Sciatica Nightmare

Sciatica Nightmare

Is your sciatica nightmare never-ending? Chronic sciatic nerve pain is a very common complaint and one which doctors seem powerless to stop. Why is sciatica such a terrible type of pain and why is it so difficult to cure? 

If you have been suffering from sciatica, then you already know all about the symptoms and triggers which make it occur. However, you might not know some very important facts about sciatica that can actually lead you directly towards a real cure. It is the goal of this essay to provide you with this crucial information in order to help you to relieve your pain forever.

This discussion focuses on some lesser known facts that every sciatica patients must know. We will detail some common causes of sciatica that are overlooked in the medical profession and concentrate on providing treatment recommendations for each of these causative conditions.

Sciatica Nightmare Usual Diagnosed Causes

Most sciatica is diagnosed as coming from incidental spinal abnormalities commonly known as scapegoats. While it is certainly possible for arthritis, herniated discs and other spinal issues to create sciatica nerve pain by compressing the formative roots of the sciatic nerve, it is actually quite uncommon. The vast majority of structural lumbar spinal issues designated as causing sciatica are truly innocent. We can prove this since these pain conditions most often resolve when exposed to non-physical therapies, such as knowledge therapy. These types of treatments do nothing to change the spinal anatomy, but are incredibly efficient at curing pain.

It should therefore be known that most sciatica is actually pseudo-sciatica, since it is not sourced in the lumbar spine. This is a very important point when seeking treatment, since focus should be routed away from this common scapegoat area if no evidence of pathology exists, rather than blame placed unfairly on scapegoat conditions universally found in the lumbar spine.

So, the first lesson to take away is that in most cases of chronic sciatica, the reasons blamed (disc, arthritis or other structural lumbar issue) are NOT the true cause. If they were, then treatment should have cured the condition already.

Sciatica Nightmare Often Overlooked Causes

There are a wide range of commonly overlooked causes of pseudo-sciatica that typically are not even considered by diagnosticians who are laser-focused on the innocent lumbar spine:

The cervical spine is an area that commonly suffers symptomatic spinal stenosis. Spinal cord compression in the neck can create many symptoms, including sciatica. This is why the neck should always be imaged before starting any type of lumbar spinal treatment, although this step is rarely performed.

Diabetes is a very common cause of sciatica, as is its related condition obesity. Doctors have so many obese and diabetic patients that they lose interest in telling people to improve their general health. This should always be step 1 in any treatment approach. 

Mindbody pain syndromes are an epidemic concern in the modern world and sciatica is certainly one of the most frequently seen and disabling of all of them. Doctors rarely even consider a mindbody mechanism as a potential source of pain, which is strange, considering the vast majority of all chronic pain is truly of mindbody origin…If you can’t treat it, then don’t diagnose it, since you will not make any money! It is pure medical business 101 and a literal crime which goes unpunished across all sectors of healthcare.

Sciatica Nightmare Suggested Treatments

Ruling out cervical spinal stenosis as a cause, then all patients must do 2 things when setting a goal to end chronic sciatica:

First, get yourself healthy. Overall health is crucial and the over-compartmentalization of medical science has shown how ineffective care is when the total wellness of a person is not a priority consideration. Become height/weight proportionate. Get your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure under control. Without these factors being accomplished, you are kidding yourself if you think that you will ever be pain-free.

Finally, learn all you can about mindbody syndromes and why they are usually the answer for why pain does not respond to treatment. Use knowledge therapy to end the symptom imperative for these conditions and you will discover that the cure you have been pursuing will actually find you. Once you understand the true nature of this pain, it will become powerless to harm you anymore. This is the way towards a cure for most patients with unresponsive sciatica.

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