Sciatica Constipation Concerns

Sciatica Constipation

Sciatica constipation is a particularly uncomfortable and relatively common side effect of many lower back and leg pain syndromes. Sciatic nerve pain may exist at the same time as constipation, or alternately, for a double dose of suffering that can really diminish the quality of life.

In order to find lasting relief, it is crucial to understand the exact reasons why the symptoms occur. Remember, these two conditions may be related or they may be completely coincidental to one another. However, the more they occur together, or in succession, the greater the chance that there is some structural or mindbody connection between the two symptomatic expressions.

This commentary will provide readers with the facts about sciatica and constipation. We will investigate why the source process may be the same for both conditions in some patients.

Sciatica Constipation Relationship

Constipation is known as a recurrent and chronic health concern which plagues some people for their entire lives. It can be caused by a wide variety of anatomical reasons, but many of these are relatively easy to diagnose, despite being difficult to cure using traditional medical therapy options.

Sciatica is identical in that it is usually chronic, recurrent and often treatment-resistant, even thought the usual suspect causations should respond well to appropriate therapy.

What both of these disorders have in common is that they are often linked nerve compression conditions in the spine. The source process can be central or foraminal stenosis leading to the compression of one or more of the lumbar nerve roots.

It is also possible for cervical central spinal stenosis to cause sciatica and may contribute to constipation, as well.

While the structural model makes perfect sense, there is more to consider. Both conditions are also associated with the mindbody processes and can be sourced by a psychosomatic mechanism. It is well known that constipation can be linked to conscious and subconscious emotional issues, while sciatica is just starting to receive the same recognition as a possible mindbody disorder in many patients.

Sciatica Constipation Solutions

Cases of sciatica involving constipation may involve the nerve roots in the lower spinal regions. Usually, these types of symptomatic expressions will be blamed on a variety of structural abnormalities in the lumbosacral region, including degenerative disc disease, herniated discs and spinal osteoarthritis.

While these conditions can create sciatic nerve pain and constipation in certain instances, there is often a discrepancy in the expected symptoms and the actual way the condition expresses itself. This is one of the easiest methods of discovering a potentially misdiagnosed condition. This is also why it is so crucial to seek symptomatic correlation from a qualified neurologist.

An alternative explanation for many cases of constipation accompanied by sciatica is regional oxygen deprivation. The solution to this condition is knowledge therapy, the very same treatment option invented by Dr. John Sarno of the world renowned NYU Medical Center in New York City. This simple treatment can often solve even the most virulent ischemic sciatica concerns. However, the therapy remains controversial to some and simply will not help others, since they do have actual anatomical concerns sourcing their symptoms.

Sciatica Constipation Analysis

If your symptoms are indeed structural, as I am sure they have been diagnosed, then treatments should resolve them or at least really help in controlling the pain. If you have tried everything and have not found relief, then the problem might be misdiagnosis.

There may be another purely anatomical condition actually responsible for the symptoms or the cause may be a combination of mind and body issues working together. This is an epidemic problem within the healthcare system and the underlying reason why so many back, neck and sciatica pain sufferers never find lasting cures. Do not be surprised if you find out your pain has been inaccurately diagnosed. It happens to millions every day. You are in good company.

Constipation can sometimes be a result of serious internal diseases or organ malfunctions. Be sure to get a complete workup including appropriate diagnostic testing for any significant or chronic constipation event.

In rare cases, this combination of symptoms may indicate the first signs of cauda equina syndrome, which is a true medical emergency that must be treated immediately.

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