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Psiatic Nerve

The psiatic nerve is a purposeful misspelling of the sciatic nerve, alluding to the psychological connection between emotional issues and the chronic expression of sciatica pain. Psi is a word prefix used to designate things which relate to the mind, and in the case of Psiatica, this connection is well documented throughout the medical system. In fact, a great number of chronic sciatica concerns are indeed sourced, perpetuated or exacerbated by repressed subconscious emotions, as well as suppressed conscious anger.

It is scientific fact that virtually all cases of chronic pain have a contributing psychoemotional component. This article will help patients to understand how their mental and emotional states may play roles in their sciatica symptoms.

Psiatic Nerve Facts

The sciatic nerve has been called an emotional barometer by many doctors. The various sciatic pain syndromes can be enacted by degenerative structural issues or traumatic injury, but these types of symptomatic expressions generally respond well to appropriate treatment and will resolve 100%. However, as we all know, this is not the experience enjoyed by most sciatica sufferers. No, in fact, most patients who endure pain for more than a year will statistically never fully recover. Never is a very long time indeed.

The reason for this occurrence usually has nothing to do with the usual suspicions about sciatic nerve damage or irreparable spinal injury. Many patients with persistent and therapy-resistant pain have symptoms which are at least partially psychogenic in nature, preventing successful treatment in virtually every case.

Psiatic Nerve Issues

Why do all these medical treatments fail? The answer is simple. In cases where the patient is suffering from a psychosomatic sciatica syndrome, the therapies are targeting a structural source which is coincidental to the pain.

The patient may have been diagnosed with a herniated disc or osteoarthritic pain condition, but this structural abnormality is innocent of enacting pain. Sure, it is there. In fact, these spinal conditions are incredibly common and universal in some cases. They are just not the reason for the pain.

On the other hand, knowledge therapy is a treatment which delves into the mind to uncover the underlying reasons for the symptoms. The cure rate for appropriately treated patients is incredible and innovative care providers, like Dr. John Sarno, have been successfully using this alternative sciatica treatment for decades, effectively curing countless suffering souls. Knowledge therapy will not work for everyone and some patients might only receive partial benefits. However, being that there are no risks and no costs, there is also not really anything at all to lose by trying.

Psiatic Nerve Appreciation

I know that all lower back and leg pain issues can seem so physical. That is the point. This is what makes them convincing distractions preventing conscious recognition of the repressed or suppressed emotional concerns. The old saying goes: "There is nothing like physical pain to take our minds off our troubles". It is so true.

If you have a desperate case of unresponsive sciatica and have tried everything to cure it without success, then it may be time to consider the logical alternative: knowledge therapy.

You can find the materials you will need in your local library or they can be purchased online or from any large bookstore. The entire treatment process is also detailed on these very websites of The Cure Back Pain Network.

Alternately, you can simply order the proven and peer-acclaimed pain relief program that has made us famous around the world. Our program will address and cure chronic pain from many sources and is accessible 24 hours a day for immediate relief.

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