies. Not surgical equipment manufactures. Not doctors. Therefore, medical science has done everything in its mighty power to prevent patients from learning these facts and finding relief on their own.

Doctor Sarno touches on the economical motivations of care providers to some extent in his literary works, but we find the problem to be exponentially greater than he ever discussed. We find the greed of the modern healthcare sector to be actually directly responsible for chronic pain in virtually all cases. Not disease. Not injury. Simply greed. When patients are not exposed to the financial motivations of the modern medical juggernaut, they tend to recover from all manner of life catastrophes perfectly, just as nature designed. This is a lesson that all patients must understand. Statistics back up this statement 100%. Remember, patients who seek no treatment for sciatica (or any form of chronic pain) fare much better than patients who seek any type of treatment. This is the scariest truth ever.

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