Trying a Sciatica Home Remedy

Sciatica Home Remedy

A sciatica home remedy seems like an easy fix for acute or chronic pain. There is a diversity of products which claim to be the universal cure for all manner of back, neck and sciatica syndromes. However, as this is a largely unregulated industry, patients are strongly cautioned not to believe the hype surrounding most home remedies. Most are simply just ways to separate you from your money and are unlikely to provide an semblance of relief at all.

Home remedies have been used for countless generations to treat a wide range of problematic sciatica concerns. There is certainly no shortage of possibly effective options available and the majority of patients might enjoy extra relief from any home treatment, since they can use the product or activity in the comfort and security of their own domicile.

This dialog will assist patients in separating potentially useful sciatica home remedy options from scams and wastes of money.

Sciatica Home Remedy Options

As mentioned above, many products are marketed as being the secret to sciatica pain relief. There are no secrets in the modern medical world. If something really worked, we would all know about it and be using it already. Instead, the real secret is that the manufacturer is simply trying to legally steal your money. This goes for plastic spine stretchers, spinal alignment devices, various blended natural remedies, a plethora of back support belts and braces and many other product categories, almost universally. Potentially effective home-based remedies include many of the following patient-controlled options:

OTC drugs are the most common and popular choice. These are less damaging than prescription medications, but are not completely innocent by any stretch of the imagination.

TENS units offer medical quality therapy at home or on the go. TENS is generally considered best for neurological pain, such as sciatica.

Massage can be performed by any person, not just a trained therapist. A nice amateur massage can bring significant relief.

Heat and ice are great options for temporary sciatica pain relief. They are cost-free and risk-free.

Bed rest is ok if the pain is severe, but should not be kept up long-term.

Sciatica exercises and sciatica stretches are often prescribed for home use. Some patients enjoy great benefits from exercise therapy, while others experience worsened pain.

Herbal and dietary products might alleviate certain symptoms in some patients. Be cautious of prepackaged miracle cures.

Inversion can be done at home, as long as care is exercised and the activity is supervised. Never invert alone, especially with boot and rack systems.

Yoga is a very popular holistic therapy which may also impart some considerable pain management benefits.

Sciatica Home Remedy Limitations

While most of these treatment options might be useful and some might even provide considerable additional health benefits, none are likely to cure sciatica permanently. The exception to this rule is the one home-based option not listed in the section above: knowledge therapy.

This is one of the most effective home remedies, not because it provides instant relief, but simply because it gives hope for finding a true cure for mindbody symptoms. Knowledge therapy will not help you to fight off severe pain in the same manner as taking a sciatica drug, but will stop some forms of pain from recurring over the course of the treatment. Generally, in a few weeks, knowledge therapy can help to identify the actual sources of mindbody pain and then simply eliminate the symptoms from your life.

Knowledge therapy has no risks and no costs. You can acquire all the materials you need from your local library. However, this care path is not indicated for every patient.

We integrated knowledge therapy materials into our own proprietary pain relief program. Our program has earned the respect and endorsement of countless care providers worldwide and has changed the way that sciatica is now treated in the traditional, complementary and alternative care communities. It also provides benefits for people who would not otherwise enjoy relief from purely knowledge-based care plans, making it a perfect fit for every patient with chronic pain.

Sciatica Home Remedy Efficacy

Home care often lacks medical supervision and therefore may actually do more harm than good in some instances. Sciatica can be caused by some pretty nasty and serious health issues and these should never be ignored. Instead, it is wise to always consult with your physician to inquire whether home treatment is right for your needs. If your doctor gives a product or activity clearance, then you can use it without worry. This is worth the price of the consultation alone.

I am rather appalled at the number of sciatica home remedy companies that market incessantly to people in pain. If they actually had something good to offer, then I would change my tone, but in my extensive experience, virtually every single product manufacturer and distributor only has one goal in mind: Make money on your pain. Make as much money as possible, for as long as possible on people’s ignorance, naiveté, trust and suffering.

If this sounds like the type of business that you want to support, then by all means, go right ahead. However, why not send these merchants of pain a strong message by not buying their garbage products. Remove yourself from their mailing lists and tell them to stop calling and emailing you.

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