Safe Sciatica Pain Relief

Sciatica Pain Relief

Effective sciatica pain relief is sometimes very difficult to find, but more importantly, the very quest for pain relief can sometimes get in the way of attaining a real cure. Patients who are in horrible pain will do virtually anything to alleviate their symptoms, but it is crucial for them to remember that addressing the underlying causes of their pain is far more important to their long-term prognosis than achieving short-term relief.

This article details some of the common problems associated with pain management and symptomatic treatment, in general.

Sciatica Pain Relief Modalities

The most common form of symptomatic relief is certainly pharmaceutical pain management. Sciatica drugs come in so many varieties including anti-inflammatories, pain killers and muscle relaxants. Drugs are easy for patients to use, usually covered by health insurance and are the preferred treatment modality of many doctors. Pain management drugs are also big business, making the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars a year. Back pain is known for creating the ideal circumstances for ongoing drug use, making every sciatica patient a real cash cow.

Just remember that drug use is bad for your body and just because you received medicine from a doctor does not make it risk free. Luckily, there are many less hazardous methods of pain relief which are employed by patients, as well:

Chiropractic is a popular sciatica treatment, as is acupuncture. Both of these holistic therapies are preferable over pharmaceutical treatment, since there are no risks for addiction or problematic interactions.

TENS treatment is also widely employed and is the favorite home remedy for many patients.

The old standbys of heat and ice are good for providing short duration relief and bed rest is still often the only option for patients with the most severe acute sciatic nerve pain.

Sciatica Pain Relief Concerns

The problem with pain relief is that it is temporary and must be continued long-term in order to remain effective. This constant pursuit of symptomatic treatments often occupies much of the time and resources which should be utilized to find a cure for the sciatica condition.

It is vital to consider the fact that symptomatic treatment will never cure you and statistically, the longer you use it, the less your chances are of finding permanent relief. Patients become obsessed with finding immediate relief and they lose sight of their overall goal of a sciatica cure. This certainly happened to me, for years at a time, during the early years I battled chronic sciatica and lower back pain.

I spent vast sums of money and time pursuing treatments which offered no hope for a cure and many times did not even provide adequate relief. Eventually, I discovered the mistake of this way of thinking and devoted myself exclusively to finding some modality which would enact a lasting solution to my pain. I have not been in any type of care program and find life to be much better now that I am cured.

Sciatica Pain Relief Synopsis

Remember to talk to all your care providers to determine what immediate and enduring benefits you can expect from any given treatment. Do not assume that you will find a cure just because you are under the care of a doctor or chiropractor. Most therapy options employed in the sciatica industry are designed to keep you in treatment and perpetuate your lasting pain. In order to break this cycle, there are really only 4 options:

Your pain might be correctly diagnosed and might resolve on its own or with appropriate treatment. In sciatica patients, this generally takes 2 to 12 weeks. If your pain lasts longer than this, the chances of it going away without further drastic action are slim.

Sciatica surgery is a final option for many patients. Unfortunately, it is mostly a poor choice and generally does not offer good curative results. Some procedures are horrific to endure and might even create the dreaded failed sciatica surgery syndrome. Be very careful when considering surgery.

Spinal decompression is a good non-surgical option for verified structural sciatica due to herniated discs, degenerative disc disease and facet joint syndrome. Highly recommended for indicated sciatica causes.

Knowledge therapy is always a recommended option for mindbody symptoms, since it offers an excellent cure rate and has no risks or expenses. There is literally nothing to lose and a potential cure to gain with this option.

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