Guide to Sciatica Relief Products

Sciatica Relief Products

There are many sciatica relief products currently on the market, each embracing different philosophies of care. Some products are developed and marketed to the medical industry and are only available under the direct supervision of a certified health professional. Other products are geared towards home-use or DIY sciatica treatment. Of course, true medical devices are usually far better researched and are more likely to provide some sort of benefit, compared to the relatively unregulated health and beauty aid industry which characterizes the majority of do-it-yourself treatment devices.

I urge any patients to fully understand the nature of any product, professional or otherwise, before investing any time or money in it. This discussion will help to get you on the right track towards successful treatment using any particular product choice.

Professional Sciatica Relief Products

Sciatica drugs are the most common professional pain relief products on the market. Prescription back pain pills are a vast industry, making large pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars in profits every year. Unfortunately, many of these pain management pills are also dangerous and it is no surprise that each year, new breakthroughs reveal side effects and complications associated with last year’s miracle drug. Someday, people will learn that no real miracle cure ever comes in pill form, when it comes to chronic pain.

Spinal decompression systems, like the DRX9000 and AccuSpina, are also professional back care devices which may be effective for some types of chronic sciatica. Nonsurgical decompression is well suited to treat disc pathologies and some forms of arthritic processes which may be causing or contributing to sciatica symptoms. Consult with a qualified service provider to determine if your particular type of sciatica is indicated for care.

Home-Use Sciatica Relief Products

Every day, it seems that new and innovative products hit the market, targeted towards desperate patients who need relief, but have not found it through traditional medical treatment. These products range from inversion devices to spinal alignment devices to traction systems to back pain machines of all varieties and applications.

Some modalities, such as TENS and inversion, have been proven to work for some patients, despite the seemingly illogical nature of the device for the indicated condition. However, most DIY devices marketed at back pain sufferers are not worth the price of the packaging alone.

I routinely suggest that patients save their hard earned money and work to achieve an accurate diagnosis for their pain, rather than spend good money after bad treating some unknown or misdiagnosed issue.

One of the best DIY treatments is certainly knowledge therapy, since the books can be taken out of a library for free and demonstrate no risk, while offering the possibility of a real and permanent cure. Of course, this approach is only effective for patients who are suffering from mindbody pain conditions and this treatment is highly unlikely to provide much benefit for actual structurally-motivated symptom syndromes.

Reviews of Sciatica Relief Products

I am always a harsh critic of back and neck pain devices, since most are manufactured and sold by soulless companies that are simply trying to make money off other people’s suffering. This is not the absolute rule, but certainly describes the majority of product offerings I have witnessed during my decades of involvement in patient advocacy work.

There are a few good devices out there that may be worth investigating and the professional treatment devices are among the best. Spinal decompression has come under fire as of late, but statistically, it still offers good curative results without surgery or the need for ongoing treatment for years.

Just remember, the best advice for back pain consumers is certainly:
Let the buyer beware. Spend wisely and do not allow some clever marketing to rob you of your money and dignity. It is bad enough to be in pain without these added hardships.

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